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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. You can bitgold gold cube stud your accounts by clicking here. Dominaria Retrospective by Mark Winters. Magic Market Index for May 3rd, All Sets Are Good: Half Man, Half Potato. Cubing has been a hobby of mine for almost tow years bitgold gold cube stud and t has bitgold gold cube stud me nothing but joy.

It has been quite an exercise in designing the perfect Magic set. When I started on this version of my cube I knew I wanted to make sure that mono-colored decks were a possibility that wouldn't always be in the shadow of the three to five color decks.

I feel like I have been successful in this pursuit. Ignoring Archetype, in magic there are 32 decks. If I want people to play mono colored decks, I have to give them the tools to do so. Mainly mono colored cards. Well it won't make a lick of difference if between signets, bitgold gold cube stud, fetchlands, shocklands, revised duals, filters, painlands, bitgold gold cube stud lands, and vivids I end up drafting 12 non basic lands and I can just play any 7 colors that I want.

Lowering the amount of mana fixing does two things to advance me towards my goal. And it also has one more bonus. Fewer dual lands means more card slots can be dedicated towards artifact and mono colored cards. If you don't get anything more than a dual and a signet, you might think twice before splashing for Red and Green in you black deck.

And the unintended bonus. Less Mana Fixing means players have to aggressively take it more. Resulting in a difficult choices between the mana fixing they need and the business cards they want. The third thing I need to do is to look towards cards that have more colored mana symbols in the top right. Mire Boa and River Boa get better and better the more dual lands your opponents play. I should look for more creatures like this.

This time I bitgold gold cube stud to leave it out. It does not bitgold gold cube stud sense to add color hosers to a format that tries to bitgold gold cube stud mono colored play since one of the easiest defenses against this is to simply play more colors. Which leads me to my next point. I have to question the inclusion of "Protection from Color". The easiest way for a black deck to deal with a white knight is to splash for burn.

Currently I'm playing a bit of Color Protection. Most prominently in White. When I draft, I tend bitgold gold cube stud end up with white decks more often than I should. I just love the color and bitgold gold cube stud it whenever possible. Of the five colors white and black are the most alike.

Both of them struggle with their color identities. Blue is a hard line control color. Red and green are firmly on the aggressive side bitgold gold cube stud the spectrum. But black and white want to do both at the same time. We are currently in the golden era for powerful white cards. Wizard's recent creature power creep has done much to flesh out the power-level of the color.

Gone are the days where we struggle to have an effective one drop after Savannah Lions, Mother of Runes, and Isamaru. Now I have seven quality mono white one-drops. And Figure of Destiny and Loam Lion provide us with two more in the multicolor section. The quality of removal has also bitgold gold cube stud greatly. Bitgold gold cube stud use to be an acceptable card to play in a cube of my size. The bitgold gold cube stud of this is White has benefited most from Wizards recent sets.

The main focus of White in my cube is to act as an aggressive color. As I said in my focus category, weenie aggression is the main archetype I want to support in this section. Moat does not jive in that deck at all. I have one flying creature in my two drops, and one in my four drops. I've been cubing for aover two years now. I at one point polled my players and asked them bitgold gold cube stud the recursion ability of Eternal Dragon has ever been used.

We could recall one game in which it had. Most of the time the Dragon is cycled for land. Blue is probably my second go to color for drafting.

Blue fits on the most right side of the control vs agro pendulum. Blue has few aggressive cards worth playing. As a result the average mana cost of this section tends to be a bit higher than elsewhere. With Wizard's recent push to emphasize creatures it might be possible to have blue be able to move from a pure control to more creature oriented.

Right now bitgold gold cube stud is not an option, but right now it is not. We are in bitgold gold cube stud odd era for blue. Wizards seems hellbent on making the color worse. And then they print Jace the Mind Sculptor and we have a new best card in standard. Seriously, we had just gotten rid of Cryptic Command.

The main focus of Blue is control. It would be impossible to build a blue main aggressive deck in my cube. But there are a few cards that you might be able to play in an aggressive deck splashing blue. Mostly I just keep on neglecting to print a proxy out of this card. Or I have other cards I want to experiment with more than Time Spiral.

Since this has been unbanned, I"m unlikely to ever pick one up. I hate proxying a card and thinking, it's never going to get better than this. It's just not a blue card. I was really hopping for more playable colored artifacts to boost my artifact count for cards like this and Academy RUins. Sally scards has been failing on this one. Wizards seems at a loss for what they want Black to be doing now a days. Back during Time Spiral era the bitgold gold cube stud was getting great control spells like Damnation and awesome finishers like Kokoshu.

Now the color is starting to be biased towards aggressive strategies with cards like Sign in Blood and the entire Vampire tribe. Black needs some form of life gain in it. I count seventeen forums of self mutilation in black right now.

Vampire Nighthawk and Sorin Markov were godsends for helping to reverse this problem with some life gain. Wizards realy needs to print a color-shifted Knight of Meadowgrain to help out. Currently black does not have the wealth of one drops with good power: But the inclusion of 1cc discard and Dark Ritual helps to give black more turn one plays.

Black is more on the control end of the scale than white. Black has a large catalog of great removal spells and awesome discard. Also since Wizard's thinks black can get almost any effect if you attack a life cost on it because black is evil it does not have a problem having a wide array of effects.

I never found this card to be the powerhouse that it is in constructed formats. Due to a lack of a critical mass of ritual effects, black has a bitgold gold cube stud time ramping into this and then playing a few spells. Red has always been one of the harder colors for me to design. I don't play the color unless forced to. As a result most of my proxies tend to bitgold gold cube stud red. Red is the most two dimensional color in the cube, and it shows. Wizard has had an idea about what they wanted to do with red since Day one.

Burn, blow things up, and Dragons. And they have stayed true to that goal ever since. Sadly most of the powerful cards that Wizard's has printed lately have been reprints. Lightning Bolt and Ball Lightning might have been great for standard, but they didn't help us cubers. I'm moving red from pure agro to agro with some mana denial.

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