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So, does anyone here apart from me love this series? Personally, this is the best non-real time strategy game on the market today. Plus, it fulfills my hunger for mechs. I've wanted to play it, but I wish it was English. If I could Download a ROM, and an english patch, I'd be happy, but for now, I'll have to settle for other games, and drooling at the site.

I doubt it would be released in English, with all the really minor mechs in Western standardslike Megazone 23, Getter Robo, Brain Powered etc.

Plus, it'll be hard work for Banpresto to get good English voice actors! I'd prefer the Japanese voices ;-; And yeah, tons of people would be all "OmGwtffbbqcckdfjedflwhoisbrainporedz!? Did you play the last SRW game? SRW J, it rocks, excellent animation, Mazinkaiser!!!!!! I must say Banpresto really hit the spot with this one I mean, they finally featured FMP, which I was always hoping they would include.

And there's tekkaman too, dodges like a real robot and hits like a super robot. Zeorymar is a beast, it's meiou or watherver is called have like base attack power and have the strongerst MAP attack. Boss borot homerun bat attack is now a common attacks if you played SRW D you should know that he needs to be with junior robot to use it The only thing that is a bit negative to some fans is the lack of UC gundams and the getter team. Lack of UC Gundams don't bug me for J.

After all, it finally adds a new twist to SRW I'm still trying to finish SRW J, the game isn't hard but have like 60 stages, brain powered rocks big time, that teleport thing it have makes them even harder to hit. Granteed super robot can tank quite well, great damage output, short and long range attacks. I thought maybe there excellence super robot wars neo english patch psx be more people who actually played SRW before Anyhow, my favourite SRW series is the Alpha series. I first played Alpha when I borrowed it from a friend, then borrowed Alpha Gaiden from him too.

After about a year, I got Alpha Second, and I'm still playing it, trying to finish everyones storyline. After that, I'm planning to get Alpha Third. Impact is so long because is the remake of SRW excellence super robot wars neo english patch psxansobviously being the compilated and enhanced version of 3 games makes it the longest SRW to the date. SRW 3 final stages are hand as hell!!! The old SRW are very hard for some resons: Final bosses likes to concentrate in the destruction of a specific unit, and as they have double turn a single boss can kill two reals or a super easily.

My favourite SRW game is original generation 2, the reason: What i disliked of it were the einst, they are the worst original enemies, i hate them. I liked excellence super robot wars neo english patch psx idea how most of the Shadow Mirror grunts used Gespensts, and since I played OG, then A, it caught me by surprize how the bad guys used the supposidly "good guy" units. If there are any on the old Nintendos Anyway, can someone give a listing in published order so I can play it?

Oh and, do you need to know Japanese to play this game? I've seen it a few times, but I never got around to playing it. I'll get onto it later, sometime. Yes, it'll help a lot to know Japanese, since there is no English version so far.

Super Robot Taisen GB - 2: Chijou Gekidouhen WS - excellence super robot wars neo english patch psx Uchuu Gekishinhen WS - Ginga Excellence super robot wars neo english patch psx WS - C3: Super Robot Taisen Gaiden: Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 GBA - only the main series, alpha series and OG series are universes with various games, the rest are separated universes with only 1 game, compact 2 is actually a game divided in three, so it doesn't count and impact is a remake of it.

Maybe lord of elementals is linked with other universes like the main or OG but nothing is know excellence super robot wars neo english patch psx now. I should play it since I have a PS2. Never knew that, thanks for the info! D I'm only still only upto the 4th chapter, but wow!

The mech sprites are amazing! I guess its worth the try. Anyway, offtopic is G-Gen DS good? Its really really really nice. Woot, I convinced Gale with Eiji, so I get to use him eh? Oh cr ap, you can't get all those units if you get G. But doesn't Aestevalis X only have Gravityblast? And seeing that its a regular unit, won't it runout of EN quickly? I mean, is it a good unit?

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