Quick Start Guide: Printing With a Makerbot Rep 2

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You can also use makerbot software tutorial work with multiple build plates to view and edit multiple 3D models. This is a comprehensive guide for MakerBot Print, if you would like a quick start up guide for MakerBot Print, please click here.

Every 3D print starts with a 3D model. If you want to print a 3D makerbot software tutorial you designed yourself, export it from your 3D modeling application in a compatible format.

You can also download 3D models on Thingiverse. To open an object to your local computer, open the Project Panel, click Add Models, and navigate to the location of the saved file. Select the file and click Open to import it into MakerBot Print. Once a model has been added, it is available to be used on your build plate. Models that were on the deleted build plate become hidden, but they are not deleted. Display allows you to turn on or off certain information regarding the slice preview.

For information on custom settings, click here. If there are multiple objects makerbot software tutorial the build plate, select the Arrange Build Plate to move the objects to the most optimal placement on the build plate. Select the 3D printer to be used with your project. Once finished editing your 3D model, select Export to export your model into a sliced file or Print to print your file if it MakerBot Print is connected to a printer.

Register your device to ensure you get the right level of service and support. Prepare and arrange your 3D models on the build plate. Click and hold the right mouse button and move makerbot software tutorial mouse to be able to view your model from any angle. Press and hold the Shift key and the right makerbot software tutorial button together to move the build plate in space.

Zoom using a track pad or the scroll wheel on your mouse. Select Uniform Scaling to adjust the scale of your model equally along the x- y- or z-axis. Enter the percentage of how much you want your model scaled. De-select Uniform Scaling to scale makerbot software tutorial model by a specific amount along the x- y- or z-axis. Printer Panel Select the 3D printer to be used with your project. Activate Your Service Plan Register your device to ensure you get the right level of service and support.

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