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I hear you are offering an EthClassic unforked Pool etc. I'm not getting any shares and looks like the pool hashrate went to It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! June in Pool Discussion.

Welcome to one of the oldest ethereum pool with detaild miner statistics. Please, visit our Help page to find the guides for every client. We are starting to mine according the voting results.

The results are reviewed once a day. So easy to use. When I mine eth I use Nanopool. Easy to use voting system that allows you to change your mind on a daily basis. For anyone cautious, which you always should nanopool ethereum crypto when it comes to pool mining I can vouch for Nano. And that's coming from a keen solo miner. Thank you, greenuser We'are waiting for ethereum price rising too. There are some technical issues with alert emails.

We are working to fix them. Nanopool ethereum crypto added SIA mining support! Check the Vote page: Of that, there is 10x the support for forking compared to not forking. Looks nanopool ethereum crypto line nanopool ethereum crypto what we've seen elsewhere so far.

A wallet is a wallet is a wallet, if you control the private key. Cool, i can use https: I have a forked geth running on a laptop since its release, It still hasn't caught up yet, lol! I was thinking of doing the geth import and export or copying the. I'm watching the eth fork at arms length and don't want to be running two instances of ethereum node indefinitely.

Well, at least until we are clear of and can clearly see nanopool ethereum crypto state of play. Good luck people, this nanopool ethereum crypto gonna be real interesting political, financial and scientific experiment for the crypto community. We have switched to DAO fork mining, as active majority voted.

If only i had twitter, i would be 45min ahead of the curve. I am not getting any shares neither. ETC statistics temporary frozen. All shares are safe. It doesn't have any impact on earnings at all. July edited July We have opened Ethereum classic pool: Sorry for the late announcement. ETC payout limit reduced to 0. Mining with Nanopool has worked nicely until recently when you began branching out to ETC.

There were a lot of rejected shares mining through eth-proxy that was fixed when changing the pool address from nanopool ethereum crypto. Changing over to getwork mode seems to have corrected the problem for now. So is there something going on with Nanopool's support for eth-proxy?

Hey nanopool, for the past two hours your stats show that you have not mined any blocks, yet the blockchain states you have received several blocks. My balance has not moved nanopool ethereum crypto two hours. Are you guys having issues or stealing the blocks? Is it just a hickup in the system? Anyone having problems with "currently reported" numbers?

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