Is your Wi-Fi disconnecting frequently while mining? Here is a fix

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This is good to know as i was contemplating wi-fi. Having ethernet cables all over the place is out of the question for me. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! April in Mining. Is it better to stay on ethernet?

Or does WIFI have no affect? I had some problems with losing connections with wifi, I'm all ethernet now. Ethernet will always be "faster". So, if it's not to much of a pain, always go that way is my rule. Plus you don't get all those wifi signals frying your bitcoin mining gpu setup wireless network. Back in the LTC days, I was using wifi, but the connection was not stable.

Ended up laying down some cat6 wiring to my mining room, and connected all my rigs to it via a big cisco gigabit switch. All is good now. WiFi has a much higher latency than ethernet. Use a wire when you can. For mining, ethernet all the way. April edited Bitcoin mining gpu setup wireless network I have 2 setups.

No infulence on the amount of work submitted. Amount of information shared over the net is very small. Unless you run upwards of 20 rigs there will be no difference between ethernet and WiFi. In high traffic situations WiFi will start to perform worse because by it's own nature collision avoidance the packets will have to wait till the other rigs are done sending. I have both on my rigs. Serves as a backup especially those on which I am using power-line networking connections which are not all that stable So I did a simple ping test in cmd, and I pinged the pool I'm mining in which is nanopool, with bitcoin mining gpu setup wireless network wifi and ethernet while running ethminer.

In cmd I typed, ping -t www. To stop it press Control and C, and you'll get your results. I forgot lol, sorry. BUT I know it was a good amount higher than ethernet. Also I had my rig mining on WIFI for a day and it seemed like it was getting the same results as ethernet.

Is it packet loss or latency that is important for mining? Or both I guess? Any delay in getting a share to your pool means someone else may submit the same solution before you. Thus, higher rate of invalid shares. Sign In or Register to comment.

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