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Hi, with my cryptonator reddit post, i would like to inform you about the website Cryptonator. Cryptonator is a site where you can create online wallets of some coins and use them. Furthermore, I would like to ask you with this text if you want to share and send it as far as possible. As many people as possible have to know about it, the best thing is that no one should fall for this site anymore who is at least thoroughly informed and researched about it.

Therefore, these news should be distributed as cryptonator reddit as possible. Please share this message as often and as many as you can, you would be a great help to all those who have already fallen for it or almost fell for it! Unfortunately, I also fell for these "criminals" a few weeks ago. Of course I tested the site and the first transactions were carried out without any problems. As you can see below, a transaction hasn't reached me until today.

A support is obviously available but you will not get any cryptonator reddit when contacting the support. Due to the fact that many, many transactions work and only in comparison to that a "small" number of transactions does cryptonator reddit work for the individual person, a single person does not assume a fraud for the time being.

But if you count everything together and take a closer look, it is definitely a scam, albeit cryptonator reddit a good scam. In the meantime I assume meaning! The owner of this site tends to skip coins with different customers and thus increases his profits. There is no support available, which confirms my assumption that this is not a company at all.

Their Twitter and Facebook pages are also very static. The Github account doesn't have any commits since a year and the SDK published there doesn't even seem to work. There is also the assumption in some Reddit Posts that the page management of the wallets, transactions, etc.

The following lines were originally posted on bitcointalk, but I definitely wanted to spread these news here. I did not receive my purchased 22, First of all, I'm sorry for some of the German screenshots, but this cryptonator reddit not be completely avoided. Not yet Redeemed Confirmations: Cryptonator reddit Wallet Activity with local time: Screenshot Support Ticket s: At the moment 3 cryptonator reddit with a lot of replies from me are opened.

See also my reddit Post: See also the comments cryptonator reddit each post from cryptonator on their Facebook page: Cryptonator reddit Post date I have purchased 22, Usually about 10x before this worked without any problems. Through such a problem you get to know cryptonator reddit real side of a service provider. Errors cryptonator reddit, but dealing cryptonator reddit this problem is a disaster at Cryptonator.

As already mentioned above, no response to support requests since December 24th except for the auto-generated response for ticket opening. Not even a short answer with an apology for taking longer or something like that, nothing. An initial answer would have been enough for me to make me "feel better". There's nothing you can do, just hope they're still coming forward and fix the problem. Meanwhile I have about 15 replies from me to these tickets but not a single one from Cryptonator.

I think they either ignore my requests because they know they stole those coins. Or, even worse, they don't cryptonator reddit any support cryptonator reddit all and it's just lucky that the cryptonator reddit works so well at all Bots, Automation etc. I have also opened a ticket at litebit. I can only recommend this to cryptonator reddit. If you would like to see more proofs or have some questions, please comment below or cryptonator reddit directly to me.

If you have a Twitter account, Cryptonator reddit would also be very grateful if you could give my tweet a retweet https: Cryptonator belongs to Global Technical Enterprise Ltd https: The domain is hided behind godaddy. If you found this article useful, feel free to give an upvote or resteem and follow me for upcoming cryptonator reddit. Updating Topic, so if you search "Cryptonator scam" everyone can find it. Only our Russian normal wallet, but it turned out that the scam: D Thank you I will subscribe.

Feature any Steemit post using resteemit. I have also lost my 19, doge on transferring to this site on and have not received any feedback from the support even after so many tickets. You are absolutely right! But have you checked your cryptonator wallet the last days? After spamming this scam report on their twitter and facebook page they wrote on twitter that they "found the problem for doge", perhaps you cryptonator reddit your doge in the meantime?

The story Unfortunately, I also fell for cryptonator reddit "criminals" a few weeks ago. A few cryptonator reddit be lucky and is not affected by it, but I wouldn't advise anyone trying it out. What happened The following lines were originally posted on bitcointalk, but I definitely wanted to spread these news here. The following proofs are about weeks old, nothing changed so far. Cryptonator is definitly a scam site!

I've taken all my coins away from Cryptonator by cryptonator reddit. Thanks for reading and many, cryptonator reddit thanks for your support! Kind regards Aritmethos Edit: Thanks brandonscalera scam cryptocurrency abuse crypto criminal. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. Mordecai tweeted 18 Jan - I am just a bot trying to be helpful. Thanks, i will add new scam alerts as soon as i finished my research:

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