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Private Law Teenagers who survived a high school shooting in Florida have sparked a national movement and changed the debate on gun law in America. The European Insolvency Regulation has a separate chapter on data protection of insolvency registers and data transferred when selling an insolvent company.

How will it influence the EIR? Dutch Telecommunications Act amended to ensure the protection of public interests in the case of a takeover.

How can the British financial sector keep its access to Europe after Brexit? In this blog we will look at the options from a UK perspective.

What is Bitcoin and how to find its owner? These questions were raised by the Russian court in March i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin the context of insolvency proceedings. In short, the court concluded that it had no idea what Bitcoin was and could not ascertain its ownership. This story is the subject of a motion picture which was released in Dutch cinemas on 8 March District Court Northern District of California has issued an important decision on labour relationships.

In a bid to achieve that goal, the Draft Liability for Non-conformity of Goods Act is introduced accordingly. In an amicus curiae brief to the U. How do judges estimate the odds of some unique i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin happening, such as the genocide in Srebrenica, as a result of the actions or inactions of bystanders? The ruling by a Dutch appellate court raises interesting questions about this matter.

To preserve the validity of an original contract where there is a null clause violating competition law, contracting parties need to make clear that such a clause is separable and the other clauses remain valid. International commercial courts are on the rise to serve the needs and realities of international commerce.

Taking a recent study, some features of the Singapore International Commercial Court are compared to plans to set up a Netherlands Commercial Court.

One of the important conclusions focuses on the use of coercion in the youth care system and the legal i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin of the clients and professionals involved.

The broad, innovative and international nature of financial law can make it a treasure trove for private international lawyers — and vice versa. Draft legislation in the USA will limit the choice of courts where insolvency cases can be handled. The draft bill will effectively limit access to the popular bankruptcy courts in New York and Delaware. It will not be adopted without a political struggle. Now, the manuscript that is held in Leiden has been made available in digital form.

This blog explains how child trafficking in aviation may work in practice and why it desperately needs to be reframed as a human rights issue, in order for the relevant state agents and private actors to intensify their efforts to combat it.

Since the global financial crisis, insolvency and restructuring law have been at the forefront of law reform initiatives in Europe and elsewhere. The Belfast Agreement of that ended the Troubles in Northern Ireland influences the Brexit negotiations to a large extent. On 27 Octoberthe National Court of Papua New Guinea discussed the legal personality of clans and incorporated land groups.

The Union legislature has developed a preference for using regulations rather than directives. What impact does this development have on the Dutch Civil Code? The European Court of Justice recently confirmed in its Polbud judgment the extent to which regulatory competition may prevail in the field of corporate law.

The B-Corp as a legal entity provides social entrepreneurs with both recognition and encouragement. It inspires new and exciting entrepreneurs. Could Dutch corporate law innovate and take it one step further? On 16 Octoberthe High Court of Namibia annulled a decision by the Swapo Party to recall from office a member of a town council. Now 20 years old, is it time for a revamp? In a recent study, Dutch entrepreneurs who went through debt rescheduling after personal bankruptcy share their experiences to provide an understanding of the private, personal and social implications of bankruptcy.

Animal welfare seems to remain outside the focus of business enterprises that rely on animal products. It is time these companies include contributing towards animal welfare in their CSR plan. Should a political party that has expelled members reinstate these members in party functions following a court decision that annulled the expulsions? The Conference of European Restructuring and Insolvency Law CERIL acts as an independent non-profit think tank committed to the improvement of legal and practice frameworks at national and European levels.

The Thun Group of Banks published an important discussion paper on the scope of due dili-gence in the field of human rights that is required of banks that extend services to corporate clients.

On 31 Julythe High Court of Ireland upheld an earlier judgement that allowed the Irish Minister for Finance to intervene in the affairs of a bank in distress.

On 14 Augustthe High Court of Singapore decided on the issue of whether the membership of the Singapore Island Country Club was subject to seizure and sale, in order to satisfy a court judgment to pay damages.

In a recent report of the European Law Institute ELI over recommendation are made on a variety of themes affected by the rescue of financially distressed, but viable businesses. These include security rights and contract, corporate and labour law. Several plaintiffs brought a claim against Uber Kenya Ltd concerning online contracts concluded with Uber BV which is established in the Netherlands.

These non-binding principles and guidelines contribute to the architecture of international insolvency. However, taking a closer look at the jurisdictions of the United States, England, Germany and Austria, plenty of variations with different restrictions, meanings and effects can be identified.

Children have a right to water. No household should be cut off i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin water if children are involved. Both the government and the water companies should adjust their policies accordingly. Courts deliver judgments in child-friendly language.

This fits in the concept of child-friendly justice, which aims to make justice systems accessible for children. Yet the examples show how difficult it is to make judicial decisions really child-friendly. How does the European prohibition of market manipulation influence national administrative law and civil law? Perhaps the balance between the principle of national procedural autonomy and the effectiveness of Union law can provide a clear answer.

Authors cannot terminate publishing contracts without due cause, according to the Dutch Supreme Court. What can the CRC contribute to the discussion on the political rights of children, and how do we go from voting to effective i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin The research shows that although many children are heard in private by a judge, the issue of confidentiality is problematic.

I squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin the advent of blockchain, decentralised nature of company-like structures requires rethinking the way corporate insolvencies are handled. The COMI concept may have to give way to a more consent-based choice of insolvency rules and insolvency forum. What is the significance for global society? And how will the legal community respond to this initiative?

Currently the UK and the EU financial sector benefit from the European passport system and a common set of rules.

Brexit will change this, as the UK will leave the EU. What are the negative effects of Brexit and how to mitigate them? This annotation concerns the appeal of a verdict on a building permit issued without requiring sufficient archaeological research. Migrants are often cast in the role of victims, as in the decision of the I squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin Court of Human Rights in the Manolada Strawberries case. We argue that they may gain agency and institutionalise networks of solidarity by forming social cooperatives.

With the General Banking Conditionsthe relationship between banks in the Netherlands and their customers has entered a new dimension. In finding i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin resolution, judges and lawmakers should not overlook the role that agency can play in empowering children to express their gender identity.

The common practice of reproducing photos on websites that are taken from internet without crediting the source is resulting in huge costs for those who underestimate the consequences. Harmonisation of restructuring and insolvency laws in the EU. Weighing its pros and cons. The Dutch Supreme Court upheld the decision that the State of the Netherlands did not mislead investors in the run-up to the nationalisation of Fortis. The role the financial crisis played in this outcome and the role it should have played.

This monitor presents an overview of the implementation of the Convention i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin the Rights of the Child in the Netherlands in the last five years and also looks at the future. The number of refugee children is on the rise and many find themselves in a particularly vulnerable situation.

Allowing effective participation of refugee children in legal procedures can enhance understanding of complex asylum procedures and decisions. A major harmonisation process on restructuring and insolvency law has been launched in the EU.

What does it entail? Online Platform Enterprises such as Uber are now ubiquitous. How can these initiatives stemming from the digital economy be squared with aspirations for a European social economy? Eminent experts discussed issues such as risk taking by and integrity of bank management and moral hazard of Member States in the Banking Union.

S children were largely missing from the U. Is there still hope for a U. Not just to determine the risk of child labour but to assess social i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin and act on them. Seven years after the CRA Regulation was introduced, the first effects of the regulatory framework can be evaluated. Studies published in and show that the effectiveness of this framework still leaves much i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin be desired.

The Dutch government has proposed clarifying legal provisions concerning the management and supervision of all non-governmental i squared act of 2015 status of bitcoin forms regulated in the Netherlands, especially the one-tier board system and the two-tier board system. The Netherlands Commercial Court is a new commercial court that will focus on the resolution of international commercial disputes between large companies and will be established in Amsterdam as from 1 January If, in case of an unlawful out of home placement, rights are violated, the child has the right to an effective remedy.

Dutch tort law allows the possibility of seeking remedy. By referring to her thesis the contributor asks attention for this subject. The action group Milieudefensie tries to force the Dutch state to take measures against poor air quality that threatens human health.

Hyperlinking to illegal sources can be an infringement of copyright, especially if it is done for profit. Anyone who offers hyperlinks will have to be more careful after a recent decision by the CJEU.

For a concrete application see a recent case between the Netherlands and India.

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