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Resolve issue 97 You'd have to be connected to well established nodes in different parts of the world. It would only pass one of em along It did use to do it but it's been a really long time since I saw that happen last. Can you point me to one? Do they actually work for you? They did half an hour ago though You won't even see them as 0-confirms. You see those pastbin links? Thats pretty lame that nodes would show txn without a chance. Well, I have sympathy for everyone that gets screwed.

At the same time, this kind of risk is what being an early user of bitcoin is about. I merely put some pieces together and made them work for mining I did take a look at it Failed getting release file http: I'm downloading dependencies and will do the Linux gitian build thing.

What platform s did "others" manage to get a working cross-compile going on? Or who are those others so I can just ask them? Does gitian work with any arbitrary linux as the child VM, or is it debian-specific?

I'm trying to decide whether to spend any time trying to get gitian win32 builds going, or just launch a Windows AWS instance and build there. I'll probably be extra grumpy, too. Can the client validate the bitcoins on the block chain so it knows if it needs to check both signatures or not?

Is the bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams expiry thing compatible with current bitcoin clients? C needs to check B bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams the coins, no? Didn't receive OK from remote server. I guess I'll just take your word for it that is works GOing right over my head. What json wrapper are you using? I'll compile in an AWS instance I'm just looking for a way to compile pull requests so that I can play with them in windows.

So far my windows QT build efforts have been unsuccessful In particular it's because we're doing this over a finite field.

As long as it produces secure keys, it doesn't matter. You just named one. I didn't catch what you were asking, but you can have escrow signatures just by requring multiple signatures.

Bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams would send coins into the dark reaches of cyberspace, never to be seen again. So its all good. All hail Satoshi Nakamoto. We could do it so it was the same length or not. Full clients need bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams full blockchain, or at least a pruned version of it.

Embedded bitcoin wallets for cars! For real goods or virtual goods? Could you sue them if they double-spend? Chicken-and-egg problem to creating one For one, espeically right now, you could just eat the risk. The extra traffic you can get from people interested in the novelty would pay for the pretty unlikely case of small losses. Poll their API with the txid of the transaction, and it will return the estimated network propagation.

If they use a static set of nodes, and someone finds out where they're at, they can specifically target bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams nodes during the attack. Etlase seems to think bitcoin nodes should broadcast the second invalid spend as a notification to other nodes. If a node detects a "bad" txn like trying to dbl spend, it might never pass bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams along to other nodes. It would only pass one of em along. Or I suppose it technically is but it's not the kind that has a chance of actually working.

But in my understanding, even if someone mined a block with that tx, the client would still just drop the tx on the floor and even worse, the money that was used in it would be gone forever.

I've used m player encoder since forever becasuse it was the first software that could play dvds. I can't recall the last time I had a problem with audio sync going wonky with mencoder. In any case, I can't bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams them so I can't make bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams specific comment about them So either we're misunderstanding them or the node that backs up that page has been hacked to allow everything and someone is playing games.

I can only guess that there is some broken piece of software generating a transaction, and the monitoring node has had its filtering logic castrated enough to display those. We can assume pretty safely that the big mining pools will keep their stuff up to date so for 0conf transactions, -watch should give you a good indication of whether the network will honer a tx.

In any case, this probably makes mybitcoin's claims about getting screwed by double spends more plausable. I don't think so either, what people want to know is whether they are 'synchronized' or not, and if they're out of date by how much. I tried this weekend, but did not make any progress as such, I was first confused bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams an AWS was needed for gitian, but it seems you cannot use that.

I'm starting with a tree that is your pull request, I plan on getting that working, then updating all the docs to reflect 0. Expect to hear hair-pulling and gnashing-of-teeth from me over the next day or two. Im sure its simple to fix once you figure it out, I just dont have time to go disassembling code and digging through gcc docs A person said you could program bitcoin so that clients only need to check two signatures before a date before the second key becomes invalid.

But can this work? I'm confused but my main question is: If you program into the transaction what keys to check, then you could do one transaction where the third party bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams is checked and another where it isn't, no?

When A sends to B consumer and Bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams third party verifier in a joint wallet, the block chain records the public keys for B and D, no? I don't understand how you bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams a private key for a bitcoin wallet just expire from that. I guess I'll just take your word for it that is works. So it means a transaction that is pre-signed by the third party and ready to go after a certain date means the comsumer can claim the bitcoins back after bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams period?

So the bitcoins get sent to the wallet that requires two signiates but the third party creates a transaction is signs and leaves the user to sign to transfer the bitcoins back but is only valid after a certain amount of time.

So far my windows QT build efforts have been unsuccessful. Did I figure it out right? Is there any asymmetric crytography algorithm that can create bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams private keys for one public key? Well more specifically for bitcoin's ECDSA bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams you produce two private keys that are kept secret from each other that has one public key?

I'm sure I heard from someone that the current bitcoin clients can only bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams coins to wallets that have one bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams key behind it but these escrow service's have two for two signatures.

So that an algorithm that takes a fraction of a second to generate keys with multiplications takes millions of years to reverse with division? And yes, it really is so. Anywaaaay, I do not care for cryptography inner workings. The disturbing thing about cryptography is that it's security depends on the fact that we don't understand certain operations well enough to reverse them easily algrbraicly.

Sure I did hear that if you could make a really bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams prime factorisation algorithm, you could crack cryptography faster. I find that everything asymetric comes down bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams finding the intersection between 2 discrete periodic functions.

Lamport signatures are the only asymetric crypto you can explain to a complete idiot and have them really understand it and trust it for the right reasons. But there will be a period where some people can't send coins to people because they don't have the up-to-date software. Yes but the current client isn't compatible. The new addresses for multisigs would begin with another digit and wouldn't pass the same check scheme.

If you generate a random string with a 1 at the beginning and of the right length then there is a one in four billion chance that its "valid", and if you send coins to it, they'll be unrecoverable. But the new addresses wouldn't begin with a 1, wouldn't be the same length, and wouldn't have the same check scheme.

You want a lite client for embedded devices and the official client is a full bitcoin node, not a lite client. There are bitcoin ubuntu lucid dreams of things you can do. They could probably also find people with lots of BTC to buy their risk super cheap, especially if they take basic security measures.

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