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Is BitConnect about to fail? Why are the numbers falling? That said I have been watching the number of people who are listed at the scam and posting in the comments on post 4. This paid off as msstraney pointed out growth slowed and I noticed the numbers fell! It seems to have slowed down and reversed. After hitting a high of 9,? The numbers seem to have fallen to a recent 8, I believe this is the number of active wallets on the BitConnect block chain.

It is updated about every six hours. If people are leaving, wallet balances would fall to zero and no longer be counted.

That said, you can actually inspect many of the wallets, individual balances and all transactions on the block chain explorer. If you can make heads or tails of all the transactions you will be doing better than me! In full disclosure, I don't trust any of the numbers from BitConnect. The cool block explorer I have used, has features in Beta and has various warnings everywhere.

My guesstimate also gave this scam a few more months, but those are purely guesses. I thought it was an interesting data point. This could be the beginning of the end of BitConnect. Building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube was also hoping to get some others building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube and inputs on what this might mean.

For full data be sure to visit comments on post 4. Updated as an easy place to keep track of building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube data Almost all the addresses have funds again.

Looks like they've bumped some funds from out of the top to the little wallets. We might expect that this circulation is necessary for fictitious price pumping with matching blockchain records.

Also, is there building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube legitimate reason to use wallets like this? The only reason for and method of liquidation would be to trade to BTC I. So I building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube a bunch of time on both the BCC and the bitcoin blockchain.

While I wanted to building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube up an article explaining it all; I have not been totally able to figure it out; and quite honestly, spent time and effort on more worthy pursuits. But when I think is going on is massive moving of funds to confuse people. Imagine the following Scenario. We want to create a scam, yet hide what we are doing. You have to try to think like an enemey Well They could create 5 picking this number out of the air fake accounts for every one real account.

You could pay out small amounts of the money from a fake account to a fake account every day based on the interest rate. This would make the fake accounts look more real. You could also sweep all these fake interest payments back into any other sort of account. You could do this so that anyone who tried to look at all of your transactions gets really confused it is working and anyone who wants to "verify their transaction" can still do so.

I think this is what they are in fact doing. It is a lot like a bitcoin washer or Etherium washer. While there is a cost transaction fees keeping everyone in the dark helps them perpetrate this fraud. I was getting so I was starting to figure out which transaction was which, but then I gave up moved on. On the BTC chain wallets that blinked into and out of existence were either.

A just there to confuse people or b daily interest payments. In the Bitcoin blockchain I believe they send out daily interest payments to a bitcoin address every day. If you "reinvest" they send that money back into the pool. That said everyone does not go to the website every day, so these payments can site there for a period of time and then several can be swept up at once -as they are sold or reinvested.

I building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube exploring the blockchain, inspecting time stamps and using You tube videos and transaction confirmation codes to verify real world withdrawls. There was a logic and I think I was following a fair amount of it. However, I still got a lot of questions I did not have good answers for.

What cohort you are in is dependent on how many coins you have. How many coins you have is dependent on 1 how much you invested and 2 when you invested. People who invest early have a lot more and people who invested more money have a lot more. I don't think loan balances adequately explain the movement. Since, as you noted, there is a day maturity period. I would expect that loans would mature on a rolling basis.

This could explain how the drawdown occurred, but does not explain the rapid repopulating of the wallets. I agree with your thinking here. If the data in the BCC chain is honest. We should be able to see 1 the date every loan started. From that we should also be able to check our figures with daily interest payments. We would be able to know, when every loan was made.

What interest is paid, if that interest is reinvested or paid out. We could conglomerate the data knowing every single customer and every single payment in and out. We could then predict the exact day it will blow up! I got frustrated and gave up before I got to that data. I think the data in the Bitcoin blockchain is a lot more "dependable.

I think i could get to it, but building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube would take too much work. I don't have all the right tools, time effort. After I spent a couple of hours I started to notice things and then it started to make sense.

Let me mention it here so you -and anyone else investigating knows to look for it. They purposefully complicate the data with false payments to confuse us. You have to find a few real payment, then go back and evaluate the other payments. By ID each one temporarily as real or fake and moving up and down the chain you can see the patterns. This is this amount and you can then start to figure out other accounts.

Generally, I saw about 5 fake transactions for every 1 real transaction. I believe every account has multiple addresses as well. Also, I don't know if you've noticed this already, or if I'm missing something. Here is my preliminary analysis: Also, I noted that the following days within the past year did not have enough block chain transaction volume building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube the minimum possible exchange transaction volume:.

I read somewhere on the internet that BitConnect "pressured" Coin Market cap into listing its own exchange. If you look at volume on Coin Market Cap by exchange. Lets talk about gorillas? Where does an pound gorilla sit? BCC is that pound gorilla. So that basically means they can send whatever data they want to coinmarketcap.

I would also share I got a love hate relationship with coin market cap. I love the data they have it is very useful and all put together, I think it is one of the best sources of data around right now. If you know of a better one please share. That said, their data is not exactly clean, honest or filtered.

Basically, a lot of data is crap. I detailed that here In defense of coin market cap, it is not just data at one or two of the markets, it is also a massive amount of data at any manymost?

You really have to look into it closely t see what it really says. I think coin market cap is probably just doing the best they building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube with what they get. Garbage in is garbage out. It is just building your own cryptocurrency trading bot usingyoutube of the pump and dump coins and cons fake the data. They have bots artifically create whatever number and type of transactions they need to manufacture the volume of transactions they think would "look" good.

I mean just imagine for a minute Bitconnect is legitimate. And it only "sold" BCC tokens twice. One when a customer joined and then once when they left.

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