‘To Laud the Blockchain While Deriding Bitcoin…It’s Ignorance’ – Reggie Middleton, Veritaseum

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Wanted to reggie middleton blockchain you that today I lost faith in one of the people I respected in the past. Reggie Middleton participated numerous times on Keiser Report, one of reggie middleton blockchain shows I watched very often. And I should tell you that I really liked what he was saying on the show. But now I am a full-time analyst on CryptoCurrencies and I need to reggie middleton blockchain unbiased opinions for my viewers to respect my work and believe in me.

I was asked quite a lot of times to do report on Veritaseum, but was too lazy to do it. But when I had time, I opened the Veritaseum page and was stunned at how unprofessional site looked.

The other thing that bothered me the most was the information. There was none about the Veritaseum coin, only trashy economic reports and general economic articles on how our current banking and financial systems are rotten. I still did short review and you can find it on my channel. Actually, the day I made this short review I noticed so many red reggie middleton blockchain about this coin I was amazed. Even the Nigerian scammers now create much more sophisticated initial coin offerings. Reggie is quite an eloquent speaker, but during all his video interviews I found that there was a complete lack of substance about his project.

He likes to talk about cryptocurrencies in general, but when somebody reggie middleton blockchain to ask Reggie directly about actual usage, he simply continues his speech about corrupt reggie middleton blockchain institutions.

Watch the coininterview youtube video with Reggie Middleton if you want details. Here is the link to this video, where CoinInterview guy even disabled comments and rating. I am very disappointed in Reggie and with heavy heart I present to you the red flags I found about the Veritaseum cryptocurrency. During my research I found quite a reggie middleton blockchain of interesting things about Veritaseum. I also noticed that people who wrote about valid VERI problems were flooded with stupid, lacking any intelligent thought, dull comments from VERI maximalists.

Be careful and always do your research, guys. Veritaseum has a lot of red flags which indicate that this coin is scam made by Reggie Middleton. And the most important thing here is that even one serious red flag is enough for me to avoid investing into anything.

ICO hype seems to be the only reason Reggie started all this. Greed is what makes a lot of personalities create Initial Coin Offerings, but scam coins founders will get what they deserve in the end for fooling people. This is the first thing you see when you try to understand Veritaseum, its shitty internet page. Andwell, Reggie repeates himself very often in his reggie middleton blockchain and videos, and he likes to say that investing in his project is like investing in internet in What can I say?

His site surely looks like it is from To finally understand what Veritaseum is for, you need to transcend all this shitty information on the reggie middleton blockchain.

So, what conclusions can you make about the VERI token usage while trying to digest trashy articles about corrupt and greedy bankers who should be hanged? First of all, their reports are as bad as their site. Second of all, it is a copy paste report from Gnosis website. No substance, no form in those reports. I even sent links to this free report to my chat group. Couple of people, who tried to understand the report, were unanimous in opinion that the report was shitty.

Link to shitty Gnosis report from Veritaseum 3-man-team. BTW, this is why I believe in decentralized exchanges. And it is really surprising that VERI could have such a huge daily trade reggie middleton blockchain on such a small exchange. My supporters told me that famous YouTube blogger Crypt0 was the reason this coin got so famous, he even made a video on how to buy this shitcoin on EtherDelta.

So much reggie middleton blockchain for such a coin, was there financial interest from Crypt0 side? And guess what, it failed. Reggie Middleton told that the main reason his project failed was regulation.

What makes you, Reggie, think that this time regulation will let you do anything? I think that the main reason the project was closed was due to popularity issues.

That reggie middleton blockchain the shittiest part. What does team consist of? What else does he do for a living, anybody knows? Patryk Dworznik, who is the main developer of Veritaseum platform, and it seems like he is the only one. Greed makes good people corrupt. Be in talks with another major stock exchange worth Trillions, and yes trillions and also have some interest from some huge hedge funds about buying Veri.

On top of that just because his other project failed Ultra coin or whatever it was doesnt mean this one will ,it could be a gamechanger. Plus, many great men fail first time and succeed after trying again and making mistakes. Its happened throughout time. Your reasoning for why its a scam just isnt solid, just because he cant do a pro website or you cant understand what the token is doesnt give you the high ground to say he is a scammer.

Cliff High interviewed him for 1 and a half hours, reggie middleton blockchain he answered all cliffs questions, and Cliff is a supporter of Veri. On top of that Reggie responds to every email, twitter feed and does regular updates reggie middleton blockchain youtube about his video. Am i right in saying a few days ago you said you were selling because the market was going to be in a downtrend! Clif is a totally insane nutjob.

His webbot report is total shit. Bought it, learned my lesson. Now I am warning others. Warning others about what? Cliff said PPT was a major coin, People bought Pre IcoPeoples lives are changed So whos the nutjob, stubborn sceptics or ppl who invested reggie middleton blockchain lives changed? No i cannot, I am trusting Reggie's word on it when he said Huge hedge funds and A top ten trillion dollar major exchange.

I have been following Reggie Middleton's company for about a year. Reggie middleton blockchain is a great guy and his company is very talented and extremely honest and professional. How can I have only good and beneficial things to say abut Veritaseum and you don't? One of us is lying and reggie middleton blockchain is not me. I hope that you all spend all your money on Veritaseum so that you leave all the quality cryptos for the rest of us.

The website is trash, yes!! But that's the only thing I agree with. I cannot agree with anything else. They are too busy putting in the work. Over time this will get better. We're so used to seeing the opposite: Reggie middleton doesn't need to scam anyone, he has a very long career of credibility and TV reggie middleton blockchain before anyone ever heard of crypto and quite frankly this guy's is brilliant. I mean he even called Brexit 5 reggie middleton blockchain in advance!

We're being too impatient, reggie middleton blockchain same type of impatience that created Bitcoin Reggie middleton blockchain. Let's be patient and give it time Here's a video from ! His predictions are spot on! And yes that's the same exact chair you see him sitting on in reggie middleton blockchain Yeah Reggi has done a few projects then leaves them put me off buying anything he is associated with.

He didn't leave the projects. True entrepreneurship, especially serial entrepreneurs experiences a few failures before hitting their big success. Look at the non-existent project EOS which has absolutely nothing to show except for promises and crowdsale dates. I also had a hard reggie middleton blockchain finding anything coherent on it and then I found this. Take a look at it. So are most ppl that sell products, you say it as if thats such a terrible thing.

But yet thats what most companies do lol. I did not mean it as a bad thing. He differentiated it as two categories: I buy for both and have no issue buying just financial instruments. I just upvoted you! Upvote this comment and follow me! To any other visitor, upvote this post also to receive free UpVotes from me! D such a awsome breakdown: D I have been telling this for so long now Would love to to share my code base reviews of other projects as well.

Now constructing a script to track crypto projects developt valosity and check for red flags in the code it self.

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