How to Mine Bitcoins With a GPU Using CGMiner

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The value of dedicated GPU is going beyond the needs of gaming, it is proven to fulfill the professional needs for Deep Learning researches. As it turns out the modern graphics cards are very good at achieving the framerate requirements for virtual-reality.

To our biggest surprise, GPU is profitable at mining crypto-currency again, such as Ethereum, so we can profit from our current bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu setup.

To reduce the risk of the adventure, like everyone at that time, bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu started out by utilizing the gaming GPU to reach a profitable hashrate to be explained later.

The profitability is measured by how much coin value that you generated against how much electricity that you paid. If the coin value is higher then the cost of electricity, you are in a profitable mining business, excluding the initial equipment cost.

The power consumption for each Block Erupter will be 5W, making the miner very profitable at But it is useless at Until recently Ethereumwhich is believed to be Bitcoin 2. Also, adding to the miner incentive, the Ethereum trading price has enjoyed some significant growth.

As a Ethereum Miner and Researcher, there are few essential concepts must be clarified for the purpose of mining. The key cryptocurrency technology is Blockchain. Since the Blockchain has been distributed throughout the open network, other untempered copy of the Blockchain bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu continue to maintain the truth.

The tempered Blockchain will simply be ignored. This picture explains the Blockchain Security by showing the current Block bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu the hash value of the previous Block. If the previous Block content has been modified, the hash value will be different. In addition, this is impossible to reverse engineering the content to produce the same hash value, as if modifying the content enough to fake the hash value.

This is the beauty of the Cryptographic Hash Function ; even if you changed a single character, the hash value will be changed so significantly such that you have no way to control the changes. For the Blockchain of cryptocurrency, e. Imagine the following Blocks for the coin transactions, we can always trace back the origin of a coin. For example, the coin sent by can bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu traced back in time through the Blockchain connectivity, where the totality of coins funding are received from and transactions.

However, we have noticed the original funding seems to come bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu the thin air. This picture illustrated all coins sent and received can be traced through the Blockchain. Except the origin of funding seems to be generated from the thin air, which is the reward of mining.

The original funding of is the reward of mining. The miner provides the computational power in the form of electricity consumption, to produce the hash value signature to a Block. The effort of finding the correct hash value is also known as Proof of Work. The miner who first successfully found the correct hash value will be reward with some number of coins.

This is precisely the concept bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu mining which is rewarding the coins for solving the hash value problem, benefiting the Blockchain to advance in space and time. Many popular opinion doubts about the value of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The computational power in the form of electricity consumption is the value of the coin.

But the Bitcoin or Ethereum has the value stored by the difficulty of their generation. The remaining question is the significance of the network difficulty. We say the equivalent of 1 guess is equal 1 hash, the difficult is In bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu, a player needs to guess 5 times before a guess is hitting the correct number.

However, if this guessing game is having too many guesses happening in a short time, the correct guess may happen too fast. This is the essence of using the network difficulty to control how fast a correct guess can happen. This picture explain the input of the hash function must be manipulated to generate a hash result of specified difficulty. The difficulty is a pattern of easy comparison, in this case, the hash result is less than Different cryptocurrency has different hash algorithm and requirements, but the essence of a hash is the same.

If a miner be the first who compute the hash result matched the requirements bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu the whole network; then that winning miner will be reward with the coins! The prerequisite to mining is having a machine installed with a modern GPU. For a typical gamer or a Deep Learning researcher, you would probably have a Windows 10 machine ready to be deployed for Ethereum mining.

Showing Claymore Ethereum Miner in action after all the following setup. GPU can be put to work hard for your money. Jaxx is a multipurpose cryptocurrency wallet that can run on any platform. Miner needs to get the public address of the Ethereum wallet; that public address is used to store the mining rewards.

Please follow the Mining Clients - Claymore - Windows instructions from Nanapool help page, the next few steps repeat the important info. MSI Afterburner as the overclock setup and monitor. This should reduce the power draw and the temperature of the GPU, while maintaining a great hashrate! The Claymore miner comes with many batch scripts to do mining. It is using Nanapool in US east cost address eth-us-east1. As a general rule of thumb, choose a pool address that is closest to your geographic location.

From the illustrated output, Ethereum mining logs are prefixed with ETH: We can see the miner is fetching jobs from eth-us-east1. The shared computation effort will be awarded relative to the overall pool contribution to the winning Block! We need to understand how to keep our mining profitable by using a Ethereum calculator to estimate earnings. Here is one calculator by inputing the hashrate, power consumption and power cost per kiloWatt to estimate the profit https: The estimated dollar earning is affected by the current Ethereum trading price.

It is easier to measure by ETHs that have been mined. Visit Nanpool and search for the Ethereum public address. It will display the mining statistics. Another article should be written on how to build this dedicated hardware. Toggle navigation Benny's Mind Hack. Home About me Tags. Ethereum Mining Until recently Ethereumwhich is believed to be Bitcoin 2.

Blockchain for Distributed Trust The key cryptocurrency technology is Blockchain. Difficulty for Timeliness The remaining bitcoin mining software windows 10 gpu is the significance of the network difficulty.

Here is a quick run down on the 10 steps.

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