From Gold Rush to Arms Race: Why Bitcoin Mining is Heading North

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In which nanok and datavetaren discuss more recent events in monetary history. We compare cash to bitcoin and nanok bie bitcoin news on an interview also featured in this episode with BTM operator anderchrix. We continue on differences between how the "old" system works now that banks are starting to hoard cash and how Bitcoin gets its value. We also touch on mining and consensus to nanok bie bitcoin news to bring ourselves up to present day.

To listen to previous episodes and read more on what "The Bitcoin Formula" is go to webonanza. To interact go to twitter. In this episode nanok and datavetaren discuss the very interesting question "What Is Money? We also try to define the basics of Bitcoin and listeners will learn about several key events in monetary and economic history, of which the years and set the stage for two of the most important milestones.

In which nanok and datavetaren discuss everything from the early days of discovering Bitcoin up to the current Proof-Of-Work vs Proof-Of-Stake debate, Ethereum, 'bankchains', the word 'blockchain', media's current triangulation and the question whether a national currency could be a sidechain to nanok bie bitcoin news main chain?

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