Withdrawal issues on other exchanges as well

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Maybe someone will help me? On official web site of NEM https: Might be a wallet update, cryptopia is doing one as well. My funds have been there since the third of august. I highly suspect hitbtc is also updating as multiple exchanges hitbtc withdrawal issues right now. So they internally block the withdrawal? Maybe they demand that you use 2FA? Sorry i have no experience with Hitbtc, maybe other users have?

Please contact the hitbtc withdrawal issues. Like I said same as with cryptonia technical maintenance. You have to wait untill the maintenance is done. But i try to content Hitbtc 5 days. No answers in Facebook, and support is silent too. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Transfers will be available as soon as the maintenance will be finished.

I have given my wallet address which works with changelly transfer but hitbtc gives message saying this is not a valid nem address. I have raised a ticket but no response from them on this front. So what to do? Hi, Please try to describe ALL your actions. Hitbtc withdrawal issues already waited 5 days. I got a reply from support: Dear Trader, Thank you for reaching out. I also purchased around 1k nem, but hitbtc not allowing to withdraw.

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Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC is facing various issues. Dating back to at least the 2nd of December The exchange struggles to communicate with it's users, has had multiple problems with deposits and withdrawals, signs of market manipulation and even multiple cases of fraudulent activity have been seen.

While in the mean time they have added a deposit fee of a staggering 0. The Ethereum based token AMM immediately dropped a stunning Users of the exchange were able to deposit more AMM, but unable to withdraw any. Suspected is that HitBTC deliberately sold many more tokens than they had in store.

While after the big sell-off, they artificially pumped the price to extreme amounts. Many users of the exchange have been trying to contact support, through various channels, trying to get at least some explanation. But to no avail. HitBTC has yet to clarify what really happend here. Deposit and withdrawal issues of other crypto-assets have not been going smoothly since then. Some cryptocurrencies and tokens do have the ability to deposit and withdraw, while others haven't. The, rather new, Ethereum based token of the Cappasity platform has also been facing issues with their listing on HitBTC, and is now delisted from the exchange.

Cappasity's token CAPP was having multiple issues with the exchange from the start of their listing. When their withdrawals from HitBTC were disabled too, the team announced in their Telegram channel that the exchange had to solve the issues quickly or they would request their token to be delisted. Right after this announcement, strange things happened. The exchange is alleged to have hired multiple persons to announce that the CAPP token is a scam in Cappasity's Telegram chat, while they also to have contacted members of the group individually.

These tokens are locked for trading, and only after 2 years they will be available for trading as mentioned in their whitepaper. Cappasity has announced in their telegram group they will file a lawsuit against HitBTC. Interested in Daily Trading Signals? Join our Telegram chat for free until members are in: HitBTC is struggling with multiple issues and signs of fraud.

Lawsuit The, rather new, Ethereum based token of the Cappasity platform has also been facing issues with their listing on HitBTC, and is now delisted from the exchange. Thanks for reading, please leave a like if you enjoyed the post: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.