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Here is all you need to know in order to be prepared for the snapshot and claim your BTCP. First, users must own either Bitcoin, ZClassic, or both, in order to be eligible to claim Bitcoin Private from this fork.

Just like any other fork, you must first purchase your coins through an exchange. The private key is the only thing users need in order to claim their BTCP.

Going back to supported wallets; currently, there are many supported wallets. In terms of desktop wallets, it is recommended for users to use the ZClassic Electrum wallet or the newly released Bitcoin fork how to prepare node desktop wallet. Coinomi wallet mobile is also available for Android users at the moment. They have a dedicated support article guiding users on how to claim forked coins using the Coinomi wallet.

Once users have installed and set up the corresponding wallets, the next step is to send your obtained coins from the exchange to the wallet. Double bitcoin fork how to prepare three criteria:. It is highly recommended to test the functionality of your wallet addresses to confirm they are working ok. Simply send a small amount to your wallet for the first time to test.

If the transaction goes through, bitcoin fork how to prepare should be confident to send the rest all at once. Once you input the destination address, send off the funds. The transaction will take a bit of time to propagate through the blockchain and users should see the transaction as verified.

If not, give it some time. If the transaction takes an abnormally large amount of time, users should seek to troubleshoot their wallet for any possible unintended issues.

Rest assured if users have sent the transaction to bitcoin fork how to prepare correct destination with the correct wallet address, the transaction will be valid on the blockchain once the technical wallet issue is resolved.

After the transaction has arrived in your wallet, users are already prepared for the fork. To export a private key file on the Full node ZCL wallet, right click on your own receiving address and it should allow you to copy the text. You may be prompted to unlock your wallet using your encryption password if it is set.

This will prompt you for your encryption password if you have set one. Rest assured, so long as your ZCL is on one of the aforementioned wallets, you will be safe. After the fork, users are recommended to follow best practices for staying secure after participating in a fork.

This post is not financial advice and reflects the personal views of the author. The author invests in digital assets and has positions in the aforementioned cryptocurrencies. Please conduct careful due diligence and consult with investment, legal, and tax professionals before investing in any digital asset. He also co-founded Fam, a Boston based venture-backed software startup.

He is a mentor for the TechStars, a world-wide venture incubator, and is also on the board bitcoin fork how to prepare the Baystate Financial Charitable Foundation. He is very well versed in both the tech and cryptocurrency world. Double check three criteria: To reiterate, the core steps to prepare for the snapshot will include the following: First Name Email address:.

There are many people who are new to bitcoin, and who haven't yet experienced a "hard fork. A hard fork occurs when miners disagree or have a different solution that they want to put forward. These solutions create a "fork" in that one group of miners goes on their way, with their solution, and the other group of miners goes forward with their solution.

When this happens, a new coin is created, but the blockchain ledger is the same up to that point. Imagine that you're bitcoin fork how to prepare down a road. The road ahead is about to split and go in 2 different directions. Instead bitcoin fork how to prepare having to choose which direction you want to go, when you get to the fork, your car turns into two cars, one going in each direction! The cool thing is, you now own both cars. There are two hard forks coming up: They are supposed to receive it sometime in earlybut who knows?

To avoid this sort of stress and drama, just move your bitcoin into your own private wallet. One in which YOU control the private key. You can use a bitcoin paper wallet or my favorite, a Ledger Nano S. I prefer the Ledger Nano S because it adds additional safety features and when BitcoinCash forked, they were on their game and offered immediate support and instructions.

There is no reason to believe it won't be the same when BitcoinGold bitcoin fork how to prepare Segwit2X forks in the near future.

The big thing to understand is, DO NOT have your Bitcoin on any exchange when the forks take place or you might not get your forked coins. Also, expect withdrawls of Bitcoin to cease for at least 24 hours before and possibly 24 hours or longer after the hard forks occur.

This is because exchanges don't want anything happening within their system that might cause them to loose money, so they will stop all withdrawals until after the dust has settled, so to speak. If you don't have a Ledger Nano S, get one. It's one of the best investments you can make for protecting your cryptocurrency. We don't know the exact bitcoin fork how to prepare for the Segwit2X hard fork, but the same rule applies, have your bitcoin off any exchanges and in your own private wallet a couple days BEFORE the fork takes place to make sure you get that version of Bitcoin, too.

If you found this article beneficial, please up vote. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Picking Profits 6 tahun yang lalu I love bitcoin fork how to prepare, vintage, unique, and books. Global Trading Bot makes profit with international cryptocointrading, which allows us to buy coins rather cheap in one country and sell them more expensive in another.

The world' s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume Binance, is moving to Malta will soon start a fiat- to- crypto exchange. Bitcoin fork how to prepare Here is all you need to know in order to be prepared for the snapshot and claim your BTCP. First Name Email address: