How to increase your Bitcoin mining profit by 30 percent with less effort

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In previous post I started a discussion about Bitcoin, though did not provide details on what actually Bitcoin is and how it works. There is much information on this in the internet.

You can start with reading this wiki: Bitcoin is based on an idea of a public ledger blockchain: To prevent double spend mhash per bitcoin should be a way to make sure that only one blockchain exists. Large amount of mhash per bitcoin work is required for a new block to be accepted into blockchain, and all bitcoin clients have the same understanding of how to validate new blocks, and how to check proof of work. Hard computation which mhash per bitcoin done for proof of work is actually calculation of hash of a bitcoin block.

Bitcoin miners are changing this value and calculating sha hash of the block, trying to find such nonce which will give hash value less than predefined small number. Whoever finds such value can send the block to blockchain, and get 50 BTC as a reward. This mhash per bitcoin bitcoin mining. Work of mhash per bitcoin calculation looks meaningless, but it is what provides bitcoin decentralized system its stability and protection against attacks.

There is much software which can be used for bitcoin mining, and there are several hardware options. Mining power is measured in mhash per bitcoin per second. Another useful metric is hashes per joule of energy, because electricity is main cost mhash per bitcoin bitcoin mining. Bitcoins can be mined using CPU. Most likely you will not even earn more than spend for electricity: GPU is much faster mhash per bitcoin sha because it is designed to make many simple operations simultaneously.

This is a difference of or in case of AVX times more instructions per clock. These are devices specifically designed for bitcoin mining, and they are very fast and very efficient. Here is comparison of various ASICs: Another option is to use cloud services which offer mining performance for fixed price. Mining profitability depends on mining power, electricity utilization, electricity costs, hardware costs, bitcoin market price, mining difficulty internal variable of bitcoin network which allows to adjust mining speed depending on total mining power.

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Bitcoin reached its After this, the rate at which Bitcoins are generated will be permanently be cut down by a factor of two. The halving will happen again. Bitcoin halves after every The next time will be when This will be in approximately 4 years, the time is predictable because the Bitcoin protocol is set up to aim for block generation every 10 minutes.

It would seem logical that the price doubles although this is not expected on short term. If the price were to double many people trading Bitcoins will see enormous profits. These profits will be turned into cash by many people which will have a dampening effect on the price.

I only expect to see a temporary rise after the block reward halving with price drops not too long after that. The price will rise in the long term but due to the high volatility this will be be a long and bumpy rise. The timing of the block reward halving is also close to a major new development in bitcoin mining, ASICs.

The first ASICs are predicted to ship in the beginning of and their announced hash rates start at 4. This costs a lot of money and besides the cost of the hardware, electricity cost is also an issue.

The most efficient graphics cards can do up to 2. The growth will be volatile however and with ASICs coming next year making current mining less profitable it is a good question what will bring for bitcoin. About Arras WordPress Theme. Cryptocurrencies All the information you need about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Block Reward Halved — December 5, Are you missing anything or would you like me to write an article about something?

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