When and how do you get paid?

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Please note that buyers of hashing power define the prices and we NiceHash only provide a feature-full marketplace to attract both buyers and sellers to create a competitive and profitable market. In the table below you bitcoin send threshold see payment schedule for using NiceHash Miner. Unpaid balances, lower than 0. Please also note that we are periodically discarding bitcoin send threshold, lower than 0. All balances from all algorithms are aggregated into a single payment.

You can find the information on the service fees here and the fee comparison between NiceHash wallet and external wallet here. This will help smaller miners to be paid more regularly. When and how do you get paid? General help How to start as a seller? What is happening with your computer when you are selling the hashing power?

What is hashing power and why would anyone buy it? Is my hardware supported? How to check which graphics card GPU do I have? How much can you earn? What is the service fee for sellers? What is the PPS reward system? How can you use earned Bitcoins? Why has your balance or profitability decreased? Can you change your BTC address? Can you transfer funds from external wallet to internal wallet? Why did your mining balance drop to bitcoin send threshold Why has the estimated payout date changed?

Is it better to choose NiceHash wallet or an external wallet provider? Your bitcoin send threshold provider changed your BTC address.

What can you do? How to properly use and understand Profitability calculator Mining Which Stratum servers are available?

How can you choose the optimal NiceHash stratum server? Where can you see your mining status? Why are you getting rejected shares? Is it normal that the speed jumps up and down? What happens when there are no orders? What if your hardware is not listed in the profitability calculator? Can you mine only when the bitcoin send threshold is attractive enough? Will you lose your balance if you turn off or update NiceHash Miner or if you shut down or restart your PC?

Why are there no devices shown in NiceHash Miner? Why is your profitability online different than in NiceHash Miner? Bitcoin send threshold your unpaid balance is greater than 0.

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I have requested a swift withdrawal on Dec 22 and until now (Jan 24), I still havenвt received my funds. The list is in streaming. The time couldnвt be any better to introduce the tool, given the substantial increase of altcoinsв market cap.