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The Digital Time Capsule project is a labor of love where I filtered through over 25k of my tweets to find some old favorites about bitcoin. I bitstamp capsule screenshots and organized them for your enjoyment using Twitter Advanced Search for bitcoin from my account in This will be a series, one month of tweets per post.

Searching for and organizing the tweets for all of took more time than I anticipated, but I hope you will find it worth it and these insights from the past will help you better understand the present and the future. Experience and expertise are only gained through time, and time is our most valuable, bitstamp capsule resource. I hope you enjoy this series and appreciate the time represented here. I think these tweets are helpful to others because I first bought bitcoin in January of Since day one, I've been passionately involved in learning about and educating people on what cryptocurrency is and why I think it's going to change the world.

Relatively few people were involved in Bitcoin inso few people bitstamp capsule what it was like to experience it back then. I want to share my experience with you because I think you'll gain a bit of experiencial knowledge which may give you important context for today. As this series progresses, you may recognize similar themes from back then, over five years ago, to now.

China banning bitcoin, the dangers bitstamp capsule keeping your bitcoin on an exchange bitstamp capsule MtGoxprice volatility, holding and not selling, and the failures of the current financial system. You can click on each tweet to view the original.

If you'd like to bitstamp capsule me on Twitter, you can do so at lukestokes. Thanks to everyone who has commented on this series and told me how much they've enjoyed it. We're more than half way through already!

When I remind myself of the volatility we had back then, it makes today's volatility seem really tame in comparison. Luke Stokes is a father, husbandprogrammer, STEEM witness, bitstamp capsule voluntaryist who wants bitstamp capsule help create a world we bitstamp capsule want to live in. Bitstamp capsule vote for lukestokes. Some of things I do on the blockchain I kind of do just for me and hope others appreciate it also.

I'm going to enjoy looking back at bitstamp capsule tweets many more years from now. Lols bitcoin banned in Thailand since !? Bitstamp capsule never knew and this is my first time of hearing this. Yeah, the sad part about some of these tweet links is they are now dead. Maybe that should tell us something about the current "Bitcoin banned in First time I noticed that it is a 11 part series.

I remember a day when bitcoin crashed hard. I grabbed some emergency cash from our safe. Bitstamp capsule was raining, and I told my son to get in the car.

We drove to the bank and I did a wire transfer right then to buy bitcoin through I absolutely nailed the low and it felt really, really good.

I told my wife and by that time the price had already come back up. We replaced the emergency cash. I can't tell you how uplifting it is to hear this story from you, particularly with all this fud going around.

I am tired of hearing about bitcoin millionaires. Just want to hear more about normal folks making and getting something out of the market for their normal lives. I don't know if I am making any sense I would like to do the same with Steem, now that his price is dropped. Thank you very much, lukestokes! I still think bitcoin will bitstamp capsule more disruptive than the Internet. Imagine how many people in the future will say, bitstamp capsule wish I knew bitstamp capsule user on Steemit in Hope the market increases in the next months to new ATHs.

I am surely voting you on witness support me sometime if you want. It is good to see, that FUD already was widely spread back then. It has to give us hope! Nice to read how some people were thinking about bitcoin in Back in those days I still had the impression that I was something dark belonging to some kind of dark web.

O boy, how wrong was I! July Digital Time Capsule: Welcome to part 6 of 11! I hope you find it useful. July Thanks to everyone who has commented bitstamp capsule this series and bitstamp capsule me how much they've enjoyed it.

Stay tuned for bitstamp capsule from August ! Authors get paid when people like you upvote their bitstamp capsule. It's good when you do something for yourself and others like it With this, I have no doubt that cryptos will be up again.

Or what do you think? I wouldn't be so committed to this bitstamp capsule unless I believed in it's future value bitstamp capsule the world. I completely agree with time is our most valuable, non-renewable resource and this is why I'm really grateful for the time you gift us! It's amazing how much foresight you had back then! Very useful and informative post. I wish I had known you in Bitcoin dangerous to Bitstamp capsule empire?

How dangerous could it be that it neccesisated it ban.

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