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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a rentier is a person who lives on income from property or securities. From the point of view of Marxist rentier capitalist theory, a rentier is also a parasite who adds no value to society, but instead survives solely due to his ability to extract rents tribute from productive people.

A rentier achieves this through muscle or social norms which defend his exclusive rights over property in such a way that he must be compensated for their use by others. And by redemption gates we mean rules that give a financial intermediary the right to impose redemption restrictions keep your money when things get tense and liquidity is scarce.

The fund could also impose a liquidity fee of up to 2 per cent on all redemptions in those circumstances. Parigi arguing just that. Elsewhere on Wednesday, - Darwinism, Fortune edition.

Governments need to reform their labour markets, reduce taxes that weigh on business, free companies from red tape and continue to repair their public finances. Merely talking about such reforms is not enough…QE would merely enable governments to borrow even more cheaply, giving recalcitrant politicians an easy way out.

The lack of smoke signals and reports of millions of wearable devices actually going into production have led KGI Securities to declare: We believe the launch of iWatch could be postponed to We had feared that one of most famous of Chinese statistical quirks might have abandoned us forever. Perhaps as China stopped evaluating its local government officials on a narrow GDP basis, the officials would stop doing the obvious and fiddling their GDP numbers. Mr Gore was a significant shareholder in the former Current TV cable network.

Think of someone in the days before deposit insurance trying to pull cash from a failed bank to cover expenses after losing a job — or, for a more recent example, a hedge fund attempting to cover redemptions from panicked investors only to find that the prime broker responsible for holding its cash had blown up and the collateral it had provided was worthless.

Financial firms fill the gap by creating products that often offer many of the conveniences of money but that lack government guarantees, thereby rendering them inherently unstable and prone to crises. But UK shareholders will certainly get the rough end of the pineapple if the FTSE mining giant goes ahead with its proposed demerger of non core assets, announced on Tuesday:.

At least for the ordinary investors? Among our initial thoughts: But we now think there may be more to it than that. Bitcoin has been on a sharp course downwards for a few weeks now chart courtesy of Bitstamp. But on Monday, the unthinkable happened. The chart is from a recent IMF working paper. Even now, after more than a year of monetary policymakers and academics arguing about the amount of labour market slack and how much it should matter, most of the known unknowns in the debate remain, well, unknown.

London home sellers cut asking prices by the most in more than six years this month, adding to signs that the property market in the U. London values fell 5. Nationally, prices declined 2. But lots of questions remain unanswered. Two stand out in particular: What does this mean for a share buyback and what will PLC shareholders get out of it?

Click the image for a link to the pdf of a new secular stagnation e-book, which features entries from Summers, Krugman, Blanchard, and many others, including some critics: This video from CGP Grey is making the rounds, and for good reason. It argues comprehensively and cogently that the automation of cognitive-intensive work will lead to the obsolescence of human labour and therefore mass unemployment — with clarity and terrific production values.

Especially good are minutes 5: Asian markets were mixed following a broad rebound last week, with some housing-related stocks under pressure after an index of mainland property prices fell for a third straight month. Buck French just may spike the ball this Monday.

Mr French is the CEO and co-founder of Fantex Holdings, the company that made a splash last October when it unveiled its comprehensive apparatus for trading shares in professional athletes.

Ukraine claimed at pixel time to have fired on a number of Russian tanks crossing its borders. But also, bizarre as it seems if its armour really is aflame in the Donbas, Russia is also the owner of Ukrainian sovereign debt.

This has some precarious terms for the borrower restricting growth in debt to GDP to below 60 per cent. According to people familiar with the situation a number of individuals, including former senior executives, have raised concerns with the IRS, which has been holding an inquiry into the company for the last two years. How a Spanish tech star fooled the world. Middle East geopolitical risk? But commodity prices, and in particular oil prices, are doing nothing:. FT Patent trolls as the new rentier class.

Will redemption gates cause runs? Further reading Elsewhere on Wednesday, - Darwinism, Fortune edition. Kinder Morgan, the actual tax cost. QE for me but not for thee, Switzerland vs Eurozone edition. Reform vs seasonality in Chinese GDP stats We had feared that one of most famous of Chinese statistical quirks might have abandoned us forever. Al Gore and the escrow. Kinder Morgan, MLPs and the sell case. A Bitcoin flash crash. Global macroeconomic imbalances are shrinking and not.

Is this the crash? Taking the Billiton out of BHP. A new secular stagnation e-book. The 6am London Cut Markets: Fantex puts points on the board. Ukraine, war, and sovereign default. The leverage clock tolls for thee. Oil and the prospect of a Chinese shale boom. Newer results You are on page Older results. FT Alpha Tweets Tweets from https: