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Do you like bitcoin and music? It's good to hear musicians writing music about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I was surfing YouTube the other day for music but I also search a lot of bitcoin related topics and I guess YouTube put two and two together and these songs started showing up on my account.

Check out my favorite songs about Bitcoin. The first one is a blast from the recent past made by some of my bitcoin music youtube Steemians for Steemit Open Mic Week Featuring bitcoin music youtubebitcoin music youtubeand senseiteekay. Some cool grooves, right?

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did and if you know of any other cryptocurrency or blockchain related music share it here in the comments below. Learn more about Basic Universal Income here. These are great the last three are my favourites - the last bitcoin music youtube is really sweet happy Bitcoin - the third track I really liked - hope they get tonnes of exposure - thank you x.

There is also this one: Gramatik - Satoshi Nakamoto and obv the good old Zhou Tonged. Thank for information I really bitcoin music youtube them bitcoin and music. You are very remarkable i have always loved and then follow you used to.

Thanks for sharing, I had no idea these songs existed, just shows you how popular cryptocurrency is. I was actually talking about making a crypto rap today and calling it RapCoin.

Dont steal my idea anyone! Very good, I will write someday a song bitcoin music youtube bitcoin and sing it, I like bitcoin it was and still the best cryptocurrency: Music speaks louder than words. Great way to spread the word about crypto!! Congratulations, you've found a concept that is far worse bitcoin music youtube Christian rock. Bitcoins is getting so popular musicians are writing music about it.

The Blockchain Featuring verbal-dpapa-pepperand senseiteekay. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. I knew only about 3 of them. Bitcoin music youtube you knew about that one? That's a good flow. I'll add that to my playlist any day. Here is it so everyone can see it on this page. Upvoted and also resteemed: That sounds like a fun idea.

Hello friend luzcyphergreat post, I congratulate you: I really love the first one made by Steemians. Bitcoin is my favorite too but Steem was my first crypto.

We always remember our first, right? It's good to see you're still Steeming on. Trying my best as always! Thank you for sharing these videos! Absolutely I like that song.

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Hi paul,very informative video.