How I Made a Million Dollars in Just One Month with Cryptocurrency

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Altucher is just one of a growing number of internet self-help gurus that have embraced bitcoin as the future, a way for you — yes, you — to get rich. It's a make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency built on a dangerous combination: Dreams of riches and ignorance of a new, highly volatile market. As the price of bitcoin has soared in recent months, Altucher's face has begun to pop up all make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency the internet to promote his get-rich-quick-off-bitcoin plan.

His likeness is now so common around the internet that people are starting make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency notice him. Banner ads, YouTube ads, paid search results — he's become the "bitcoin ad guy. This isn't terribly surprising. Neeraj Agrawal, director of communications at Coin Center, a cryptocurrency policy thinktank based in Washington, D.

These are same investment advice schemes we have make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency for decades in the stock market but now in a shiny new cryptocurrency wrapper," Agrawal wrote in an email. Why does the Bitcoin ad guy look like Ted Mosby in college? Altucher may have inadvertently turned into something of an internet joke, but his career as a self-help author and financial expert were once reasonably legit.

A New York Times profile from August called him a "former tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and financial pundit [who] has reinvented himself as a gimlet-eyed self-help guru. That was before he jumped on the bitcoin boom. He's also started a "Crypto Trader" newsletter that claims will "be your guide through the explosive digital currency market and find you the best currencies to invest in today.

This ad was in a NYTs article about Bitcoin plummeting. Altucher's sudden internet celebrity comes just as make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency bitcoin make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency appears to have peaked. The cryptocurrency has turned once-flailing business owners into millionaires and fueled dreams of overnight fortunes built on bitcoin's seemingly unstoppable rise. Google searches for bitcoin now outpace searches for the Kardashians. A frenzy like bitcoin is inevitably followed by scammers and bullshit artists who prey on misunderstanding, confusion, and dreams of sudden riches.

Altucher, whether he really deserves it or not, is now one of the faces of that growing online industry, looking to make money off people's bitcoin fever.

Pierre Rochard, a software engineer and cofounder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institutesaid that he's noticed the rise of these kinds of "gurus," who generally just collect make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency package information.

There's no shortage of people willing to pontificate on the future of cryptocurrencies, but no one knows what will become of the volatile coin just as no one can predict any market — let alone one as new and volatile as bitcoin. Anyone who claims otherwise is a scammer. It doesn't help that Altucher's growing notoriety make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency coincided with the recent correction in which bitcoin shed thousands of dollars in value.

Altucher is far from alone. Tai Lopezanother self-help "guru," has embraced bitcoin and started making money off investment advice — something that hasn't benefitted people who invested after the cryptocurrency peaked. Teeka Tiwari, like Altucher, charges big bucks for a newsletter that recommends buying certain cryptocurrencies.

I hope nobody really sent them any money. It all seemed geared toward the Florida Retiree Crowd, if you know what I mean," wrote a particularly unsatisfied customer who had been attracted by Tiwari's offer of giving away a billion dollars worth of bitcoin.

This fucking bitcoin genius is every fucking where! Are people really paying this guy for his shitty reports and products? Agrawal recommended that people do their own research and learn about cryptocurrencies — and resist getting seduced into viewing any investments as a way to get rich. And, in general, it's always good make money guru bitcoincryptocurrency be skeptical of anything promising a guaranteed return like Altucher's plea: We're using cookies to improve your experience.

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