Faster bitcoin mining rigs leave GPUs in the dust

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Bitcoin miner program The bitcoins gpu chart claims to have more than 22 million tries.

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I though it was interesting to see a chart of BTC In red and Nvidia In blue overlay against each other and how correlated it was. GPU's Graphics processing units have been selling out due to the increase in mining for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Daily line chart from the start of You can see NVDA starting to rise in latter part of Nvidia does pay out a dividend and has been increasing. There are tokens that are Proof of Stake in which there is no need for mining.

Proof-of-stake PoS is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. In PoS cryptocurrencies the blocks are usually said to be forged in the blacksmith sense of this word , or minted, rather than mined.

I'm too new into this space to understand everything as it is a slow learning curve for me. Is there a significant advantage to produce new tokens using PoS rather than the traditional Proof of Work method? Other than saving energy? It appears that there are only a 'handful' of successful PoS tokens. I don't know much about NVDA's correlation with bitcoin though I have read some about their role in the automotive market and to my knowledge a big driver of the recent rise is their role in the expanding semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle market.

I think people that are into crypto's would rather keep their investments in the cryptosphere rather than the manipulated conventional markets though. OriginalWorks Mention Bot activated by glennolua.

The OriginalWorks bot has determined this post by glennolua to be original material and upvoted it! To call OriginalWorks , simply reply to any post with originalworks or! For more information, Click Here! In the meantime, I'll continue watching the charts out of curiosity. See your financial advisor before investing in any asset.

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