Where and how application data is stored in Ethereum?

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It looks like you're ethereum dapp store here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! August ethereum dapp store Smart Contracts and Dapps. I think about Google Android and Ethereum, and it seems to me, that with eth: While anyone can install 3rd party App store on Android, most use official store, as it helps discoverability of applications.

What do you think of it? This could help fund further developement, in addition to IPO. And for users, it will be easier to discover DApps. August edited August Just as with the name reg, Ethereum will certainly provide a default App Store where users can go first, and both can be a source of revenue. But there's a perception: This is problematic because their main function should ethereum dapp store to developing the core technology and anything else might distract.

Imagine if the app store is making a good profit but there comes a moment where a choice must be made in developing a ethereum dapp store that would make the App Store obsolete. In any way they choose to go, the perception of the public will be that the choice was tainted.

Ideally the task of managing an App Store should fall to some other competing and unaffiliated businesses. Beyond the usual 'rating system', there could be ratings confirming that a contract does what it says it does by using binary matching of the EVM-codeor code reviews, etc. So how would the not-for-profit app store work from an economic perspective? Or would the money come from elsewhere? Personally I think NFP is the best way to go. I think looking at the foundation as a "benefit" organization e.

Hell, I would totally consider funding ethereum dapp store aspect of the foundation through our company simply to see this happen.

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