Ether’s Hacker About Vulnerability of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum

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The most widely known use of the technology to date has been bitcoin, but blockchain is ripe with possibilities that go far beyond digital currency, with the potential to impact many industries, including higher education. There is much interest in the ways that blockchain might impact higher education. For example, the use of blockchain as a construct to empower the granting and standardized recognition of microcredentials think digital badges, MOOC certificates, etc.

The idea is being explored at schools like MIT that have developed blockchain-based certification protocols. It is important to note that this is an open standard, which blockchain university hackathon meaning the technology for adoption and collaboration, and lays a foundation for an interoperable credentialing ecosystem.

Another higher education institution taking a lead in the exploration of blockchain is the U. This blockchain university hackathon meaning online school has founded the Open Blockchain initiative, driven by the belief that blockchain technology can be used in education in many interesting and potentially revolutionary scenarios.

Back home, The University of Texas System is also incorporating a blockchain-based credentialing construct. Lemoie says blockchain university hackathon meaning of the challenges with the distribution of digital badges is that they are stored on web servers.

Servers hosting these services can fail, meaning digital badge content may sometimes be unavailable. Additionally, there is no inherent transactional history when badges are delivered this way. An advantage of blockchain-based data is its wide distribution designed to ensure its availability, as well as the transactional nature of how the data is stored. With blockchain, a record of what happened and when is blockchain university hackathon meaning permanent and tamper-proof.

BEN, as it is known, encourages the development of blockchain clubs on campuses across the world and actively encourages blockchain adoption. While it will be a few years before blockchain university hackathon meaning see widespread blockchain adoption in higher education and industry, efforts are already well underway to drive innovation with this powerful next-generation technology.

Skip to main content. Blockchain can increase online trust of higher ed systems. New technology could bolster digital badges and e-portfolios, among other innovations for colleges. University Business, February Microcredentials movement There is much interest in the ways that blockchain might impact higher education.

More blockchain university hackathon meaning like this The dawning of the digital canvas in higher ed. The State of Credentialing report by the Lumina Foundation. Stackable, flexible and connected options for college students.

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