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For information hamster dogecoin configurating see Using modules. An air quality index AQI is a number used by government agencies to communicate to the public how polluted the air currently is or how polluted it is forecast to become. As the AQI increases, an increasingly large percentage of the population is likely to experience increasingly severe adverse health effects.

Different countries have their own air quality indices, corresponding to different national air quality standards. Your station may have individual scores for hamster dogecoin not listed below. AQI denotes hamster dogecoin air quality index. This module generate some costs on the AWS bill. This module allows one or more datetimes to be displayed. A full list of timezones can be found at https: Various features include gapless playback, ReplayGain support, MP3 and Ogg streaming, live filtering, instant startup, customizable key-bindings, and vi-style default key-bindings.

Placeholders are retrieved directly from cmus-remote --query command. The list was harvested only once and should not represent a full list. This module grabs your current balance of different crypto-currents from a wallet server.

The server must conform hamster dogecoin the bitcoin RPC specification. Currently Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin are supported. The site offer various types of data such as name, symbol, price, volume, total supply, et cetera for a wide range of hamster dogecoin and the prices can be obtained in a different hamster dogecoin along with optional USD currency. For more information, visit https: Placeholders are retrieved directly from the URL. The list was harvested once and should not represent a full list.

For more placeholders, see title formatting 2. The exchange rate data comes from https: For a list of three letter currency codes please see https: Not all listed hamster dogecoin may be available. Only the first two lines of output will be used. The first line is used as the displayed text. If the output has two or more lines, the second line is set as the text color and should hence be a valid hex color code such as FF for red.

The script should not have any parameters, but it could work. This will display a count of how many dnf updates are waiting to be installed. Additionally check if any update hamster dogecoin notices. This can be useful for example when adding modules hamster dogecoin a group and hamster dogecoin wish two modules to be shown at hamster dogecoin same time.

This module gets the given url configuration parameter and assumes the hamster dogecoin is a JSON object. The keys of the JSON object are used as the format placeholders. The format placeholders are replaced by the value. Objects that are nested can be accessed by using the delimiter configuration parameter hamster dogecoin between.

To check notifications a Github username and hamster dogecoin access token are hamster dogecoin. You can create a personal access token at https: It features hamster dogecoin to colorize the hamster dogecoin and forces a low timeout to limit the impact of a server connectivity problem on your i3bar freshness.

This module will display information about upcoming Google Calendar events in one of two formats which can be toggled with a button press. The event URL may also be opened in a web browser with a button hamster dogecoin. Follow Step 1 of the guide here to obtain your OAuth 2. The first time you run the module, a browser window will open asking you to authorize access to your calendar.

This restart will occur only once after the first time you successfully authorize. For example if your target is "carbon. The active one of these groups is shown in the i3bar. The active group can be changed by a user click. If the click is not used by the group module then it will be passed down to the displayed module. Modules can be i3status core modules or py3status modules. The active group can be cycled through automatically. The group hamster dogecoin handle clicks by reacting to any that are made on it or its content or it can use a button and only respond to clicks on that.

Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology. This module requires the user-defined hddtemp daemon to be running at all times. This module allows these blocklets to run under py3status.

The configuration of the blocklets is similar to how they are configured in i3blocks. This support is experimental and done for convenience to users so they can benefit from both worlds, issues or PRs regarding i3blocks related blocklets should not be raised.

Currently blocklets must provide responses in the standard i3blocks manner of one line per value not hamster dogecoin json. This py3status module allows these modules to run and be display inside py3status. Placeholders are retrieved directly from hamster dogecoin --info command. There are two ways to control the media player.

Either by clicking with a mouse button in the text information or by using buttons. For former you have to define the button parameters in the hamster dogecoin config. This module supports both IPv4 and IPv6. There is the possibility to blacklist interfaces and IPs, as well as to show interfaces with no IP address. It will show an alternate text if no IP are available. This module launch a simple query on each nameservers for the specified domain. Nameservers are dynamically retrieved.

The FQDN is the hamster dogecoin one mandatory parameter. We hamster dogecoin verify the status of the checks and colorize if needed. It allows color cycling of modules. Imagine the joy of having the current time change through the colors of the rainbow. The color for the contained module s is changed and cycles through your chosen gradient by default this is hamster dogecoin colors of the rainbow.

This module will increase the amount of updates that py3status needs to do so should be used sparingly. You can also decide to check only for specific feeds or folders of feeds. To use this feature, you have to first get the IDs hamster dogecoin those feeds or folders. If both feeds list and folders list are left empty, all unread feed items will be counted. Same hamster dogecoin when aggregator allows subfolders: This is a very basic countdown timer.

You can change the timer length as well as pausing, restarting and resetting it. Currently this is more of a demo of a composite. Each part of the timer can be changed independently hours, minutes, seconds using mouse hamster dogecoin 4 and 5 scroll wheel. Button 2 resets timer. Checks if a streamer is online using the Twitch Kraken API to see if a channel is currently streaming or not. Example settings when creating your app at http: Expands on the standard i3status volume module by adding color and percentage threshold settings.

Expands on the i3status module by displaying the name of the connected vpn using pydbus. This module allows you to specify an icon for nearly every weather scenario imaginable. The default configuration options lump many of the icons into a few groups, and due to the limitations of UTF-8, this is really as expressive as it gets. This module uses Timezone API https: I would highly suggest you install an additional font, such as the incredible and free!

Weather Icons font https: But, this will still work with the i3bar default font, Deja Vu Sans Mono font, which has Unicode support. You can see the limited weather icon support within Unicode in the defaults. For more information, see the documentation https: See the configuration options for how to specify each weather icon. Some distributions eg Debian require iw to be run with privileges.

It is tested for Huawei E usb-id 12d1: This is very handy if you have a hamster dogecoin and switched to an external screen for presentation and want to automatically fallback to your laptop screen when you disconnect the external screen. The combinations will be rotated in the exact order as you listed them. Hamster dogecoin an output layout is not available any more, the configurations are automatically filtered out. Some days hamster dogecoin just bad days.

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If the collection of endless memes created on your favorite social media sites could be condensed into a mascot for a new crypto-currency, what would it look like? Yes, you would condense those memes into the face of a Shiba Inu. The creators of one of the most popular crypto-currencies available saw the obvious potential of cross-pollinating this ultimate symbol of the internet the Shiba Inu and our favorite topic of the day, crypto-currency.

A power that lay dormant, slowly building with pressure within countless basements across the US and the world. It is the power of the meme. And it was burned into the retinas of your millennial son or daughter still living at home despite their crypto-gains of The countless images of grumpy cats, right-wing frogs, and the ever popular Shiba Inu, became a part of all our lives really.

But aside from the nexus between internet memes and digital currency, why has this rising-star in the crypto-universe done so well lately? What data trends can be analyzed before we decide to invest in this potential store of value? What are the technical details lurking behind the core concept s of Dogecoin? Dogecoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer currency. Over the past month alone, Dogecoin has risen from 66 Satoshis to as I write these words.

That puts it at 1. No, Dogecoin was meant to be shared, peer-to-peer, just like the rest of them, only way cooler. Pump Pump — players who are using some manipulation to pump the price of the cryptocurrency to extreme levels. Hamsters - those who conducted the manipulation and buying bitcoin in large volumes at a higher price. Dump Dump — sale of assets at the peak of inflated price hamsters. I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in: Usually though, he is shown riding a rocket to the moon: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

What's a pump and dump?