Largest Credit Bureau In Eastern Europe To Use Blockchain For Customer Data Storage

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What is discussed is now being rolled out. We have, recently, credit blockchain technology several articles from a variety sources - click here to reminded of what has been written before - that have been saying the same thing and pointing in the same direction - social media platforms have always had an ulterior motive.

I am republishing the video below as a reminder that everything we are dealing with today - censorship, economic problems, social problems - the rot within - did not manifest organically nor did it begin with the election of Donald Trump, Barry Soreto or even Bush, Jr. No, it began long before they ever came to power.

All the people at the center interconnected by their activities, purchases and social gatherings. Social gatherings could credit blockchain technology on or offline. Either way, it would still be possible to track and placed on the blockchain. I believe this is the whole reason for blockchain technology and the massive push that has occurred over the past year for the adoption and assimilation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Move as credit blockchain technology as possible onto blockchain - which is a linear system - everything, every person and every transaction is tied together across each blockchain.

Once these blockchains can be cross referenced - blockchain "A" with credit blockchain technology "B" - you can begin to paint a picture that details a persons life, literally, from cradle to grave - every transaction, every interaction, every step and every breath taken will be documented. How's your "social credit" looking for you, your children and your great, great, great grandchildren? While what I'm suggesting would be considered speculative, you have to admit, it is not that far off the mark, it at all.

Why else would it be okay for blacklivesmatter or antifa to be nothing more rogue gangs? A few other articles James Corbett suggested in credit blockchain technology have a better understanding of social credits. Episode — You Are Being Gamed. Most Disturbing Presentation Ever: Beijing sets up huge system. Episode — China and the New World Order. Coming soon to a New World Order near you: Earn points by behaving like the government wants you to behave!

What could be more credit blockchain technology Our Tech Nightmare Propaganda Games: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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The latest development comes from the Royal Bank of Canada RBC , as they have made a patent for technology that uses blockchain as part of the credit scoring process public. It was filed in the U. A blockchain credit scoring system would involve a distributed ledger where each block includes identification as well as specific transaction data and a timestamp.

Using these blocks, the system would theoretically be able to generate a credit score, and future credit events—everything from paying off credit cards to taking out a mortgage—would create new blocks and adjust the score. That all comes together to create an easy-to-access credit score that can then be transferred and shown to anyone who may want to inquire. RBC also mentions in the patent that the blockchain could be run by one FI, a group of FIs, or even a collection of authorized entities such as credit bureaus, the government, and more.

This kind of distributed oversight of the ledger would be ideal, as the power to control the credit score blockchain would fare best in the hands of many. Privacy is key in cases like this, as a credit score comes with attached financial records. Blockchain offers a unique solution, as the distributed ledger records and kind of change or discrepancy. The blockchain itself would be completely anonymous, so even if outsiders are able to look at the ledger, they would be unable to track it to a certain person.

A credit record can be dynamically compiled by identifying and aggregating all blocks with identifiers linked to a digital identity uniquely identifying the particular borrower. Essentially, there are anonymous markers included in each block that only the borrower and whomever the borrower informs can identify.

By compiling all blocks with those specific markers on them, an entity such as a bank or credit bureau can obtain a whole credit score. The patent includes a massive number of examples and technical details surrounding the use of blockchain to develop a credit scoring system. Right now, it is all theoretical, as RBC has not hinted or shown that this will be implemented anytime soon. Shopify is a Canadian startup success story that has evolved into a global e-commerce juggernaut by helping people all over….

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