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Year of fee liquide gluant transparent selles US USB2 en Method of separating aqueous solution of phenol-formaldehyde resin from polymerization system. Composition comprising phenolic resin and cellulosic material coated with petroleum hydrocarbon and process for preparing board therefrom. Bactericidal and fungicidal compositions containing nitrogenous condensation products. Liquide gluant transparent selles foam produced from hydroxyalkylated substantially petroleum hydrocarbon-insoluble pine wood liquide gluant transparent selles.

Alkylolated polyurethane resins derived from hydroxy ethyl carbamate and their use. Process for preparing a wood chip pile for digestion liquide gluant transparent selles coating the pile with a gas impermeable layer and products thereof. Compositions liquide gluant transparent selles polyurethane resin treating agents derived from mannich base condensates.

Process of treating leather with alkoxylated mannich compositions,and optionally tanning agents,and products thereof. Method of bonding wood and other materials with rapid-curing liquide gluant transparent selles using a primer composition.

Stop-leak and anti-sludge composition and method of use in steam boilers and hot water heating systems. Electrical resistant fluid-permeable heat generating member and method of producing the same. Method of producing an electrical resistant fluid-permeable heat generating member. Method of manufacturing stabilized fluffy batts of fibers and resulting product liquide gluant transparent selles. Method of making glued, laminated assemblies in prepressed and final pressed stages.

Process for the preparation of thermoplastic sheets or webs and products obtained thereby. Method of sealing interior mine surface with a fire retardant hydrophilic polyurethane foam and resulting product. Flameproof and fireproof products containing monoethanolamine, diethylamine or morpholine. Protective packaging for thermolabile goods using compounds with melting points slightly below thermosensitive temperature of the goods. Compositions of polymers based on acrylic acid, solvents, surfactants and, if appropriate, silicone oils, their preparation and their use as anti-foams and deaerating agents.

Method for restoring an underwater piling and an underwater jacket used therewith. Surfactant-containing filled and plasticized thermoplastic compositions based on ethylene interpolymers. Fireproof coating for wood of thermoplastic resin, alumina trihydrate and glass fibers.

Aqueous hydroxyl-acrylic latex and water dispersible multi-isocyanate adhesive composition. Compositions et methodes pour reduire la permeabilite des strates souterraines. Refractory agent and fire retardant agent for building interior material and its production.

Foerfarande foer framstaellning av ett isocyanuratmodifierat polyuretanskum och medelst foerfarandet framstaellt polyuretanskum. Verwendung von waessrigen kationischen kunststoffdispersionen zum impraegnieren und grundieren von saugfaehigen substraten. Method of manufacturing a motor-vehicle steering wheel by the moulding of plastics material so that it looks like a wooden steering wheel, and a steering wheel produced by the method.

Method of manufacturing fire-resistant resin foam and wood particle boards or shaped bodies. Process for bonding blends of cellulosic pulp and fusible synthetic pulp or fiber by high-speed dielectric heating and products produced thereby.

Laminates of polymers having perfluorocyclobutane rings and polymers containing perfluorocyclobutane rings.

Microwave impregnation of porous materials with thermal energy storage materials. Svaellande, eldbestaendig belaeggning, eldbestaendigt material och foerfarande foer framstaellning av liquide gluant transparent selles material. Polyester convenant particulierement pour les compositions de revetements pulverises avec des fluides comprimes utilises comme diluants reducteurs de viscosite. Substitut du bois base sur des materiaux cellulosiques ligneux et inorganiques, son procede d'obtention et son utilisation.

Fibrous mat with cellulose fibers having a specified Canadian Standard Freeness. Cleaning process using liquide gluant transparent selles energy and centrifugation in combination with dense fluids. Inorganically filled, starch-bound compositions for manufacturing containers and other articles having a thermodynamically controlled cellular matrix.

Methods for the manufacture of sheets having a highly inorganically filled organic polymer matrix. Methods for manufacturing articles from sheets having a highly inorganically filled organic polymer matrix. Articles of manufacture and methods for manufacturing laminate structures including inorganically filled sheets. Hindered-hydroxyl liquide gluant transparent selles meth acrylate-containing copolymers particularly suitable for use in coating compositions which are sprayed with compressed fluids as viscosity reducing diluents.

Non tisse elastique obtenu par fusion-soufflage et ayant des proprietes isolantes. Hindered-hydroxyl functional meth acrylate monomers containing di meth acrylates and compositions including same.

Environmentally friendly compositions having anti-icing, deicing or graffiti prevention properties. Verfahren zur Herstellung von besonders vorteilhaften flammwidrigen, halogenfreien Polyurethan-Polyharnstoffen. Foamable composition for creating a barrier to prevent attack of humidity, fungi and insects.

Method of creating a barrier to wood materials and wooden structures from attack by humidity, fungi and insects. Composition polymere capable de former une surface pouvant glisser sur l'eau.

Enhancing the strength, moisture resistance, and fire-resistance of wood, timber, lumber, similar plant-derived construction and building materials, and other cellulosic materials. Stable low foam waterborne polymer compositions containing poly alkyleneimines. Methods and apparatus for bonding deformable materials having low deformation temperatures. Cyclic urea-formaldehyde prepolymer for use in phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resin-based binders.

Bituminous polyurethane interpenetrating elastomeric network compositions as coatings and sealants for roofing and other applications. Copolyestercarbonates sequences resistant aux intemperies et melanges les renfermant. Copolyestercarbonates blocs resistants aux intemperies, procede pour leur preparation et melanges les contenant. Compression molded cellulose CMC loudspeaker cabinets and method for making same.

Composition de traitement antipelliculaire des cheveux liquide gluant transparent selles du cuir chevelu, a base d'un agent antipelliculaire et d'un terpolymere acrylique. Method and apparatus for accelerating the manufacture of molded particleboard parts. Verfahren zur Herstellung von Holz-Kunststoffkombinationen mit inhomogener Kunststoffverteilung.

Flame inhibiting and retarding chemical process and system for general use on multiple solid surfaces. Espumas en pelicula integrales que emplean agentes de expansion de pentafluorobutano. Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same.

Processus permettant de modifier la surface liquide gluant transparent selles substrat contenant un materiau polymere par vaporisation d'un agent modificateur de surface. Method and system for applying a coating to recessed and poorly accessible wood surfaces. Manufacturing method for structural members from foamed plastic composites containing wood flour. Composite en plastique-bois cellulaire de faible densite et procede de formation. Hydrophobically modified solution polymers and their use in surface protecting formulations.

Open-chain alkoxyamines and their corresponding nitroxides for controlled low temperature radical polymerization. Compositions adhesives pour assembler liquide gluant transparent selles materiaux lignocellulosiques, procedes et appareil d'assemblage et articles assembles. Method for shaping wood-like plate by adhering foaming material and device for forming the same. Integrated system for controlling water intrusion and air movement through exterior wall construction.

Fluid storage material liquide gluant transparent selles particles secured with liquide gluant transparent selles crosslinkable binder composition and method of making same.

Systeme de liquide gluant transparent selles a deux elements pour la production de mousses structurelles et leur utilisation. Methods of making responsive film with corrugated microlayers having improved properties.

Universal modular building block and a method and structures based on the use of the aforementioned block. Fractions d'acide carboxylique renfermant un alkyle inferieur utilisees comme stabilisateurs et conservateurs organoleptiques pour aliments et boissons et permettant d'empecher la corrosion par oxydation des metaux.

Treatments and kits for creating transparent renewable surface protective coatings. Procede de production de gaz hydrogene et d'electricite a partir du carbone.

Multilayer articles comprising polycarbonate and polypropylene and method for their preparation. Method of manufacturing simulated stone, brick, and masonry panels and wall structures. Procede de traitement de bois par polymeration in situ sous rayonnement electromagnetique. Pesticide formulations with substituted biopolymers and organic polymers for improving residual activity, droplet size, adherence and liquide gluant transparent selles on leaves and reduction in soil leaching.

Foaming clean and polish emulsions comprising bisquaternary organomodified silicone. Formulations and methods for rendering materials flame retardant liquide gluant transparent selles resistant to molds and insects. Low-quality particulates and methods of making and using improved low-quality particulates.

Element de support rigide pour patient engendrant de faibles degats cutanes, lors de son utilisation dans un environnement de radiotherapie. Liquide gluant transparent selles of forming concrete and an apparatus for transferring loads between concrete slabs. Multi-purpose wide protective spectrum wood preservative system and method of use.

Optical article having a multi-component structure as an anti-theft feature and a system and method for inhibiting theft of same. Solid polymeric substrate having adherent resin component derived from curable silylated polyurethane composition.

Composition capable of radiation activated catalysis and radiation curable urethane containing the composition. Thermo-mechanical densification combined with thermal modification of Norway spruce Picea abies Karst in industrial scale—Dimensional stability and durability aspects. Method for treating wood with a metal-containing treating agent and wood treated thereby. The effects of a two stage heat treatment process on the properties of particleboard. Curable compositions for bulking timber comprising a a modified polyol containing alkyleneamido groups and b an amino resin precursor containing reactive N-hydroxymethyl groups.

Improvements in stability, durability and mechanical properties of radiata pine wood after liquide gluant transparent selles in a vegetable oil.

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