Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, Security, Mining, Capitalism and MSM – John McAfee & Peter Saddington

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This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck! Bitcoin vs bitcoin cash security mining capitalism and msmjohn mcafeepeter saddington appreciate you I know I do my mind is so busy now with more ideas to execute John McAfee is a inspiration It is the platform allowing to use templates for creation and the organization of your ICO, release of own cryptocurrency and many another. A lot of negativity in the comments coming from such a epic interview!

I just started following you a few weeks ago. It takes some kind of asshole to repeatedly and sarcastically call a clearly ill man healthy. You should treat John with some respect given the fact that he is doing you a huge favor by being on your show and attracting an audience that would have never seen your shitty interviews in the first place. We all know he's doing this for profit but does he care who he hurts?

Just got into ICX with the rest of the crew. Keep up the great work! We are preparing for the worst visioning the best protectors of earth and followers of truth. Lnowledge is power continue to gain knowledge or follow a leader of the millenial patriots that runs a division. Personal income tax is THEFT invented in world war 2 to pay for the war sure then left in place forevereverything we buy is taxed and FIAT currency just keeps getting devalued daily paper money is printed to keep it afloat sooner or later it will collapse and people wish they owned BITCOIN.

The USSA has over trillion of debt they lie it's not 20 with future obligations once that behemoth folds the rest will follow it might just be a good thing a new system Who gives a fuck about the food. Next time do a better job editing. Bitcoin vs bitcoin cash security mining capitalism and msmjohn mcafeepeter saddington to the chase, give us the skinny, and stop kissing so much ass.

I had to give you a thumbs down and turn you off at the 5 minute mark. We don't have the time or patience for B. BiteSizeBitcoin, for your viewing patrons who may have wanted to support your channel, why do you have a Patreon account, and not a crypto-currency account? Fiat currency is so worthless and deflating it's a joke. Peter sad to say but I find your content less an less watchable man. Honestly the fact that you are interviewing great guests is commendable I dunno who the computer ninjas are criticising you, I woulda done the same - he is a lunatic lets be honest hard to handle I think you did it the right way: Haha bro this is why I love you!

You're so positive even with criticism just trolling. I would never bitcoin vs bitcoin cash security mining capitalism and msmjohn mcafeepeter saddington from you father of the cryptonation. I can't believe John is going so out of the way to back Fake Satoshi and Roger's scamcoin.

Man looks like McAfee is packing deep. Thanks for the video tho. Trying to be a woke chinkerr How can I be like John McAfee and make millions. What in the actual fuck is this? Very unique interview - Thanks for this!

Civil Disturbia John McAfee:

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Will not be a n00b. My personal google sheet: The Greatest Crypto Portfolio Struggle! YOU come to a decision. Join this interactive livestream and vote to opt for the coins we incorporate to our portfolios and see who earns much more. Ben Epstein November 27, 9: Brighton Chou November 27, 9: Earej November 27, 9: Bitcoin Artist November 27, 9: If mining is centralized the miner can steal coins! John is conveniently ignoring this. BCH scammers do not.

Primal Frog November 27, 9: Heinz Schumacher November 27, 9: But we can decentralize Mining verry easy.

Dustin Durfee November 27, 9: From now on let's just print the questions and drop the hostess, nothing like an asian ryan seacrest dropping cliche platitudes to D-bag up an interview.

K G November 27, 9: Mr P November 27, 9: Xander Petty November 27, 9: Galveston Kayak Outfitters November 27, 9: L2design November 27, 9: Fredrik Thorsen November 27, 9: Liked John, but why does the interviewer keep laughing at things that isnt funny nor ment to be.. Crypto Ware November 27, 9: Ruck Bogers November 27, 9: Jacques Pasquinel November 27, 9: Terrantulla November 27, 9: Im sorry but I lost all respect for Mr.

I used to be hooked on his talks about how bitcoin is a tool to liberate us from all the corrupt governments and banks of the world. Suddenly its a business. Bitcoin Cash was created by a small group of people driven by greed and lust for power. Bitcoin Cash cannot be the tool which will allow us to fight the governments because it is not decentralized and it will ultimately fail.

FuuuhQ2 November 27, 9: RiffRaff November 27, 9: McAfee is right about the gambling perspective, everyone wants him to tell them who to bet on, lol, he doesn't have a crystal ball. Texas NightOwl November 27, 9: The consumer gets screwed by consolidation. That is why unregulated capitalism results in slavery of the masses for the unbridled benefit of the few. It's not about the mining it's about who writes the blockchain.

Joshua Kim November 27, 9: Isn't block size scaling just a band-aid solution? But what we are talking about is not Jihan jump ship because we the users have set the playing field and Jihan just do what is most profitable for him. We are talking about who gives Roger Ver the right to hard fork bitcoin into bitcoin cash?

Cerainly was not the consensus of the users. Bitcoin is open source so that the users can verify the code, as an open source community we give consensus for anyone to copy this code to do what they feel fit. But the Bitcoin data block chain is not something that Roger ver or his group or Jack Lau and Bitcoin Gold team can just copy the Bitcoin chain. Why don't they start again with a new Bitcoin Cash Genesis block? On top of this we as the users have no control over the mining difficulty settings, therefore while we sleep someone and the mining companies lower the difficulty so they can mine a shit load of coins and then Roger Ver goes public pumping false information about Bitcoin Cash to get more speculation so that the Roger and Jihan can dump their coins.

That is what is wrong my friend. Richard stenkson November 27, 9: Why don't you invest now for the future Bitcoin X Binary Options. Do you want to make extra income on weekly basis, I want to introduce you to my secret strategy that can generate huge profits within a short period of time.

My strategy is unique and efficient be part of the testimony. Chris C November 27, 9: Evan Branson November 27, 9: Peter I love that you and Mcafee are doing this- its awesome. I am still thinking there are some unanswered questions when it comes to mining centralization..

I would be interested in your take and in what he would say to — 1: If the miners are able to actually wrest the bitcoin name, doesnt that prove the concept of bitcoin to be ultimately flawed as the value of the original chain would be cast aside?

All that value that is supposed to be imutable, wouldn't. It seems to me that the only way to ever believe in the efficacy of bitcoin, that it would have to be able to resist this kind of name attack. Maybe Mcaffee thinks that the users can determine the real bitcoin in spite of miners controlling the network and the fees and spam the network to raise fees [like what just happened to bitcoin btw] , and thinks this is the only way, but I find this to be not the whole picture..

I love Mcaffee but he is a large scale miner who would possibly say it doesnt matter, when it does, as it would benefit him greatly as a businessman. I'm also long in MGMT btw haha. Vegan gangsta November 27, 9: Mike Oxlong November 27, 9: Banana Bandana November 27, 9: You're suckin his dick so good sloppy top working the shaft with both hands twist action.

And he still wouldn't give the answer lol. Paula Green November 27, 9: Frank Hernandez November 27, 9: The problem, John, is that Jihan Wu is plotting to take over not only mining, but also Bitcoin itself, and we don't fucking like that. You know well that if tomorrow the core team and us users decide to get rid of fucking Asicboost for mining, Jihan would be fucked, because his competitive advantage goes to shit.

That's the fucking truth John, its not capitalism, it is Chinese centralization and control. Hamdi Wahyu November 27, 9: Reliable game to get bitcoin https: Givy55 November 27, 9: See this is totally their attitude over at Bcash… What are you worried about centralization for? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Posted on March 25, 26 Comments. John wasted his time. It's like over years before all the bitcoin is mined. So it will never all be mined. McAfee doesn't even know the basics. No wonder his antivirus software was always shit. BCH has better usage. And he still wouldn't give the answer lol Damn bro your head game nice tho maybe next time Reply.

Keep Bitcoin Cash anti-corporate please.