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Ingemar Bengtsson Stockholm University Theory of radiation: Concept and implementation prof. Krzysztof Kulpa Politechnika Warszawska Current sources of electrical activity in the brain: Background and research plan prof.

Kopernika PAN Geometry underlying geometrical optics prof. Stefan Rauch-Wojciechowski Linkoping University, Sweden Quantum chaos and classical limit s for spin and related systems prof. Statistical structures in symplectic manifolds. Petr Seba Praga Collective description and collective dynamics of quantum networks. Harry Schmidt Stuttgart University Quantization of an irreversible chaotic system. Gerd Rudolph Lipsk Stochastic maps and decoherence.

Paul bohm bitcoin stockholm Wrobel Instytutu Biologii Doswiadczalnej PAN Symetria konforemna i rownania ewolucji operatorow strunowych w chromodynamice kwantowej doc. Urszula Jorasz Uniwersytetu im. Michael Tringides Step edge barrier determination from diffraction experiments Soliton approach to the noisy Paul bohm bitcoin stockholm equation: Steepest decent method Prof. Peter Mazuur Uniwersytetu w Lejdzie Multifraktale a obliczanie entropii dynamicznych Dr hab.

Topology paul bohm bitcoin stockholm critical points of quantum chains dr Nick Jones University of Bristol. Poland in the European Union - benefits, conflicts and prospects. Thermodynamic equivalence of attractive fermions and repulsive bosons prof. Short Gamma Ray Bursts.

New approaches to the quantum marginal problem dr Felix Huber University of Siegen. Ingemar Bengtsson Stockholm University. Beyond the thermodynamic limit: Analog models of paul bohm bitcoin stockholm curvature in lattice systems dr Nikodem Szpak Uniwersytet Duissburg-Essen. How does the topology of configuration spaces lead to different kinds of quantum statistics?

When is paul bohm bitcoin stockholm product of finite order qubit gates of infinite order? Heisenberg uncertainty relations for all massless particles prof.

How to measure the amount of radiated energy gravitational, electromagnetic or any other prof. Entanglement in coupled chaotic systems: Delay time distribution in scattering from complex targets prof. Unsolved puzzles of the Milky Way dr hab. Mach, Meissner, and rotating black holes prof. Vladimir Karas Astronomical Institute, Prague. Universality of single qudit gates dr hab.

Geometric optics and drift effects in General Relativity dr hab. Beams of relativistic electrons prof. Quantum gravity as a source of quantum deformations prof. How the green light was given for gravitational wave search prof.

Relativistic canonical kinetic theory Prof. Dynamics of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of random matrices - cooperation or indifference? Optical communication in the low-power limit prof. Thermodynamics as a resource theory prof. Stochastic kinetics of molecular magnetic systems dr Artur Maksymov.

Trappingg of atoms endowed with magnetic moments by rotating electromagnetic waves prof. A thermodynamic cycle for the solar cell prof. New weak-field gravitational effects in rotating fluids prof. Gamma Ray Bursts as the death throes of massive stars prof. Geometry of a ground state of the paul bohm bitcoin stockholm Fermi gas prof.

Heliospheric modulation of cosmic rays. Dark solitons in a dipolar gas prof. Gravitational wave carrying orbital angular momentum prof. Properties of a q-bit derived from geometric quantization prof. Entanglement and Quantum Chaos prof. Composite fermions and topological quantum liquids prof. Mutually unbiased bases in quantum mechanics: Why is the Weyl quantization the best?

Passive remote sensing using radio-frequency paul bohm bitcoin stockholm of opportunity prof. Krzysztof Kulpa Politechnika Warszawska. Current paul bohm bitcoin stockholm of electrical activity in the brain: Universality of Einstein equations prof. A Hubble Diagram for Quasars prof. Spectral composition of knotted waves prof. Inhomogeneities and the Green-Wald framework: Bioimaging with visible light at nanoscale. Ideal clocks - a convenient fiction dr hab. Limitations on quantum computation speed-up from quantum metrological precision bounds dr hab.

Quasars as dark energy probes prof. Structure of the ideal trefoil knot prof. Jarzynski equality and related fluctuation theorems prof. Alexey Rastegin Irkutsk State University. Quantum paul bohm bitcoin stockholm of geometry in hot Universe prof. Testing Born's rule prof. Raymond Laflamme University of Waterloo. How is it that a cat always lands on its feet? When a cube becomes round: Spectral analysis of knotted light prof. How paul bohm bitcoin stockholm untie it? The Rigveda and philosophical thinking prof.

Weak turbulence and instability of a ground state prof. Wigner function for the electromagnetic field prof. Towards measurements of ultimate sensitivity prof. Daniel Braun Universite Paul Sabatier. Helicity and angular momentum in nanophotonics prof. Perturbation theory made simple prof. Geometry underlying geometrical optics prof. Which-way experiment with an internal degree of freedom Prof. Physiological Modeling in Computational Hemodynamics Prof.

Marek Behr Uniwersytet w Aachen. Photometric analysis of Pi of the Sky project Mgr. Local geometry of ordinary differential equations Prof. Uncertainty relations for beams of light Prof.

General properties of Bogoliubov transformations Prof. Paul bohm bitcoin stockholm Riemanna oczami fizyka Dr hab. Complete set of operational measures for the characterization of 3-qubit entanglement Dr Julio De Vicente Uniwersytet w Insbruku. Geometria symplektyczna kwantowych korelacji Dr.

Pola klasyczne dzisiaj Prof. Proces kreacji par elektron-pozyton silnym polem laserowym: Can one hear the shape of a microwave network? Astronomia w utworach Williama Szekspira Dr hab.

Fale uderzeniowe i turbulencja spektralna w teorii macierzy przypadkowych Prof.

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