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This is the forth episode from the new impro series, which are co-produced by Studio Alta and CreWcollective. During these sessions, artists from different fields will meet face to face on the stage.

The non septate mycelium bitcoin will be taken by dancers, musicians and ligth designer. This documentary is shot with non septate mycelium bitcoin hidden camera in non septate mycelium bitcoin Paskov mine the day before it was closed and miners lost their jobs. The movie is in Czech only. Osviliad is a nonverbal performance using elements of mime, physical and dance theater.

It works with masks, puppet and voice. In the performance, non septate mycelium bitcoin group of drummers and dancers create a joyful celebration of rhythm, singing, dancing and colors. Can we eat sustainably and healthy? This event is organized by the Prague 7 municipality and will present the movie Sustainable and a discussion with experts on the topic.

The performance is inspired by personal non septate mycelium bitcoin of the performers, whose brothers were diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. A delicious end of the day: Space for body memory. Two bodies in one place, separately and at the same time. Two bodies, separately and at the same time.

Space for memory in one place. Body space, separately and at the same time. This crazy creative challenge and a study of filthy dreams overconfidently crosses the borders of taboos with a touch of titillating exoticism. This performance with live music is responding to current issues such as surveillance, collecting information and manipulating records. This live intermedia installation interconnects sound, visual and performative art forms with poetry and architecture. Solo is a personal and at the same time a universal account of a dancer who, through a series of various emotional states, speaks about a world beyond the black box; about intimacy, sadness, trust and hope, beauty and terror.

Using dance, voice, words and science, three performers search for structures and relationships that last from the moment of conception for the whole life. Two stories from two different cultural backgrounds shared in two different languages. Looking for translation and understanding without words.

You can look forward to dance performances, music and other program for children and adults. On April 13 th and 14 tha site-specific minifestival takes place in the unusual space of the passage at ALTA.

In the performance, dancers from the older generation look at the history through rose-colored glasses and non septate mycelium bitcoin for things that they cannot find in the present day. You can book tickets HERE. Selected projects will be granted an intense 2-week-long summer residency at Studio ALTA, couching and the possibility of public presentation.

The deadline is on February 28 th! For more info click HERE. In her project Subjective Futureshe will present the genre of theatre mocumentary, in which four artists from different fields interpret the future. Come and think with them about possible futures — on January 18 th! We wish you beautiful holidays! The international project Living Realities finishes with the premier Brothers Lionheart by the Dance studio Light and it is also the last day of the photography exhibition showing the real stories of refugees.

Both the exhibition and the accompanying programmes present a different perspective on this non septate mycelium bitcoin topic and on real lives without myths and emotions.

The exhibition lasts until December 17 th and is for free. Come and gain energy and inspiration! The premiere of Nothing Sad is on October 11th and 12th! The deadline for applications is on October 20th! The theatre season will start on September 4th, traditionally with a cultural and community programme for all generations.

From all the hot news this year, you can look forward to the morning trainings! For more info go HERE. We will open the Living Room on August 21st and the season will be open on September 4th. Thank you for the great season and we wish you beautiful summer! The season is about to end, but we will dance at ALTA even during holiday.

For more information go to: Venezuelan dancer David Zambrano returns non septate mycelium bitcoin Prague to lead a workshop and present 3 artistic projects. Non septate mycelium bitcoin ALTA in cooperation with Arts and Theatre Institute calls for applications for a week-long workshop with Julyen Hamilton that is designed for professional artists focused on improvisation. The deadline for applying is May 31st!

On May 12th — 14th, Czech and German artists will meet with their audiences at ALTA to search for possible development of physical theatre into other dimensions. This series of performances will be followed by unconventional discussions. Come and enjoy the performances, experience them and keep in mind how these pieces transmit ideas!

Everybody gets a piece of the action! Congratulations and looking forward! You can look forward to performances and work-in-progress presentations mainly from central, eastern and southern Europe and on Saturday, also on discussions from the RespondART series.

Not sure, when is the right time to work, have fun or play with kids at ALTA? Check our recommendation at www. Every week, we prepare a schedule for you according to planned activities and events. Studio ALTA announces the fourth year of residencies for students of dance and theatre academies. The deadline for application is March 5th, For more information go to http: From January, children under 14 accompanied by adult have free entry to all evening performances at ALTA!

Since February, the Living Room will become a space for multi-genre site specific installations. After a short Christmas break, we will open the Living Room for you on January 2nd. The intense workshops will be led by Jos Baker, Francesca Pedulla, Karine Ponties and David Zambrano non septate mycelium bitcoin you can also look forward to rich accompanying programme.

The presale is running, follow the updates at http: The festival connects contemporary dance and physical theatre and it is a platform for presentation and confrontation of students and young graduates. The program is free! This dance performance about losses that can be advantageous will be presented at ALTA as a renewed premiere on October 31st and December 12th.

The best of contemporary Slovak dance non septate mycelium bitcoin two years again in Prague! The 8th edition of festival for contemporary Slovak dance will take place on October 20th — 24th and it will offer both very well-known stars and young artists, as well as a rich accompanying programme.

Follow our website and facebook for the updates! Is dance non septate mycelium bitcoin theatre capable of moving the world behind the walls of theatres? Should artists be engaged? The performances are followed non septate mycelium bitcoin discussions!

The precisely executed choreography comprises instinctively generated movements in which the human and the animal constantly intertwine. Premiere on September 4th and 5th. After the summer reconstruction, we are opening the Living Room for you on August 22nd. Come and dance, stretch yourself, improvise, have fun, frolic and share the joy of motion! Moms, leave your kids with their dads and enjoy a weekend full of dance and music dedicated above all, to women.

You can look forward to stars of not only music improvisation from all around non septate mycelium bitcoin world. We start on April 28th! Premiere on 15th and 16th April! The first weekend in April will be dedicated to the second workshop from the series that connects contemporary dance, contact improvisation, and Chinese medicine principles together.

Follow the news at the Workshops page! This year, Non septate mycelium bitcoin ALTA will again host the international dance and performing arts festival featuring the visions of artists not only from the Czech Republic but from other countries in central and eastern Europe. All are dealing with questions of identity in art and motion.

We start on March 19th! In the Living Room, almost a hundred interdisciplinary, cultural, educational and community activities took place. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you! Non septate mycelium bitcoin solo for one dancer, who reacts to the space and structures on the stage and lets non septate mycelium bitcoin affect him.

His motions and development process are non septate mycelium bitcoin in space and become his function at the same time. The Prague premiere will take place on Feb 6th and 7th! The project Think Through Dance! Czech dancers will have the opportunity to get to know the works of artists from around the world. Moreover, a symposium of all tutors will take place at ALTA at the end of the year.

For more information, go to http: During the presentations, you can reveal the secrets of experimental artists, understand the process of creating a performance, and discuss with the artists.

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