Derbac M Liquid (200ml)

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This product is typically dispatched within working days buy derbac m liquid uk date of order when using our standard delivery or 48 Hour Tracked and Signed service. Malathion has been used to treat head lice since the 's.

Malathion acts by attaching itself to a chemical in the louse's nervous system and stops it working. The nervous system then collapses and the louse dies. It is suitable for children from the age of 6 months as well as sufferers of asthma and sensitive skin.

Work Derbac-M into the hair spreading the liquid evenly from the roots to the tips. Leave the hair to dry naturally in a warm but well ventilated room. After 12 hours, or the next day, if preferred, shampoo hair in the normal way. Apply Derbac-M Liquid to the entire skin surface. Pay particular attention to all hairy areas including beards and moustaches. Avoid any other areas above the neck. Leave on for at least one hour before washing but preferably Derbac-M Liquid should be left on overnight.

Wash off in the usual manner. In adults it may not be necessary to buy derbac m liquid uk Derbac-M Liquid above the neck but children under the age of 2 years should have a thin film of Derbac-M Liquid applied to the scalp, face and ears, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Do not wash Derbac-M Liquid off, or bathe for 24 hours.

If hands or any other parts must be washed during this period, the Derbac-M Liquid treatment must be reapplied to those areas immediately. When Derbac M Liquid is used by a school nurse or other health officer in the mass treatment of large numbers of children, it is advisable that protective buy derbac m liquid uk or rubber gloves be worn. Continued prolonged treatment with this product should be avoided. It should be used not more than once a week and for not more than 3 consecutive weeks.

Description Derbac-M Liquid kills head lice, crab pubic lice, and scabies mite: Kills Head Lice, Crab Lice and Scabies Mite Water rather than alcohol based Can be used on children from 6 months Ideal where with asthma buy derbac m liquid uk sensitive skin is a problem 12 hour application, applied to dry hair Malathion has been used to treat head lice since the 's.

Directions Treatment of Head Lice: Rinse the hair and comb whilst wet to remove dead lice and eggs nits. Treatment of Crab Pubic Lice: Family members and close contacts should also be treated with Derbac-M Liquid simulataneously. Warnings Do not use if you have a known sensitivity to malathion. Not to be used on infants less than 6 months except on medical advice.

Infants under six months should only be treated under medical supervision. No known effects in pregnancy and lactation. However, as with all medicines, use with caution. Avoid contact with the eyes. For external buy derbac m liquid uk only. Keep out of the reach of children. If inadvertently swallowed, a doctor or casualty department should be contacted at once.

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