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You thought the Ghost Lantern and Adamant Bomber were bad? You got another thing coming. This thing, in simple terms, is insane: I got a killstreak in this video! Hope you guys enjoyed! Liking, favoriting, and subscribing helps a ton!

D Enjoyed the video? Make sure to smash that "like" button, comment, favorite, and subscribe for more PG3D videos! Heck, even put this video in a playlist if you so desire! The next video, whether it'll be a new review, a glitch tutorial, random commentary, or just some random PG3D video, will usually be out days after the previous video!

ExxotikGaming I bought it today its so less op 3 shot kill. By the way the area damage is nanobots rifle pixel gun 3d 2 shot but direct hit is 1 shot but if they have berzerk mask or armour bonus gun is a 2 shot kill direct impact and nanobots rifle pixel gun 3d area. I was desperate for a good gun when i reaches level 32 so i got this: ExxotikGaming can you do a archangel review I wanna buy it but I don't know how it preforms and trust your videos.

Those two gave me 38 kills in a round. I Gna buy it. Hope you read this. Its true guys, dont use this weapon all the time, I used it alot and now when I tryed another sniper, I lost most of my skill, but nanobots rifle pixel gun 3d I dont use it and im more skilled.

It's good that the area damage is not so overpowered because the gun can't be the most overpowered. Supercharged Rifle will be replaced by a more OP weapon just like what happened to the prototype. We wait long as heck to rarely 1 month or 3 weeks or just buy a freaking android u have a android.

OH NO Casual player: Once I saw a hacker with this weapon and he was doing like one million s and he didn't need to reload and it had a fire rate And also on the king of the hill If I were to buy the supercharged rifle i would most likely use it if my team needs backup if we're losing but I mostly use the thunderer and reflector, I'm honestly a Lazer kind of person to be fair, but hopefully they nerf the gun to maybe have travel time to actually take skill.

Over all the guns nice and all nanobots rifle pixel gun 3d too much use of it and you nanobots rifle pixel gun 3d corrupt by the power, so stick to mostly lasers and only use this over powered rifle in nanobots rifle pixel gun 3d.

I really hoped this advice helped ExxotikGaming nanobots rifle pixel gun 3d others to make sure about that. The supercharged rifle is like one of those guns that you should use against the spammers and pros but easy people no. Cool Spider the irony is this gun can be used by a spammer. You should have billion subs keep up the good work!

Yah I updated pixel gun 3d ain't I still don't have the new guns. I have no offense but its not fair I am one of the players that I have to earn my stuff its not fair can you plz tell the devs to change how things work. I am not trying to get them though too nooby. Op op op I have never even seen this weapon before and I'm level

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