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Login to use all features. Found products matching radeon hd [ms]. Products without images have been hidden. Click here to show products without images.

Go to the product Find similar products. Click here to find similar products. Fans a bit loud at full speed, though still bearable. Not voltage locked even though you have to use Sapphire Trixx to modify it. Bought a few of these for Litecoin mining. So far they've been working like champs! Apparently the sleeve bearings on the fans will fail sooner than later, but at least they won't spew oil all over your card when they do fail like a fluid dynamic bearing would Upgraded from a Gigabyte HD and very satisfied now that I can play all my games in highest settings.

Haven't pushed the limits with overclocking yet. Cheap when on sale. I contacted ncix and i literally had to fight to get a store credit. Never buying XFX products again, there is better for the same price and whom also have better coller.

Easy setup, Great performance. I tried this cad after the Gigabyte version was DOA. I am glad, this card runs all my games at Very High to Ultra settings so far and I have not overclocked it yet! I am very happy with this card. It can handle any game I throw at it. Requires 1x8pin and 1x6pin pci-express power plugs from the PSU.

Other than the "non-standard" power plugs from the PSU everything is smooth and performing awesome. R pap2t mbspr2s x xP 6pin 8pin Show more! Drivers are hit and miss. For the most part the ATI drivers are better than current nvidia.

But i am experiencing artifacting, black lines in games randomly. Very fast,quiet, performs very well. All games pretty well maxed out at reso. I originally bought a Sapphire But found this card on sale for after rebate.

Amazing card, cool and quiet. Temps never seem to go over 52c. Got this so that I could play the modern titles on max at p. Everything, best bang for your buck, tons of power but uses very little. So far it is great and beats the GTX in every way.

The cooler is not as large as other brands but it is quiet and does the job. It's great Price, Consider it performs better than the ti in some games. Overall it's a great card. Mine had issues with artifacting and freezing. This doesn't reflect every ever made by Sapphire, just my own experience. One of the best stock coolers out there. My 4th Sapphire card, and despite my problems with this one, I would consider buying from them again, as I've been happy with all my previous Sapphire cards, and there were som I decided to return it and reconsider upgrading in the future.