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It's so great to discover that someone you grew up worshipping turns out to be incredibly nice! Click here to refresh the feed. Why We Fall for It. Every Time, takes a deep dive into the psychology of con artists and the psychology of the trusting people they take advantage of. Michael Goodwin, a freelance writer and the author of the comic book Economix: Like many freelance writers, he lives ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin New York City with cats.

It's about people who've had their lives ruined from online shaming. I was sickly fascinated by the book. I kept telling my wife how great this book was while I was reading it, and she became intrigued, so I had to rip it down the spine and give the first half to her while I finished the second half.

We both had the same feeling from reading it -- a fear of tweeting, and reluctance to join in on an online shame pile-on. I spoke to Jon by phone. Our guest this week is Maggie Tokuda Hall. She writes books for children and stories for ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin, and also reviews books with her series of videos, Review in Doodle. For instance, he says no one really buys giant programming book anymore: Mike Evans is a musician, teacher, husband, and father from Pennsylvania.

When not performing, he recruits his two kids, who are too young to know any better, into doing zany projects and exploring curious new hobbies…. Anything from kite aerial photography, geocaching, or remote control seagull-cams, to juggling, science experiments, or making stop motion movies.

You can follow his adventures in fatherhood on his blog, Secret Dad Society, or on Twitter at secretdadblog. Steve Denton is an internet scourge, sometime writer, full time smart aleck, and an unrepentant gadfly in the ointment of life.

He runs the blogs Monkey Muck and Dr. Seth Godin enlightens us this week with an unexpected assortment of tools that will have you exploring the deepest recesses of your subconscious while, at the same time, enriching your hobbies and lifestyle.

What do you do after you walk the Amazon? Ed Stafford -- adventurer extraordinaire ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin Guinness World Record holder for walking the length of the Amazon River -- likes a challenge. Casting ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin for an adventure that would top the extraordinary feat he recounts in Walking the Amazon, Stafford decides to maroon himself on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific.

I interviewed Stafford by telephone last week. Describe the island you were dropped on. The island was a classical sort of South Pacific island. It was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was completely covered in forest. None of it has been cleared, and if you look at it, it's sort of encircled by a golden sandy beach on one side and jagged flat rocks on the inside.

Outside of that, there was a coral reef that formed a lovely lagoon all the way around the island. If you look at it, it was an absolute paradise island, and one that you would pay thousands and thousands of ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin to go and stay on.

That was pretty much what it was like. One of the things that I think people don't realize about the South Pacific -- and this is from my own experience of having spent quite a bit of time there -- is that it actually can get rather chilly at night. You were dropped off on this island completely naked. How did you deal with the cold?

No one's actually asked me that before. It was very chilly. The winds come up at night, and, obviously, I did find a cave very early on. I set myself up in the cave, but the wind would howl through that cave, and, so, yeah, initially I was just covering myself in dry grass on the premise that the horse, in its stable just sleeps on hay, and so I figure out to cover myself in grass.

The wind cut straight through, and it was freezing, and I had quite a few nights where I was pretty uncomfortable. I tried to make a blanket, again, out of grass just by weaving it together, but it was pretty ineffectual, and covered myself in ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin sorts of things, leaves, sand, whatever I could basically do to cut out the wind. Eventually, obviously, the key to it all was getting a fire going which took two weeks, but once I got a fire going, night was a lot more comfortable, certainly.

Once you were able to get a fire going, were you able to stay warm on both sides of your body, or did you have to turn around every ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin in a while to ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin toasty on both sides? Actually, I would just lie with the small of my back to the fire, so the fire would be about at my waist and about a couple of feet away from me, and it would warm up the small of my back, and, therefore, I suppose, the essential parts, the essential organs, and my head and ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin feet would be sort of at a lower temperature, but a comfortable temperature, as well.

I could just stay there all night, and I had a pile of wood in front of me that I could then just reach out and put on the fire. I'd have to wake up maybe about every hour and a half, maybe two hours, in order to reach the pile of wood, but I was fine.

I probably was half awake for about two minutes each time before it died down, and it would automatically wake me up. I could feel the heat the fire drew up, and I'd wake up and put more wood on it and then I would get through the night like that. It was a bizarre sort of animalistic experience, but it was quite a ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin thing, actually. It was quite a nice little routine to the whole thing. You were formerly in the British military, and I think you specialized in survival skills.

Did you have to learn any special survival skills to go on this island, or did you kind of purposely avoid that so you could figure out how to improvise? The mistake a lot of people thought was that I was a survival expert. I came out of the military and went into a job leading expeditions, but expeditions and survival are completely different things.

One, I've got a rucksack full of equipment, and food, and a lighter to light a fire with, and all of the kit that I need in order to run an expedition, whereas this day [inaudible] on an island actually had me completely outside my comfort zone. I deliberately stripped away all of the things that would make my life easy, like help from other people, and equipment, and food, and water, and a knife, and everything that I would normally rely on.

That's why, for me, it was ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin. That's why I did the project because it wasn't going in there with a mosquito net, ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin a knife, and a bag of rice, and bits and bobs like that. Of course, there's no challenge there. Dan Shapiro helps us explore some inventions and innovations this week that offer a surprisingly valuable experience for their price.

If you're looking for luxury on a shoestring, you won't be disappointed by Dan's picks. There are currently 4. As medical cannabis becomes an accepted herbal medicine, there is a demand for clear, easy-to-follow information for the layperson based on the latest sound medical and evidence-based research. Written by Michael Backes, a respected expert in the field, Cannabis Pharmacy begins with the history of medical marijuana and an explanation of how cannabis ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin with the body's own endocannabinoid system.

Backes goes on to explore in detail 27 of the most popular cannabis varieties, how to identify them, the differences between them, and the medical conditions for which patients have reported effectiveness. Additional chapters describe how to prepare and store cannabis, how best to administer those preparations, and how to modify and control dosage. Also included is a guide to 29 ailments and illnesses for which doctors commonly recommend medical marijuana, including chronic pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson's disease.

Meticulously researched and written in ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin easy and accessible style, Cannabis Pharmacy provides the clearest, most complete, and most practical information available on the use and benefits of medical marijuana.

Soon enough, nobody will remember life before the Internet. What does this unavoidable fact mean? But those of us who have lived both with and without the crowded connectivity of online life have a rare opportunity.

We can still recognize the difference between Before and After. We catch ourselves idly reaching for our phones at the bus ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin. Or we notice how, mid-conversation, a fumbling friend dives into the perfect recall of Google. That is the end of absence—the loss of lack.

The daydreaming silences in our lives are filled; the burning solitudes are extinguished. He urges us to look up—even briefly—from our screens. To remain awake to what came before. To again take pleasure in absence.

Mark caught up with two of his favorite cartoonists, Ed 008 brain boxes bitcoin Bell, who has a new autobiographical book out, called "Truth is Fragmentary", and Ruben Bolling, who announced his upcoming series of illustrated kids' books, called Emu Club Adventures.

AJ reminds us that we are all cousins and encourages all of us to explore just how we are related by hitting up some of his favorite genealogy resources. Afterlife with Archie Gweek 8 Jan star star star star star add Guests: Naked and Marooned Gweek 27 Oct star star star star star add What do you do after you walk the Amazon?

Entrepreneur Dan Shapiro Gweek 23 Sep star star star star star add Dan Shapiro helps us explore some inventions and innovations this week that offer a surprisingly valuable experience for their price. Cartoonists Gabrielle Bell and Ruben Bolling Gweek 30 Aug star star star star star add Mark caught up with two of his favorite cartoonists, Gabrielle Bell, who has a new autobiographical book out, called "Truth is Fragmentary", and Ruben Bolling, who announced his upcoming series of illustrated kids' books, called Emu Club Adventures.

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