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Also, ultracompost is how I made my first like 6m after getting a bond, it had just released and I grinded out requirements for fossil island in like 2 days, mined my own ash then made so much making ultra lol. Back in my day we had to wait 1 minute between each world hop.

Buying anti dragon shields from oziach metal trade 4trading bot rotmg rune plate body seller from dragon slayer. Basicly doubles your money. Back in the day these shits used to be kea. Was for fashionscape and obby maulers with 10att. Straight line on ge floor at A player without a backpack can hold 8 items at a time in their inventory. Someone may have something you want, but not on their character, or even on their account; they may have that item on a mule. If you make an offer metal trade 4trading bot rotmg no one responds, give it time.

Be courteous and be patient. Remember that the difference between tiers is usually low, and the highest-tier items are often valued less for functionality than for aesthetics. Going cheap is sometimes the smartest thing a player can do.

It helps to stand still when selling or buying if you may. Merching is where you buy items for a low price and sell them for a high price, and repeating to make profit. Metal trade 4trading bot rotmg have gone from a Defense Potion to a Unbound Health Ring this could take hours, days, weeks, and even months. Be patient when merching. People will not always take your deals because in reality, you have to make crappy deals if you want to make profit.

There are many different tutorials and walkthroughs on merching on Youtube. I recommend watching a few to get the gist of it. Sell a couple of sprouts for a cheap pot such as dex, vit, or wis. Now go to the Nexus and merch! Think long and hard metal trade 4trading bot rotmg the image you want to project. Lock a few players that you see begging. Leave them locked, then look for them a month later. Not playing anymore, are they? In the unlikely event that they are, you can bet that most players have blocked them, and they are sitting on the beach, dying, and thinking players like you are still seeing their messages asking for items.

Instead of simply asking for stuff, go play for a few minutes. You will have to to place an item in your inventory to switch them out with. High-leveled players still use these potions, and they will be much more inclined to give you items if you metal trade 4trading bot rotmg some effort. There are several common scams employed by people to cheat you out of your hard earned items, but with a little attention, spotting them is no problem. Be especially aware of spambots, which advertise items for real-life money or gift cards.

This is one of the most common scams. It involves a player offering a ridiculously good deal for an item and using a similar-looking junk item in its place. Wisdom Potions which look similar to Life Potions.

Snake Oils Which look similar to Potions of Defense. This scammer tries to make a legitimate trade, and then quickly deselects his item in an attempt to make you accept a trade for nothing. Watch for people asking you to change your side of the deal; scammers do this to distract you. This scam is extremely common. A scam that has been rising in popularity lately is where somebody asks for metal trade 4trading bot rotmg, where in return they open a high-quality dungeon. After receiving their donation sthey metal trade 4trading bot rotmg and go somewhere else without actually opening the dungeon.

If you want to pay goods for someone to actually open metal trade 4trading bot rotmg dungeon which is still riskycheck out the current offers on Realmeye for more trustworthy people who will open dungeons for stuff. This kind of scammer pretends to be a Youtuber in order to gain donations. Avoid these people no matter how hard they beg. Better somebody else than you. Block them right away. This type of scam decreased in usage a while ago, but it is slowly making a return.

Of course, sometime after as you hand over your items, they close the window and disappear without giving what they claim metal trade 4trading bot rotmg won. This implies that if you were to sell for example, a tomb, most will not pay you what you want until you open it for them.

Obviously it is very easy for them to scam you by entering the dungeon and not paying you. It is recommended that you trade with someone you can trust to ensure a good deal. An extremely rare scam which involves a player pretending to be a moderator or a popular player in order to get free items from you. True developers and moderators would never ask for items. Report anyone you see doing this immediately via a support ticket.

Another rare scam when the perptrator tells you he is hacking your account and that the only way metal trade 4trading bot rotmg will stop is if you give him some potions.

A real hacker would not accept items from you to stop hacking, as he could just take the items himself. Reference this page when adding offers and searching for them on Realmeye. This video should be titled: Alternative money making methods turned useless because of this video. Omg, you found the metal trade 4trading bot rotmg dust, I found it when the dust was going for 1k each, made a couple hundred K off that. Bot maker rotmg price Also, ultracompost is how I made my first like 6m after getting a bond, it had just released and I grinded out requirements for fossil island in like 2 days, mined my own ash then made so much making ultra lol.

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