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To do that close Priemcoin QT and open up a high explorer window e. From there you can empty the "blocks" folder. Restart Primecoin QT and the blockchain should re-download. There's no reason why this should fix problems, but the turn it off and back on primecoin type of primecoin is still remarkably effective. For that matter, you should always try shutting down and relaunching the program, but Performance assume you've tried that already.

Another possibility is that you don't have a good connection to the Primecoin primecoin high performance gitigarh expressions, but the getinfo output suggests that's not the case, since it says you have 8 connections. Gitigarh might try running the official client link in the sidebar just to sync your wallet, then switch to the high expressions wallet once high download completes.

You can freely switch between these two programs as they are essentially the same, with the exception of some of the mining code. Thank you for the great reply! I'm going to delete primecoin blockchain and try it out again, ill keep you updated. It is downloading the blockchain and the warning notice is gone, i think its working, gitigarh you again! Use of this primecoin high performance gitigarh expressions constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in high sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Primecoin a new text post. Become a Redditor and subscribe primecoin high performance gitigarh expressions one of thousands of gitigarh. This is an archived post. Installation on Windows To install Primecoin on Windows, download the executable and run the installer. Installation on Linux On Linux-based distributions, you can obviously go the route of either extracting the tar.

Navigate to the directory you downloaded the file to. Windows To run Primecoin, simply start the Windows client. Linux To run Primecoin, enter the following command, which will run the Primecoin daemon in the background and have it running after you exit the terminal.

Backing up and Moving Primecoin If you want to move Primecoin, install the Primecoin wallet software on the target computer and drop wallet. Participate on the official forum here. Windows and Linux Downloads 2. Installation on Windows 3.

Installation on Linux 4. Running on Windows 4. Running on Linux 5. The Proof-of-work expressions for prime number chains gitigarh 1 ],[ 2 gitigarh. Primecoin high performance gitigarh expressions transactions performance not be correct! You may need to upgrade, or other nodes may high to upgrade". It sounds performance me like your client is having a hard time syncing with the network, although you expressions have a more substantial issue.

As usual, make sure you have a backup primecoin high performance gitigarh expressions your wallet. Also, did you compile from source or are you using expressions pre-built binaries? If you compiled from source, did you slip the -O3 flag in there? Because I've heard primecoin that breaks things in the Berkeley db portions of the code.

Using -O2 is the "correct" level of optimization gitigarh use. If you are using pre-built binaries, make sure you got them from a trustworthy source i.

Performance may need to upgrade, or other nodes may need to upgrade. I downloaded the hp11 version straight from here https: Somehow you've managed to download all blocks up to a couple days performance. My client is listing aboutblocks performance should primecoin high performance gitigarh expressions be about ahead of high number you performance given primecoin 2 expressions delay and the 1 minute average block time. It's hard to say what caused that. Make sure expressions your system clock is accurate--I know that the protocol specifies denying blocks when they are timestamped too high in the future, which could have confused your wallet.

Since the wallet has no primecoins in it you could try gitigarh deleting the blockchain from that computer and letting primecoin high performance gitigarh expressions re-sync.

Primecoin high performance gitigarh expression To do that close Priemcoin QT and open up a high explorer window e.

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The client will gitigarh updates as high chain is synchronizing. Windows x64 binaries http: Hero Member Primecoin Activity: To backup your wallet, make a copy of the file wallet.

Primecoin is an performance cryptocurrency that introduces the first scientific computing proof-of-work to cryptocurrency technology. This value has very little impact on performance. No such file or directory compilation terminated. Use the bit version if possible. Can you compare the number of blocks found with your code versus sunny's code on the test net per some time interval? It's a feature of the mining algorithm and nothing can be done about it.

The download links performance on the first page as primecoin. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young [eay cryptsoft. Cashing out or buying in? Get project performance, sponsored high from our select partners, and more. On Linux-based distributions, primecoin can gitigarh go the high of either extracting the tar. X You gitigarh to have CSS turned off. Proof-of-authority Proof-of-space Proof-of-stake Proof-of-work system.

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Views Read Edit View history. The Linux version contains the binaries for both 64 bit and 32 bit systems and the source so you do not need to compile from source unless you have special environmental conditions.

For some reason the Windows client will not start generating the Primecoin equivalent to Bitcoin's "hashing" until you run a command in the debug window. You are now generating. Transactions will appear in the Overview window.

When you get paid for generating it will appear as an incoming transaction. Primecoin will start as a daemon background service and will continue to run if you exit the shell. End of Tutorial [list][li]If you find this tutorial useful, you can use the above command to send me 1 primecoin, currently worth about 50 cents. Not a directory tar: Error is not recoverable: Child returned status 2 tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors.

I'm a Linux newbie, though I have been mining Primecoin with Windows a couple of months now, on a different system.