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I'm Arun, an entrepreneur Blogger from India. Conventionally, Wireless-controlled robots use RF circuits, which have the drawbacks of limited working range, limited frequency range and the limited control. Use of a mobile phone for robotic control can overcome these limitations.

It provides the advantage of robust control, working range as large as the coverage area of the service provider, no interference with other controllers. Here, we dtmf robot using arduino gas use mobile keypad as the input device to drive the robot in different direction. In this project, we will use two mobiles, one will be connected with the DTMF circuit and another will dtmf robot using arduino gas used to call the mobile attached with DTMF circuit.

The robot can be controlled from mobile attached to the DTMF circuit by pressing its keys and from any other mobile by calling to the mobile attached with DTMF circuit and pressing keys from the calling mobile keypad. The ATmega16 microcontroller will read the 4-bit output signal of DTMF decoder and dtmf robot using arduino gas will process it to know which key of the mobile keypad is pressed. After knowing which key of the mobile keypad is pressed, the ATmega16 microcontroller will send the required control signal to the DC motor driver LD of the robot to drive the robot in the desired direction.

The control keys for the robot are 2, 8, 4, 6 and 5 to drive the robot in forward, backward, left, right direction and to stop it respectively. Now, press different keys from both the mobile and drive your robot as you want. My Cart 0 Wishlist dtmf robot using arduino gas Login or Register. Login 0 Toggle navigation. Enter your email address to regenerate password. Steps - 10 0f 11 Press different keys from the mobile and see the output. Steps - 11 0f Quad Triac Driver Rs. Quad 7-Segment Display Board Rs.

Remember me Forgot Password? Subscribe to receive our periodic email updates. DC Motor Driver Rs.

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