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Boutique gaming desktops are nothing new around here; while enthusiasts may readily dismiss them, it's easy to ibuypower liquid they do serve a purpose and a market beyond the do-it-yourself crowd.

There are certain things even a lot of enthusiasts, myself included, aren't able to do that boutiques can; specifically, assembling custom liquid cooling loops. The last one of these we saw was Puget Systems' Delugea behemoth of a machine that retailed for more than seven grand. The Erebus GT uses an entirely custom enclosure, has a laser-etched panel window with white LED lighting, and most importantly includes a custom liquid loop attached to a massive top-mounted radiator that cools ibuypower liquid CPU and GPU.

At first glance it ibuypower liquid looks that way. When you check out the specs below you'll undoubtedly see ibuypower liquid system that could be built and air-cooled at two-thirds of the price from the same vendor, but the hardware used for the liquid cooling loop can be pricey on its own. This is undoubtedly going to be a source of some contention; Sandy Bridge-E is a fantastic workstation ibuypower liquid at least the hex-core variants are but is generally excessive for gaming systems, substantially raising ibuypower liquid the cost to purchase and the cost to run it by way of your power bill ibuypower liquid benefits within gaming that are negligible at best.

Despite the liquid ibuypower liquid loop that includes the HDthough, iBUYPOWER opts not to overclock the card, leaving its shader cores clocked at the stock MHz despite reports that the card is very overclockable. It's a mild disappointment, but we have yet to see ibuypower liquid system come in from a boutique with the graphics card overclocked e. Thankfully they didn't skimp on quality kit for the rest of the build, either. Arguably the only place you could say they cut a corner was by opting for an A-Data SSD instead of one from Intel or another vendor, but SSD reliability is still a relative unknown, and the A-Data part is still a second-generation Ibuypower liquid drive with a decent amount of storage.

If we breaking down the pricing compared to rolling your own at Newegg, let's start with the basics. That's where assaying the price of the build becomes a bit more difficult. If you want to go higher-end on the liquid cooling parts, you could spend two or three times as much depending on what you purchase. Also, let me put in a quick disclaimer that the above ibuypower liquid were selected based purely on availability and roughly similar ibuypower liquid to ibuypower liquid cooling setup used in the Erebus GT.

I make no promises on the quality of any of those parts; they're there simply to illustrate roughly how much you might pay should you want to take the plunge into a liquid cooled PC.

Let's hold off on any further analysis until we've actually put the Erebus GT through our benchmark suite. How does this unit compare to other high-end gaming systems from the past year or so? Worthy of Enthusiast Attention. Introducing the iBUYPOWER Erebus GT Boutique ibuypower liquid desktops are nothing new around here; while enthusiasts may readily dismiss ibuypower liquid, it's easy to forget they do serve a purpose and a market beyond the do-it-yourself crowd.

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