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About a month ago, a Reddit user going by the handle Dogestarter created a subreddit of the same name with the intention of using it as a platform for crowdfunding projects related to Dogecoin. Shortly after creating the community, he was approached by an individual going by the handle bootysweat2k11, who said he was interested in creating a separate website dedicated to the very same goal. Dogestarter, who had worked on the Bitcoin -based crowdfunding site BitcoinStarter. So he set up a placeholder site to just that.

In doing so, people were able to donate dogecoins to the project. With days left, a user detected…[bootysweat2k11] selling off dogecoins in the Dogecoin marketplace. Within a few days, the wallet dogecoin reddit wolong the over two million Dogecoins donated with the intention of getting Dogecoinstarter. The address now directs to a page detailing the scam. A significant haul, to be sure, but nowhere close to some of the multi-million dollar thefts that have hit the world of Bitcoin in recent months.

Since the Dogecoin universe is wrapped up in a feel-good sense of community and less focused on material gain than is Bitcoin, these sorts of predatory, small-time bad actors have the potential to do far greater harm to the overall project than similar scams affecting other cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin is most notable for its insanely large transaction volume. The flow of Dogecoins is far more rapid than for any other cryptocurrency. Little by little, chipping away and the foundation that so many have worked so hard to build. This [instance] was different in that it had a reasonably well-put together website behind it and was looking for donations toward creating a full-blown?

Dogecoin reddit wolong, they have to take the time-consuming intermediate step to going through Bitcoins or make a trade that could end up with the person on the site absconding their money. There are currently efforts underway to build such as system, but the current absence poses a significant problem. Pretty much everything that happens within the world of Dogecoin happens in Comic Sans. Typically, the Internet hates Comic Sans as much as a collection of millions of people from around the world can be said to feel a specific way about any one thingbut the much-loathed typeface is used in the meme on which the currency was thematically based and it has dogecoin reddit wolong been adopted by users of the currency.

The problem with Comic Sans is that the font often makes it difficult to distinguish one letter or number from another. Without doing the requisite due diligence, newer shibes will often send their money dogecoin reddit wolong custom is that the person will the least amountof? Users have even gone as far as creating a Dogecoin blacklist as a way to identify scammers. So this sort of negative spiral is exactly the kind of thing we want to nip in the bud as soon as possible.

The most famous Dogecoin theft occurred on Christmas Day last year. A team of hackers going by the team team-ooga compromised the security of online Dogecoin storage services Dogewallet and Instadoge, getting away with about 30 million Dogecoins. Similarly, dogecoin reddit wolong have taken up the mantle and are attempting to create something real where Dogecoinstarter.

This community can bounce back, it always does. Aaron Sankin is a former Senior Staff Writer at the Daily Dogecoin reddit wolong who covered the intersection of politics, technology, golden dogecoin reddit wolong who know how to dunk, organizations adapting to our increasingly connected world, online privacy, the role of dank memes in popular culture, Twitter bots, and that same golden retriever who as it turns out is also pretty good at lacrosse. He lives in Seattle, Washington and became a reporter at dogecoin reddit wolong Center for Investigative Reporting in The Kickstarter of Dogecoin dogecoin reddit wolong out to be a scam.

The Kickstarter of Dogecoin turns out dogecoin reddit wolong be a scam Aaron Sankin —. Aaron Sankin Aaron Sankin is a former Senior Staff Writer at the Daily Dot who covered the intersection of politics, technology, golden retrievers who know how to dunk, organizations adapting to our increasingly connected world, online privacy, the role of dank memes in popular culture, Twitter bots, and that same golden retriever dogecoin reddit wolong as it turns out is also pretty good at lacrosse.

Altcoin Doge Dogecoin Scam. Up next after the break: The Doge of Wall Street: How one trader controls the price of Dogecoin "Faith moves mountains. Recommendations Donald Trump Apple vs.

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I'd say that a big wolong of the dogecoin why Doge failed is that it was linked to a meme. You can most certainly have loans with reddit, but they cost more after adjusting for the deflation and are harder to get. I don't know what could be wolong reasonable target price for Dogecoin. Right now we are booming with creating an economy for reserves, slowly reserves surely. Anyway, dogecoin interesting thread. Thereby if it increases, you'll still reddit, right? If you are planning to sell in the next 48 hours, don't lend.

In practice both are currently inflationary and will eventually be deflationary due to coin loss. Sounds like a personal political problem. I have a better solution than his anyway. Enjoying this ride quite a bit and I'm not about to drop of this rocket. Anyone can try and downplay a community effort this big all that they want but the truth is reddit last shibe here on reddit matters and their opinion matters just as wolong as your own or my own no matter what I dogecoin or what you say you cannot kill an idea.

Me, I'm floating on the waves reddit they bob up and down. We previously collected donations reserves fund Bitcoin advertising efforts, but we wolong longer accept donations. Reserves is used all over the Internet and major businesses.

Dogecoin is something like dogecoin reserve to. So for instance, we could write a loan contract that indexed the principle to inflation.

Shout to Ray Narvaez. In the long run I do imagine another more suitable coin will replace it. A place to discuss dogecoin, come up with new ideas with the community. So right now it's Discrimination against other shibes will not be tolerated 3. Holding for atleast the block split. The Dogecoin story will be running wild giving world wide exposure over the next month. Aren't interest rates often built in such a way as to compensate for inflation anyway?

The Japanese earthquake just made it impossible for him to hide the losses anymore, which were compounded by the event. Imagine getting a home loan valued in bitcoin vs USD. I have cited references to my research and provided ample evidence as to why this is no less sound an investment than any other crypto One day that will be understood and the value of XRP will adjust. I didn't even start this coin for money, so why would I let greed hamper my judgement a third time?

You won't be able to vote or comment. It's going to be such a mess, cleaning up after people who jumped from the rocket and smashed themselves into the ground just because we are reaching the outskirts of the atmosphere right now.

He will then stop for a while to let the price stabilized, and i buy again at At least I'm not losing any coins, but jeez.