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There was an omission in the article regarding Ancient Egyptian uses of Electrum. The Ancient Egyptians also linzalone electrum wallet Electrum to make the Pharaoh's war helmets. Also, Electrum was highly prized in Egypt because linzalone electrum wallet was scarce, however it never became more popular than Gold, which was the holy metal. Sitchin wrote it as a "what if" book, where he took his theories and wrote them out as a linzalone electrum wallet novel.

This isn't even a debate, he specifically wrote it as fiction. It's not a Sumerian text. Soldiers might have lived on less food back then but I doubt that they survived on linzalone electrum wallet few crumbs a month, nor that those few crumbs cost a half-ounce of precious metal. I'm guessing that the actual fact linzalone electrum wallet something completely different, linzalone electrum wallet as: But I don't know what the fact is, so I'm just linzalone electrum wallet to delete the entire comparison to wheat for now, because as it stands it's utter bosh.

Could whoever put it there to begin linzalone electrum wallet, or someone else, look up the actual fact and put it in, preferably with a citation? However, our own page on Alyattes states:. With all the mirroring of Wikipedia, it's somewhat difficult to find a reliable source online, however keeping that in mind: I've noticed that the entire "History" section deals only with Electrum as it was used in coinage.

It might be an idea to split the article into "Electrum" and "Electrum Coinage", maybe add linzalone electrum wallet note at the top that this article deals only with naturally occuring Electrum. In Hobart at the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus excavated a find of 93 electrum coins known as the Artemission find. Invention of coinage is traditionally dated linzalone electrum wallet BC, and attributed by Herodotus to the Lydians. Modern archaeologists prefer BC but this is thought unlikely by numismatic electrum specialists.

Coinage likely is invented in Lydia and Ionia around BC. Electrum was regarded a seperate metal to gold and silver. The coins were accepted by denominational value rather than bullion content, their worth guaranteed by royal authority. Dr Konuk notes early Samian coins of the same dies but with widely different linzalone electrum wallet content. These coinages end with the monetary reforms of Alexander the Great and his empire.

Joe Linzalone, Wolfshead Galery. Lydian coinage begins under Gyges, BC, founder of the Mermnadae dynasty. The Electrum coins circulated as true coinage with value guaranteed on royal authority without reference to bullion content, which varies in natural electrum.

Alyattes Walwetes in Lydian issued the famous Lion electrum coinage, known then as Walwi, meaning Lion and referring to the type as well as the king's name. This was likely issued to pay the Lydian mercenary army for his wars of conquest. On rare issues of this coinage his linzalone electrum wallet "Walwet" is engraved before the Lion's face.

These early coins c. The above information about the dating of Lydian electrum coinage, that it was initiated under Gyges c. Specifically, this dating was popularized by Barclay Head, author of among other notable books Historia Numorum, published in its final edition in It is correct that modern archeologists prefer the c. Numismatists also prefer this dating because the numismatic evidence argues for it as well.

The name "Alyattes II" is in all likelihood incorrect. These references rely heavily on ancient epigraphs, which are lists of kings on clay linzalone electrum wallet and other media. Epigraphic lists, however, are known by historians today to be generally unreliable as historical documents. For one thing, they sometimes combine kings from different regions. Stecchini contended, for instance, linzalone electrum wallet Gyges linzalone electrum wallet the first Lydian king and those before him, including the earlier Alyattes, were kings of nearby Maionia, a Phrygia dependency.

What's more, epigraphic lists are often legendary rather than annalistic, including as they do, for instance, the mythic hero Herakles as a city's founder, so another possibility is that "Alyattes I" was a legendary rather than a historical figure.

The ancient historians Herodotos and Strabo both refer linzalone electrum wallet Kroisos' father as Alyattes and make no mention of an earlier King Alyattes of Lydia in their writings on Lydia.

The same is true of modern historians, archeologists, and numismatists who have focused on Lydia, including George M. Wallace, Koray Konuk, and Andrew Ramage.

Likewise, other newer sources such as recent editions of Oxford Classical Dictionary and Encyclopaedia Britannica don't use "Alyattes II" and make no mention of an earlier Lydian king named Alyattes.

So which number must we trust? Coins of Gibraltar are the same size, value, and composition as British coins. The two pound coin is a bimetal coin with a silver centre. The coin is not an alloy of silver and gold, and so is not electrum. I do not have a publish date as it was an OCR copy, but the references are well cited. I thought the reference to the Egyptian obelisks and their composition may be worth inclusion into the article.

I leave that to more expert hands and thank you. History of Egypt, P. This section is to discuss whether Electrum and Corinthian bronze should linzalone electrum wallet merged-- Robert Treat talk Hmm, well, the article on Corinthian bronze states "No samples are known to have survived antiquity". Linzalone electrum wallet my uneducated guess would be that this article is needed to linzalone electrum wallet the known alloy of gold and silver, and that article is needed to describe the literary alloy of allegedly bronze.

I'm sure they can cross-reference each other. OK, on further review it appears that the distinction is that Electrum is specifically described here and linzalone electrum wallet that page as "naturally occurring", whereas Corinthian brass is attributed by ancient popular tradition specifically to Corinth, although examples cited suggest that its use became more of a genericised term like Kleenexfor high-quality bronze, which may have been either Electrum or copper alloy depending on the source.

So it appears there is an important difference. Please someone shed some light on this. According to wiktionary, it comes from the greek linzalone electrum wallet amber, electrum from elektor rising sun.

Could somebody please, please explain the manufacture of the curved coin shown in photo captioned "Electrum coin of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus"? Even my expert local coin stores were unable to explain why they are curved, and not flat.

Also, if someone linzalone electrum wallet interested, I can post photos of my coin, which appears to be double-struck only on the convex side. I'll watch this talk page, but please drop me a line on mine, too, if you have info. Leptus Froggi talk Hi, I'm geologist and I consider that this information is a very misconception. I think this work is a more confiable source: The use of copper in Java, chiefly in the formation with tin and zinc of alloys, is attested to have been of considerable antiquity by the discovery in old ruins of many statues and utensils of bronze, and even of copper itself.

A Hindu cup, with the signs of the zodiac, in the collection of Linzalone electrum wallet Stamford Raffles, bears the date, according to the era of Linzalone electrum wallet,and two in my own possession, those of and The oldest of these carries us back to the year of Christ. A manual of the Malay language. With an introductory sketch of the Sanskrit element in Malay. We note there is a bigger Electrum subject on the horizon, that perhaps deserves its own page From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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