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Colorful and plump kittens. Imponderable things bitcoin stocks of them is different from all the others, a peculiarity that the algorithms that create them are responsible for. This article is inspired by: Click imponderable things bitcoin stocks to read.

In purity, who paid that amount did it simply because he likes to collect virtual kittens, like who collects football cards, but what makes these cats so special? That you can not buy with 'boring' currencies like the dollar or the euro. To acquire them, you need a virtual currency called ethereum, abbreviated, ether. That is, they can only be purchased with cryptocurrencies. The best known is bitcoin, but there are others, such as litecoin, iota or ethereum, which has become the second most important cryptocurrency largely due to the high demand for virtual kittens.

A new market in itself. Cryptocurrencies are so called because they are based on encryption technologies and are totally virtual. The price of this digital currency has risen during the last weeks at a vertigo speed.

For a long time, cryptocurrencies had been considered, at best, as a thing of young nerds, of technology fans. Or thing of gangsters, of criminals who try to carry out their economic transactions in the most discreet way possible, outside the knowledge of the authorities.

But this somewhat murky image imponderable things bitcoin stocks did justice to bitcoin. The basic idea with which bitcoin was created, described in nine different websites in imponderable things bitcoin stocks the anonymous inventors or inventors gathered under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, is an interesting idea, the combination of an innovative technological concept and a new philosophy of money.

In January the creators generated the first block, known as the Genesis block, of the new currency and with it the first 50 bitcoins were born. In that first block they introduced in the same way that a significant object is sometimes placed on the foundations of a building before it is built a headline in The Times of January 3, which reported on the Imponderable things bitcoin stocks bank rescue plan after the financial crisis.

With the election of that holder, the message was clear: Nakamoto and company launched their counterproject in the midst of the biggest crisis of confidence in the current financial system. In the case of bitcoin, this 'trust problem' was solved by technology, they stated in the founding document: Bitcoin, it was assured, is faster, more efficient and safer. However, the financial establishment underestimated the new concept for a long time, making fun of it.

Confidence in what, in the handling of libertarian crypto-profiteers? Despite the unquestionable imponderables surrounding the new currency, imponderable things bitcoin stocks initial contempt has faded away. From that idea emerged after the global financial crisis, has emerged a parallel financial market that must be taken seriously and that has long gone beyond bitcoin. Large investors, such as the American twins Winklevoss, managers themselves of a Bitcoin Exchange and who have just been awarded the category of 'crypto-billionaires', assure that the price could continue to rise, multiplying its value by 10 or by It is true that most of these forecasts usually come from people who, like the famous sibling couple who was already at the origin of Facebook, benefit directly from the price increases.

And it is also true that the alarm voices are also becoming louder. Some even consider whether it should not be banned because of its mere nature: But it is a fact that governments around the world, on the one hand, seem baffled about how to act with this new money and the financial markets, on the other hand, have decided to react on their own. Two North American Stock Exchanges have recently begun to allow investors to enter into futures contracts on the bitcoin exchange rate and thus bet on their quotation.

The German Stock Exchange is also testing the futures offer on cryptocurrencies. So central banks are also obliged to consider what to do with this competition that has left them. Some are already taking action. Last spring, the Japanese financial supervisor authorized bitcoin as a means of payment. The US Federal Reserve, for its part, has already carried out some 'laboratory' experiments with a fedcoin, and in Sweden the Banco Real is considering the issuance of a state e-crown.

It is expected that the Bank of International Settlements, known as the 'bank of central banks', will publish in the first semester of a document with measures of action with respect to cryptocurrencies. Thus, it is evident that a power struggle is brewing between the current state monopoly on the issue of money and the control of monetary policy, on the one hand, and the new and anarchic world of virtual currencies on the other.

Despite its spectacular growth, the latter remains comparatively dwarf; the whole of its market value is below one billion dollars. Even the Apple company alone has a stock market value higher than that amount. However, everything points to the fact that the cryptocurrency phenomenon will no longer disappear, even if bitcoin sinks.

Because this option is not disposable. Even those who negotiate with bitcoin are prudent. And he adds, "by itself, a bitcoin has no value, of course. Although, on the other hand, where does the value of gold come from, or of that painting by Imponderable things bitcoin stocks da Vinci for imponderable things bitcoin stocks a collector has just paid million imponderable things bitcoin stocks The same goes for all coins of legal tender.

Since the untying of the gold standard, a paper currency like the euro bases its value above all on the guarantee of the State and on the confidence that tomorrow we will be able to use the tickets to make the purchase. Basically, what fuels bitcoin fever is a imponderable things bitcoin stocks of greed and distrust in the dominant system, and in Asia much more than in Europe. The imponderable things bitcoin stocks Chinese rich discovered digital money especially soon and they like to use it as a vehicle to secure their savings against the state.

Many Chinese are turning to bitcoins to get their money out of the country. Therefore, in September, the Beijing government ordered the closure of the local bitcoin exchange. In Japan, on the other hand, there are already 10, shops that accept payment with bitcoins, from sushi bars to electric companies. However, at this time few people are willing to part with their bitcoins just like that, since tomorrow could be worth much more than today. In addition, transactions with bitcoins have become more expensive and, given that the algorithm of bitcoins requires that each transaction be confirmed by a chain of successive steps, payment processes take time.

All this reinforces the tendency not to use bitcoin as a means of payment, but as an object of speculation and deposit. In Japan, classic banks have also recognized the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Unlike imponderable things bitcoin stocks happens with bitcoins, customers can not count on their value to rise over time, since the MUFG is changed in a one-to-one relationship with the Japanese yen.

However, the use of cryptocurrency makes on-line transfers more convenient and cheaper. In Japan, virtually no one questions cryptocurrencies. And it is quite surprising, since the country lived a little imponderable things bitcoin stocks than three years ago a huge scandal led by the bitcoins: Gox, the until then largest Bitcoin Exchange in the world, based in Tokyo. Hundreds of thousands of bitcoins deposited in Mt. Gox were volatilized and that bankruptcy illustrates one of the weaknesses of the system.

But even the crises are far from stopping the phenomenon. There are still a multitude of possibilities open. Companies like Amazon could soon put their own virtual currencies into circulationbelieves economist Thomas Mayer, "offering their customers accounts from which they could make their purchases in the global market.

Amazon and other Internet imponderable things bitcoin stocks would already be working on these types of plans. Mayer assumes that in the coming years there will be different virtual currencies competing with each other: Therefore, the actors that until now controlled the money would do well to prepare for a tough competition. What 'bitcoin' really hides? A new market in itself The cute kitten: Cryptokitties cats can only be purchased with virtual currency Cryptocurrencies are so called because they are based on encryption technologies and are totally virtual.

Much more than a 'freak' thing For a long time, cryptocurrencies had been considered, at best, as a thing of young nerds, of technology fans. The 'bitcoin' was created in the middle of the crisis with an express message. Two North American stock exchanges already allow to contract future contracts with the 'bitcoin' and the German also practices with virtual currency And it is also true that imponderable things bitcoin stocks alarm voices are also becoming louder.

The unstoppable 'cryptoboom' Asian Basically, what fuels bitcoin fever is a mixture of imponderable things bitcoin stocks and distrust in the dominant system, and in Asia much more than imponderable things bitcoin stocks Europe. Companies like Amazon would already be working in their own currencies.

With them they could do without banks and retain their customers In Japan, classic banks have also recognized the potential of cryptocurrencies. What if companies offer interests in 'bitcoins'? Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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