Jed McCaleb Reveals Stellar, Previously Secret Bitcoin Project

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At the beginning, it was simple mining — the action of generating the jed mccaleb bitcoin mineral block. For that, you only used the computational potential for solving certain mathematic jed mccaleb bitcoin mineral. And the miner received compensation in crypto-currency — Bitcoin. However, with time the complexity of problems jed mccaleb bitcoin mineral been increasing, which leads to greater efforts spent for Bitcoin mining.

At the beginning, a PC was enough for this purpose, but now more serious power is needed. These days, mining is conducted on the ultramodern game video cards or even on specialized devices for Bitcoin mining. Just imagine, the capacity of one video card RadeonHD has been 1.

Users share the capacity of their own computers with each other, and every member receives the reward according to his contribution to the common goal. The next step was the creation of the so called Bitcoin-farms, the biggest one is located in Hong-Kong. In the time of launching it jed mccaleb bitcoin mineral mining 26 Bitcoins per day. As a result, the reward for every new block is gradually decreasing.

But is it possible to get crypto-currency and Bitcoin in particular in some other way? So how does it happen? Home btc Jed mccaleb bitcoin mining. Jed mccaleb bitcoin mining. You might also like. Landmark pc bitcoin mining. Hyip bitcoin script mining. Gpu bitcoin mining cluster.

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Jed McCaleb is an American programmer and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and the CTO of Stellar. Gox and the peer-to-peer eDonkey and Overnet networks as well as the eDonkey application. In , he purchased the domain Mtgox. After moving on from his original idea, McCaleb repurposed the site in late as a bitcoin exchange that could process bitcoin-to-dollar trades. The website grew in popularity within months. In , McCaleb began developing a digital currency in which transactions were verified by consensus among network members which became known as the Ripple protocol , which differs from the mining technique used in bitcoin.

He continued development of the Ripple protocol and XRP currency while securing investments [16] before McCaleb left his active role with the company in July In , he co-founded the non-profit organization the Stellar Development Foundation with Joyce Kim [18] to develop the Stellar open source protocol to allow cross-border monetary transactions including fiat and digital currencies.

In May , McCaleb also launched Lightyear. Lightyear facilitates Stellar becoming a global payment and currency exchange initially directed at the developing world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is incomplete. Please help to improve it, or discuss the issue on the talk page.

Retrieved May 5, The New York Times. Tom's Hardware in French. Retrieved 19 March Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 5 May , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. San Francisco , United States. Creation of eDonkey , Mt. Gox , Ripple , Stellar. Chief technology officer at Stellar.