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I managed to get my hands on a few Sapphire X cards this past week, and have done a little bit of experimenting. First, the X is essentially a re-brandedwhich means they can be undervolted using VBE7 and the method I previously outlined for the The best choice for those of you without access to very cheap electricity is probably something like this platinum-rated Seasonic PSU. These are early test results, but they should get most of you up and running with acceptable performance.

My tests were done on a platform with all of the hardware outlined in my guidethe only exception being that the PSU was substituted for a larger watt unit, and of course the GPUs were replaced with X cards. For my tests, I was running Xubuntu Oddly bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x, setting the core clock speed any higher than mhz results in lower cgminer performance.

If you have another brand of X, you may want to try mhz or mhz for the core clock speed --gpu-engineas many people report the best success in that range. One interesting note is that the X seems to be pretty bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x to heat, bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x will self-throttle its performance down whenever GPU temperatures get over 70C or so at least, my Sapphires do.

I am seeing many more x rigs out there due to the increase in cost of the s and the bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x thereof of bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x cards.

I have just watched as they went from to over a card. You can see how much I am earning on my daily record page over at my site. Click my name if interested. I have a kilohash rig rolling nicely over at multipool and the results might shock you.

I am building 2 rigs with 2 cards each, because bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x PSUs that I got are W, thus not enough for more than 2 cards. The point is to add more cards later if I figure out a way to connect 2xW PSUs to work together on one board. I did some more tests with the bad card, but nothing happened. I tried with it alone in the rig — no post.

I also tried one working card in the PCIe x16 slot and the bad card in PCIe x4 slot and the result was the system booting and crashing at the windows 8 welcome screen. Windows eventually loaded and I saw only one gpu recognized in Device Manager. I have already returned the faulty card to service and I am on the 1-month replacement queue now. Sapphire is really struggling to fulfil all orders at the moment. Hopefully more cards bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x I have ordered will come next week, so I will fill my gap.

As for the current working setups — I am not using crossfire, of course, that was just for testing. No dummy plugs either. I found c, m, 1. Note that there is a decrease in the memory from default. The card runs with the above settings at around 65C degrees. What I found strange is that 2 of these 3 cards run by default at 1. Could it be a card-specific issue or should I take it as bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x I do have a small problem with one of the cards absorbing heated air from the other one, so the temps are 66C and C respectively.

When the hotter card reaches 82C the fans go above rpm for a while to take it down to 79C. The cooler card stays at around rpm and is fairly quiet. I will eventually get some riser cables in order to separate the cards for better cooling.

Thanks a lot for your comments! I will keep posting if I find out something interesting about the settings. I have a rig with both a and r9 x. To be honest, I find your reasoning behind 2 rigs kinda weird. Aside of that you need to buy a extra Mainboard, CPU, Memory and possibly harddrive just to run the second rig. In my eyes a w PSU is cheaper then the Combi: The reason behind 1 card showing as 1.

Trixx wont apply the settings unless you manually set the 2 cards using the dropdown menu at the top. The same goes for FAN settings in Trixx. If you reboot your Rig, and autostart everthing including Trixx only the first card settings will be loaded, not the second or third. So every time you reboot your system you need to manually set Trixx for cards 2 and 3. Unless someone knows a fix? Last but not least: I dont think it lasts very long, you know with moisture, condensation, wind and the occasional random animal that comes by and shits on it.

The balcony is glass-insulated, by the way, not open-air, so no animals and rain there. About the voltage — I know they are supposed to run at 1. I am running them at 1. I had to revive it by upping the voltage to 1. No malfunctions since then.

The Tri-X seems to get about KH with a specific set of settings. The Dual-X gets KH with the exact same settings. The voltages are a bit different… but everything else is identical. Can anyone educate me? I think core clock, memclock, tcg 2, and w So with those exact same settings though the Dual-X does really poorly.

I have two Tri-X and they both can do with those settings under Linux. Previously, i had core clock, memclock, tcg 2, and w and the Toxics ran at stable. Have been all over the settings and found that the best settings for a provided you can keep it in a cool enough environment are eng mem I bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x powertune Powertune is the biggest cause of high temp, and I have to adjust it down during warmer days to keep cgminer from shutting down.

I would go with one of these cards: The guy in this thread really knows what he is talking about. Can you make a picture speed proof? I installed a rig with bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x x cards, I am lacking the Ohm resistors at the moment. All other settings and hardware are the same as in the Linux guide. I am still tweaking settings, of coure… but largely the rig has been running stable for days now without the Ohm resistors or other dummy plugs.

I can say that without dummy plugs my rig s seem to run fine in Linux. Running 9x HIS R9 x. The rest of the config mentioned in this article is right on. Temps stay between C without addition of bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x cooling.

Average temperature room on a large shelving setup. If this helps anyone, I am using 6 cards two w power supplies on a 15amp circuit in my house. This is useful when calculating your power usage and cost. Slightly off topic but worth mentioning for newbies…dont use cheap surge protectors or power strips.

Unless you like the smell of hot plastic. Even rated to 15amps…some cheap power strips dont do well with watts rolling through them. That would be watts or. That should clear things up…. Each outlet in the house is a v 15amp outlet. Every kilowatt is 8.

But my breakers dont pop. So the three cards per power supply are using less than watts…less than the maximum possible. I recommend still using the w power supply for every 3 cards however.

Shorting yourself will cause crashes. This seems to add up with two months of electric bills. First 3 days of the month of mining at current exchange rates…covers the electricity. I was just giving a base line for new miners to start at. Hoping to help in the purchasing bitcoin mining radeon r9 280x. The settings in the article are accurate to get close to Then play with the core clock until you get what you want. For finetuning you should use thread concurrency. You can find a detailed description here: I know, the docs are for sgminer but work for cgminer too.

I can go past if I up the juice a little. I like to use cgWatcher works with cgminer AND sgminerto see a little bit more statistics. You can combine it with cgRemote costs a little, but I really like it.

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R9 x gigabyte litecoin. See test results below overclock core clock , why you underclock memory undervolt VDCC. Running smos linux from ltcrabbit. They work with many Radeon sSapphire Gigabyte etc. HIS R9 x, , Ethereum. R9 X in pdf form, then you have come on to the loyal website.

All posts must be related to Litecoin or Litecoin mining. Coin switching multicoin pool posts and advertising are not allowed as they do support the Litecoin network. Any hard disk will do. R9 x gigabyte litecoin ethereum blockchain size now bitcoin aliens. Time is money in crypto currency mining. January 26, at 7 14 pm.

Coolermaster VW ; Graphic Cards: Even a usb with linux live image. Took it down off the PVC tree I made. Radeon r9 x litecoin mining Bitcoin processing speed KHash when mining litecoin. Flashear Bios R9 x Gigabyte1 2 Buenas, quiero flashear la bios de mi r9 x pero no se cual ponerle. I bought a case to protect my hardware. Anything like , Rx is considered a good one. Needless to say, anyone mining. Top Rated Plus Sellers with highest buyer ratings Returns, money. I just installed a new R9 x sapphire L OC but I m only As common as it is in Bitcoin what was the gigabyte bios that you used.

R9 x sapphire r9 , sapphire litecoin mining rig r9 Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Mining as soon as i got to but now theyre green and i went thru a whole stack of.

Are you using any special cooling system because I have a similar setup to you3 x r9 x gigabyte GPU s and mine overheats. At a suggested price of, the R9 is just20 cheaper than the R9 X that launched last October. You may read Litecoin Scrypt Mining Configurations for. Bitcoin mining Graphics Card Performance Chart.

Find great deals on eBay for r9 x sapphire and r9 x. R9 x gigabyte litecoin bitcoin qt wallet security how to quickly get bitcoin in freebitcoin obpp bitcoin iota sigma pi scholarship dear hack bitcoin. I have three different models: Mining from need help. Hi guys, how much are you getting from a single R9 x. Build your own Litecoin Mining Rig.

If you re running an R9 GPU, please leave your hashrate benchmarks. Dogecoin Bitcoin s poor cousin. The hardware used in this video. R9 Bitcoin Litecoin mining rigs19 KH s. AMD Sempron Sargas 2. Us u yasi p oneintensity thirteenworksize lookup hole two. Abrir un intercambio de bitcoins.

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