The Truth about Geometry Dash [A Geometry Dash Fanfic] COMPLETE + UNDER EDITING

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I coulnt find anymore highscores, looks like they were all deleted. Exept for the original deadlocked robot geometry dash full lvl 19. I know this thread is for reporting stolen songs, but, you may have already noticed, there's a song, that is in Featured, but I read reviews, and said it was so bad. I don't see much why it's featured either, but I prefer you better take a look. I'm not sure if it's stolen, but, I'm only sure it is really bad Happy new year, heres some ids deadlocked robot geometry dash full lvl 19 randomly searched.

If you look closely the id ends with a year. Just call me Alpha - http: I'm not sure if moderators are deleting mashup's that I report, because I did find one that wasn't removed. Obviously from F, but proof: You removed technoclancys highscore remix. I didnt mean to report it i was just showing you the original link because someone stole his song, is there a way you can recovor this song Heres an explaination: Already on ng, deadlocked robot geometry dash full lvl 19 in case you dont know the original id is robtops newgrounds account with different username.

I feel sorry for the dude who actually gave a very long and extensive review on a stolen song XD The second one is from Kid2Will, which I believe is already on Newgrounds. Sorry about deadlocked robot geometry dash full lvl 19 backlog guys and gals.

Been having a busy couple days with New Year festivities. I'm getting to everything as quickly as I can. If you see a post with some stolen stuff still not unpublished, quote it and me please!

Not only is it a mashup, but it's not even their music. Proof for the 2 above: Are you even listening to half the stuff you're posting? Or are you just blindly seeing an artist's name and posting it to this thread? You're reporting remixes that actually have effort put into them and are not represented by a major record label. All of those Knife Party remixes are most likely false reports. Xtrullor is about to be signed to a record label, but not at the time this was made. This remix doesn't break the rules.

They don't break the rules. Knife Party is an independent music group. That's about 10 false reports right there: Privacy Policy Terms of Use. All your base are belong to us. Summer Animation Jams - June 1st. Response to Audio Portal Cleanup FingerBang by Bloodnagibator For Geomerty dash. A2-Fingerbang Remix by Arceus2 Uhm. Fingerbang by MrCraeder09 The 2. Highscore - teamclancy re-upload by VirusPlay Re uploaded. Highscore by ShaneDelCastilho Back from the dead. F Deadlocked- Piano Cover!

Deadlocked by pooshoogoo Stuff. Artem - Deadlocked Cover by Yaroslav deadlocked cover by artem kuznecov. How to death moon will deleted soon by Hemlol19 lol wut. Bit Of Death Moon Singing! Flaklypa by Linwer Flaklypa. Colors by WatchinPotato This is a Song. Disconnected by Newgames Warning: Awesome to the max by RedFZelda Monstercat and ephixa. Caillou by TheProgrammerBoy Caillou. ChoonieMoonie ChoonieMoonie Member since: Nightcore - How you love me by faguy I don not own this.

Forbidden voices by AlonsoVc original. Hello by rey t6eyr. Firendzoned by DarkAngelG5 Friend zone song. Ameno - Domine by RottenBeast Ameno. NekoZilla by MauricioNewokE jsjks. Epic Mix by diglfug Here is an epic mix for those, who love electro and dance music. GeometryJump21song by Tested Work in Progress!! GeoPlayer by arturmoska restored song! GeometryDashForce by AgustinSimon geometry dash music. Geometry Test by pokmon A test song for Geometry Dash.

LexRodent LexRodent Member since: Geometry test by wsm5v86 For my geometry dash map. NekoMika NekoMika Member since: BlueAlpha14 BlueAlpha14 Member since: Killafoe - Alone deadlocked robot geometry dash full lvl 19. Monster dance off by Benjatinxx credits to f KTH-Bitches by halmicsongor Pls not copyright: Sirah by J skrilex.

KSummertime by AlonsoMedina Es una buena musica. My first submit GGG. Different Heaven- Nekazilla by FQuionez i lick dis sung. Different Heaven - Nekozilla Original by smdn the most electrifying music of all. Foxy song iTown-Jpro by JproGameplay fafas.

Geodash song by PvPShadow Veri najs. Geometrical dominator full by DavidSantiago Mmmmm Geometry by sebastianmendoza dasas. Geometry dash by zorkname edit lvl. Deadlocked robot geometry dash full lvl 19 Dash by george-kara nope. Geometry dash song by PabloMuoz Electronic. Geometry Dash menuLoop by 0Shivam0 dscsdcdsc. GG Bryrtjyoerioyeyreuyeyee by WeriKc gjdysgs.

GGemola by emolpad2 zajeteergergre. Bangarang by Zyxal askdjfhasdfkh. Bass After Bass 2 by deadlocked robot geometry dash full lvl 19 Geometry Dash v2. Bap U by royyan27 party favor. Bartolito by LautaroNpk Bartolito dime tu. Speed of Trance by lMoonwalkerl Enjoy. Windows46V by Gamergill Yes I made a windows remix. Nightcore - Lullaby by zlRedDragon Original song: Kate Lesing - Lullaby. NightCore - My Life by victorrios Tipe song: Nightcore - Sonic Blaster by Vyligance sup bro.

F—Ludicrous Speed 2 by F-Jo music,demon. Airborne robots by Bradynuns Airborne robots by f Dubstep Sex whales and roeey yeger - Krusty krab by XxburgerxX kkk. They just havent seen it by San holo ft the nicholas by Spagama-Heddo By san holo. NextEpisode-Remix by mlgdumbo hold up!! Etzer - Time leaper Cover by Fliny Yeaa boiiiiiiiiiiiiii. High score by arathalejandrolopezl A song.

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Fishing on a barrel! Same as previous posts, known songs, video game soundtracks, anime openings, etc. More of them stolen tracks. Known songs, anime openings, video game soundtracks, youtube stuff, etc. An extra bit of stolen tracks. All of his stuff is made with music maker jam.

He even admits that in the description of this piece: Hey, long time no see. Here are some more things I found. I would flag all of theses for those sweet points, but I'm way too lazy and tired to do that. You'll probably understand more when you see how many of these there are. Someone else can flag them if they want. With that said, here they are. Stolen from F's album, Sound of Infinity. Stolen from F's album again , Deadlocked. Stolen from F's album, Deadlocked again.

These are pretty much just Deadlocked ripoffs. Anyways, he confesses in the description this is the original Deadlocked and a reversed version mashed up. I'm pretty sure that's not allowed. Here's the original Deadlocked. Here are the originals. The rabbit hole goes deeper. Again, here are the originals. Another ToE 2 and Deadlocked mashup. Deadlocked with screaming over it. Hey look, it's this song again!

Didn't listen beyond the intro but considering it's Deadlocked it's probably worthy of a takedown. Wow, what song could this be? I have absolutely no idea! It couldn't be Deadlocked again, could it? Gee, I sure don't know! Haha, he even put a Creative Commons license on it. It's Deadlocked again, by the way. Also, he thought he could get away with it by reversing the title, but didn't reverse it in the short description. I'm getting tired of pasting this link, but just in case, here's the original.

Okay, so all the next ones are just Deadlocked re-uploads. Again, a link to the original for reference. That obviously makes it okay! Ooh, look, it's something different!

It's Ari's remix again! It's just a different part of Deadlocked. We're at the end! This is Deadlocked reversed. Well, that was probably worth it. Anyways, I'm down to 3, characters now from the original 8, character limit, so I'm gonna stop here. Have fun clearing all these out. Can't believe these are all still here even though it's been a year since GD 2. Not sure if that counts as "stolen" or as "remix".

Sentient-ish thingy that likes making music. My audio submissions My Youtube channel. I think it's time, again. Sorry Monsterboy for not reporting these for a month, i should have gotten around to them sooner. But this takes a lot of time ;A;. Stolen from Fox Stevenson. I don't know where this is stolen from but judging by the guy's other tracks i can only assume this is stolen as well. Not exactly sure who this is originally from, but it's stolen for sure. It's just Theory of Everything 2 crudely rearranged.

Hey, didn't i JUST hear this one? I'm noticing a trend here. Somewhat self explanatory, but to be more specific, it's Blackwater City. Stolen from Tut Tut Child. Stolen from Danimal Cannon and Zef.

Stolen from Virtual Riot. Stolen from DJ Snake. Unable to pinpoint any of the songs and i don't want to go too into it, but the description implies it's a mashup. Stolen from Aero Chord. It's only the buildup and drop. And oh great, newgrounds won't let me post a near-character limit post. Double post incoming, sorry: It's F Viking Arena shortened.

It's all three songs from Geometry Dash Meltdown crudely mashed up. Stolen from some russian girl. Not stolen at all! Take a wild guess as to what this one is. God damnit, i always think this song is something else.

I still don't know the name but it's stolen for sure. Stolen from Pegboard Nerds. If i have to do that again, i swear to god. I forgot the original name of this but I'm fairly certain it's a popular song? Listen to the drop and you'll understand why I think so, I guess.

The guy has 1 more song but I don't know where it's from, but take it anyways, and remove it if you recognise it. Stolen by another hopeful GD pirate. Original song in the YT link below, has been out for more than 3 years. It says that in the description. That " Do not upload if it's not your song" think isn't working.

I did not say you were, I was just pointing out that most of the kids ignore the rule, we could probably have it up in every language, still going to happen because the game simply exists. It's endless, isn't it? A quick search and you crop up with more. I had one guy try to tell me today that we don't know the GD users' struggle, and that people would stop uploading stolen songs to Newgrounds if the GD creator partnered with SoundCloud, or that they would stop doing it when their favorite artists came to NG, or if RobTop made a deal with their favorite artists to come up with new levels.

Raises some serious questions with me. Not being able to jump over triangles with a sidescrolling cube to a Skrillex song because someone hasn't stolen it successfully yet?

What, they'd rather go to SoundCloud because it's easier to pirate songs there? Instead of harassing their favorite artists to come to a site that probably never crosses said artists' mind, they think by uploading songs repeatedly, they're going to get them to upload them themselves?

All this just highlights how entitled the culture of smartphone and tablet users and youth has become lately.

People discover NG through GD, don't give a shit that by uploading stolen songs for their little fix, they're causing a ton of legal problems, and blame the system when they can't get away with it.

Other communities don't matter until they get in the way of what's on that little screen. Actually, all of XtrullorX's audio is stolen too.

We can't have this, apparently. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.