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This is the Lealana physical litecoin. Litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk is one troy ounce of pure. In the back side you see the intact holographic sticker with part of the litecoin address showing through. Yes this coin is fully loaded. I have two of these puppies. They are no longer for sale other than on Ebay perhaps and quite the collectors items.

Logo made by animate! For more information, click here! Congrats on your Litecoins neoxian. Also your animated logo just got amazing. Let me know about your delegation service plz. I collect silver coins and I have litecoin. Why wouldn'tit be an awesome addition to a collection. Litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk did you buy it Sire? I litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk your posts Sire. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem this post Sire. O That's amazing friend! I never seen this before.

Just imagine how much is this coin worth now ; Thank you very much for sharing such great post with us! I wrote a post seeing what the interest was for a 1oz. Hey Sevin -- was it months ago, the Steemit silver coins were added on a post since now they have arrived and people are posting about it???

Yeah it was about a month and a half ago that the coin idea was thrown out on Steemit! I believe there are a few extras floating around! I am not sure if the price will stay the same on here or if there will be a premium! There are a few users who are selling them on here that I have seen! I am not sure who else has some for sale! I would consider parting with some of them to get them into more Steemians hands!

If you are willing to do that for me, and send me 1 or 2, but no more to help spread them, to more people I would be really happy. I can send you SBD directly. Cool, I'm down for litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk Steemit coins.

Yea maybe we can make some that have Steem or Litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk in them too. It seems like you have thought about this already!

What would be the best way to create those accounts since the normal way, we need to enter a cellphone number right and going through anon is like 15 steem so would need to factor this into the price. They could be delegated accounts with almost no SP by default. You load them up and pull the delegation. Ahhh I knew it was possible! May need to get with a developer who has done this! Do you litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk any suggestions?

I'm interested in printing my own custom design on. I've got some great designs and domain names to sell these. Where did you get them made?

They'd be great starter investment gifts for the holidays. Been doing research all day on how to pull this off. People are getting past that by not pre-loading the coin with crypto, but that's the real value, not the silver bullion.

This is so cool! Your silver collection is so beautiful I just want to have it neoxian haha. This post recieved a vote from minnowpond. For more information click https: If you do decide to sell a physical LTC please litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk me to the top of your list. I shared this litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk the twitter that nite actually. Have a good week man. I know the Steem silver is in now too and I missed out on this also sigh.

You might try Ebay but good luck, beware of fakes, and even if you find one, it's probably been opened. You're a fucking crybaby. Shut the fuck up already. You post fucking trash and beg for "donations". He's never told me anything concrete the last year, when he decided he did not like me -- he always just says the same 2 things he calls me names and says my content sucks and always aggresses against me with highly subjective prejudice He never provides me any ideas to help my content, just always the same 2 things and swear words, namecalling etc like I said.

I have always said, this stuff damages the platform as we know and major investors like you Hey my fellow Steemians, today I have a couple coins to show off. Two ounces of pure silver and 50 litecoins displayed of my stack. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. Lealana really has a lot of nice coins. One day I will buy some: Wasn't able to snag one of these or the bitcoin version. There are on Aliexpress. Wow man we have digital currency of litecoin and you have real litecoin it's Amazing man: I have steem ready for rent. Ooh those look pretty cool. And they are sure to be worth more while time passes: I like to collect such coins. Dude, that is a bad ass coin.

Well looks like you are the only one who have them very luck mate!! Nice coin, I want to have one. I must have too this coins: Wow, that is great! Physical litecoins i liked that!! Wow, there is only litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk word. Litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk a continuance of your beautiful collection in all regards.

Beautiful and I love LTC on top, so this hits home for me. Can I get one from you somehow or??????? I also know I can trust you. We can be our own banks. I would definitely be down litecoin is fcking sickkkkkkk this! How could we do this?!? Design a coin with a round space, room for a holographic sticker. The public address of the coin steemitcoin Or is there another way to do it? I might be able to do this myself; I can experiment over the weekend. Chat me in discord or steemit chat. Oh yea this is sick, I totally want one.

I didn't make them, I purchased them a while back. Oo these coins are both silver and contain litecoins on it? How does that work: Litecoin to the moon after your post: Cool Latin saying on there!

Excellent very interesting litecoin. That is so cool.

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Bitcoin april 11th 2017

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Hold the line hold the line HODL the line!!!!!!!!!!! I love how you all think that you know what's going on. Everything you've learned about cryptos is out the window. The market is getting absolutely flooded with normies. I'm trying to get as many people around me into the coins I have a stake in. Next week I'm cashing out. A huge crash is coming in.

Buy now, sell next week, make a fuckload of money. CME launches futures on Monday. Why the fuck are you trading in cryptos if you're that ignorant and retarded? Good meme you dense motherfucker institutional money goes to futures market that settles in cash if anything more people will pull out of actual btc and move there, because there are like real regulated exchanges with real banks and real usd behind it.

I bought at 50 and sold half at and half at KMS or pump dogecoin? Tfw invested when it was booming at , had the upwards trend to go to , easily, Coinbase shuts it down and it only started going down from there. Want to kill myself right now.

Coinbase shuts it down This is what killed the moon mission. Shitload articles are out now because of it and normies are definitely scared to invest in it. God knows how many btc whales are in ltc now. This website may contain content of an adult nature.

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All urls found in this thread: Thanks just bought K. Aren't you suppose to buy the dip. Do you even cryto? Hey, be nice to the little guy, he's only trying. I'll short BTC and write a sequel for "the big short". It is so predictable. East coast normies should be getting up soon.

Hopefully that kicks things off again. I did the exact same thing, was fucking pissed. LTC is going to hit soon. Disable AdBlock to view this page. Confirm your age This website may contain content of an adult nature. About Privacy We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic.

Today is the greatest day of my life. Anyone else feel like they're learning a shitload about markets from all this? Did anyone else lift because of him. When will the most coin miners stop mining, because it isn't anymore profitable?