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Robosavvy is looking for your help in gathering fresh ideas for the design of a new humanoid robot designated for entertainment and education. Our objective is to launch a new open-source humanoid robot that will look great and will be agile and smart at a reasonable cost. We will achieve this by utilizing materials and fabrication methods available to anyone. Materials include aluminum sheet and 3D printed parts for structure, vacuum formed polycarb exterior shell, servos for actuation and low cost electronics including Raspberry Pi for brains.

We expect to have to do some modifications to the chosen design to make the robot perform the featured range of motions because we realize nao next gen robot ebay designer may not have all the practical experience designing humanoid robots. We will adapt the shell if needed for polycarb vacuum forming. We will also handle the electronics involved in power management and servo control, in addition to developing the core open-source software to make the robot move, including ROS support, simple python scripts and physics simulation.

These servos can be chosen from the Hobbyking catalogue ex1ex2. Aluminum folded brackets models should easily convert or be made available as flattened pieces to allow precise cutting and bending. The design should consider the torque limitations of the servos. For example, the nao next gen robot ebay servos should be able to lift the upper body of the robot and the feet should be able to tilt the robot during a walking gait.

More servos, more weight and more height will limit the ability nao next gen robot ebay the lower body joints to handle the weight nao next gen robot ebay momentum. The design may incorporate double knee joint to assist in giving more lifting power to the upper body. It can use more servos to achieve more mobility at the cost of weight. Wrist and arm rotation should also be considered to allow the robot mobility to write with a pen. It is not necessary to place every screw and bolt in the model where their place is obvious such as holding the servo horn to the metal bracket.

The design can incorporate custom 3D printed parts nao next gen robot ebay also machined parts if necessary. Any size and shape battery found here can be used weighing up to g and having at least mah capacity 15C or higher. It can be any miniature webcam that's easily purchased on amazon or ebay, preferably with hardware JPEG encoding. The webcam will typically be stripped off its plastic shell to save space.

The robot's body should be covered by a thin vacuum formed colored polycarbonate sheet shell to hide the metal framed body and servo boxes and give the robot a more streamlined look such as that of AsimoQRIONAOManoiKirobo or Darwin-OP.

The thickness of the Polycarb in the design should be 0. Nao next gen robot ebay will try to make the shell work with as thin a sheet as possible to make it lighter while ensuring it is not too weak at the contact points with the metal structure and able to handle any stress caused by falling.

RoboSavvy may need to adjust the shell to make it vacuum formable. For example, it may need to be split into two halves and adjusted to create nice seams due to the split. The shell may also include light masking areas or areas that diffuse LED light underneath to give the shell lighting effects such nao next gen robot ebay in Tron and Iron Man. Native CAD formats are optional but encouraged. The competition is open to everyone. Multiple entries are acceptable. Team entries are welcome - prize will be transferred to team leader.

If you submit through the "Submit entry" button, this should be added automatically. Only entries with valid tag will participate. Only entries uploaded to GrabCAD through the "Submit entry" button on this Challenge page will be considered an entry. By entering this competition, you 1. Warrant that the work is your original work. To the best of your knowledge, it is not, and has not been in production or otherwise previously published or exhibited.

Neither the work nor its use infringes the intellectual property rights whether a patent, utility model, functional design right, aesthetic design right, trade mark, copyright or any other intellectual property right of any other person. Applicants are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for any costs. Winning designs will be chosen based on the rules and requirements. The Challenge ends on October 6, New end date is October 20,which means the winner will be nao next gen robot ebay by November 20, We will release the finalists before the final announcement to give the Community an opportunity to "vote" for their favorites in the comments.

The jury will take these into consideration when picking the final winner. This new addition is based on feedback from you! Hosting the most popular online community for humanoid robot nao next gen robot ebay and with a wide range of products including humanoid robots, 3D printers, DIY electronics and sensors, RoboSavvy is a leading source of materials and knowledge in the area, developing robots for the education, entertainment and research markets, selling parts needed for creative making of robots and gadgets.

RoboSavvy is developing the most advanced 1m tall research humanoid robot platform and the first acrobatic 3D printable humanoid robot. Servo size, receiver, controller and some standard joints dimensions will be helpful now too small to see. I would had "rob" the one on display in Science Centre XD. Adrien Same thought here. Was wondering how to improve an already super cool robot over dinner just now LOL Read last few nao next gen robot ebay from first paragraph "Our objective is to launch a new humanoid robot that will look great and will be agile and smart at a reasonable cost.

I am just wondering about the 1st prize, What would you possibly do with a robot? And also reward the second and third place because I think that there will be many cool entries here and it would be a shame not to reward great designs as well. Just an idea. Since the chassis has to be made from folded Aluminium, do you want the full sheet metal development of the parts easy in Solidworks or just 3D 'shells' and you will figure out how to fold it from sheet?

You have specified the Servos - to avoid any confusion, could you list the specifications of those servos you work to - as real world is usually different to the manufacturers spec.

I've found a couple of RPi models which are different, and neither matches my RaspberryPi exactly! Also, you have specified "will look great and will be agile and smart at a reasonable cost" as the judging criteria. Can you give us the balance between these you are going to use to nao next gen robot ebay entries.

Sorry for a third question. In the last part of the description it says "RoboSavvy is creating the most advanced 1m tall research humanoid robot in the world, a 3D printable low cost humanoid robot that looks like Honda Asimo" Is that what this challenge is to design?

Or something along those lines - i. There is no money to be shared, and you can't share a single robot IE the prize. Nice idea though, Sai. Also, can anyone tell if the servos' shafts comes out of both ends?

I can connect something to both the front and the back of the servo and have it spin. I would be interested in this challenge, except that I have no use for one of these robots. I agree with others that there should be an option between a cash prize or a robot, and also various smaller prizes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th Thank you so much for the comments, so far.

The awards will be updated and we'll include cash options as well. Keep the comments and feedback coming nao next gen robot ebay stay tuned for updates! That will increase the variants. Restrict the overall size too.

State clearly how many axis degree of movement and where they want them. Else we nao next gen robot ebay see designs get disqualify because of some hidden requirements or last minute changes. Guys, look what I had found: A link should show up on this page any time now. Rpi and BeagleBone black models can be found using google. Bar It is 1.

We would like to see a nice looking humanoid robot shell, exposing as little as possible the motors and brackets. If you look at pictures of Asimo you will notice that there are no "technical" detail exposed anywhere on its body. The cost of the robot has a lot to do with the servos and the manufacturing process of everything else. We are looking for a cool look and we may modify the design and structure slightly to reduce the cost of manufacturing. You brought up the subject of a money price instead of getting your designed robot manufactured for you.

We will consider the option of a money prize and also 2nd and 3rd prizes as we approach the formal start of the competition around the 22nd Aug. Model of the robot: Nao next gen robot ebay can download the GP model by pressing the "Download Specification" button at the top of this page. Remember that this is a good reference but as stated in the guidelines above, you are free to modify the aluminum structure to accomodate for your creative shell design.

Limor - so you are looking for something based on your existing GP robot, with changes to the aluminium components where necessary to attach the shell. The challenge thus is to design a cool looking shell rather than to re-invent the robot itselfv. This robot design challenge is about a robot that is cm. To make a 1m tall robot walk you need to use servos that are 10 times more powerful and 30 times more expensive. We will have to see the final design and maybe tweak to ensure it nao next gen robot ebay bend or tear, while trying to minimize weight.

The important thing is the look of the robot. We will try to make the shell work with as thin a sheet as possible to make it lighter while ensuring it is not too weak at the contact points with the metal structure, to handle any stress caused by falling.

The shell may need to be nao next gen robot ebay later nao next gen robot ebay make it vacuum formable. Please refer to hobbyking servos. So if you want you can use smaller size servos from hobbyking please suggest and we can add an additional small PWM servo controller to drive them.

I have created one robot that uses wires instead of servos directly driving the joints.

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