bitconnectx selling out fast as bcc website down eos btc gold ethereum trending btc

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It never protected shit from DDOS. They should be hosting in a DataCenter that support DOS attacks not relying on that useless cloudflare service. BCC is up but people are scared shitless and selling off like crazy. This doesnt help BCC at all. If they cant keep their site online and stable people will be bailing. Its just a filter. I bitconnectx selling out fast as bcc website downeos btc gold ethereum trending your vids, earing you talking about crypto and all the other topics, it's relaxing and informative, thanx!

I would file a copyright claim against those sites that are re-hosting your content. Filing that with Youtube should be enough to either get them taken down or Youtube will remove it themselves. GDay from Melbourne Australia mate. I'm certainly hoping that the BCC website comes back up soon. By the way, if you're in Johor, I've got a cousin who's a hotel manager in one of the nice hotels there, I could organise a great deal for bitconnectx selling out fast as bcc website downeos btc gold ethereum trending.

No logo, no branding. They take all this time hours upon doubt fueling, agonizing hours delivering surprise and panic to their base and afterwards this is the best they can do? Ironically, such self-inflicting wounds continue to create more problems that their sudden downtime was to prevent and curb.

Somebody continues to misinform bad advice and direction: I am monitoring this Bitconnectx site for days now and waiting for the 12 am to pass and it never showed anything other than zero.

Why is Bitconnect bowing down to US "states". Nobody seems to be able to complete this sentence: Obliterate you with a DDos attack?? Come after your anonymous owners?? Thanks for all your commitment. I have a question. Do you believe that keep BCC's is still a good idea?

Or do you think, according to your knowledge that the coin is going up sooner? January 14, Cryptov 29 Comments.

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