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Please phoenix the below link. If power goes down, you want your miners to shut down. I would like to diversify in my crytos that I mine and am considering 15 antminer S9s watts 15 Setup D3s wireless 15 Antminer Amped watts.

It worked well for the last batch. It only runs when you have the tab open I personally don't have tabs open for super long not a huge deal.

Mature bitcoin Inactive miner. Im in Phoenix area as well. Hi Rolf, I am currently setting up a mining operation. Thank you so much for all of your hard-earned experience and success. Hi, Thanks for writing informative posts. I wonder what happened to those coins because today that is around K. From a bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless standpoint for mining, all it means is that you are going to hire an electrician to wire up a bunch of v 30a circuits that you will plug in your PDUs single phase.

If you amped to you can open up a support ticket with them. I have had good luck with Bitmain. For phoenix, inquire today. I know setup I did wrong, but how did you secure your business insurance? Sell Bitcoin on the Exchange to fund operations, send money to bank bitcoin. I think it is diverse enough. How did you manage to get wireless of miners from Miner. That would be a nice target. Rolf June 24, 6: Matthew July 16, 3: Rolf July 17, I like to bring in cold air in the middle then send it out.

Here is a video I did of my cooling setup in Georgia. You are welcome to come visit to see if you are going to bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless in the area.

Chris August 11, Thank you so much for your help. The miners are going to be inside home here in Bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless. Rolf August 11, Those all look good.

Something like this would work the best: Chris August 12, 8: Rolf August 28, 1: Where r u located in CA. I ordered 2 D3s for Late Nov. I wan to know abt the setup. Andy August 18, 5: Rolf August 28, But if you want to me to give your power factor correction and voltage regulator system a try, let me know. Javier August 18, For example, apc ones. Rolf August 18, At my small Mining facility I have six of them. I like that they show the exact number of amps and that they can be remotely accessed and reset the ports.

I like to keep my costs as low as possible. They also only take 1 rack space instead of 2. I have 6 of them. JD Parry August 18, 5: Great work and very informative. I am currently working on a small mining farm in Gadsden Alabama. We are currently waiting for delivery and trying to have everything setup before they arrive.

I am about bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless hours from you and have some family I visit often in the Canton area.

I saw above your invitation to visit if in the area. Is the invitation still open? If so, can we plan a visit sometime that would convenient for you. I look forward to your reply and bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless, great job on the post and your whole website in general.

I read your Post and immediately bought an used Meraki mx64W without a license because I have a remote farm. But I realized that I bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless no idea of how to use it, it will be great if you make a post about it. Or can I buy just a MR enterprise License? Besides the MX64W in the farm. Do I need an other meraki product for my house to make a VPN?

Is it possible to go into the antminers IP addresses to see their current status? Operating an enterprise grade firewall like the Meraki is complex…start bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless something cheap and simple you can learn how to use, and go from there. Lance August 31, 4: Hey Rolf- Thanks for all of the info. Bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless have been colocating some of them in Iowa however they are now at capacity and I am in need of a home for more asic hardware.

Have you given any thought to providing colocation? Kelvin September 5, 4: I am in the process of starting up an industrial scale data center for shared crypto mining.

Under the co-operative format users could host their equipment by buying tokens similar to the Gigawatt ICO except this would be entirely a member-owned and governed entity. The entity would also function like REI as a consumer co-op so that we make money through hardware sales to the general public with members receiving dividends based on bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless purchases.

The bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless entity would not generate profit and would exist based on token purchases that function as member capital investment. The goal is to help decentralize mining and reduce the transaction costs and learning curve for small miners through a co-op entity that helps streamline the process for everyone and brings more overall efficiency to the network.

Rolf September 8, 4: When I lived in Colorado I would drive all over Wyoming for business. I remember the drive from Cheyenne to Casper, and seeing the huge power plant just southeast of Casper, and thinking it would be a great place for mining. I still have friends there, and would love to visit. I am a fan of starting small and growing over time, though, and am too busy for anything else, so this is not something I am interested in. Mark November 22, 8: Mike November 27, James Coberly January bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless, 4: We run facilities in WY specifically built for miners.

What space are you looking for? Terry September 3, 2: My question is about the PDU. Do i get a bunch of socket PDUs?? Ken September 3, 7: Your pdu will normally have a current limit per outlet. Nick September 8, I am curious on what you would recommend for a power supply? I am trying to run large power supplies so I dont need to run as many. Parallel Miner has some good ones. Nick September 9, Do you think its a bad time to invest in a setup?

When are we to expect new bitcoin mining hardware? From what I read on Canaans website will have new hardware. Does anyone know a more accurate release time? Kelvin September 10, 8: If Bitcoin prices were to decline significantly you bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless have effectively a total loss and if a new unit arrives with a higher hash rate then you would effectively have a sunk cost in depreciation that is unrecoverable and possibly will never be recovered from the diminishing positive return from your mining.

In general, you want to mine with the fastest available hardware that gives you the fastest ROI break even on your hardware costs. The size of your initial investment should not be your main concern rather the speed in which you can ROI break even should be. From the sound of it you are purchasing new Avalons and again, comparatively speaking, that is a terrible bitcoin mining gpu setup amped wireless unless you have a source of free or extremely cheap electricity.

And even then I think it would be a colossal waste to be consuming electricity even if it is renewable like that to generate a return that is comparatively lower than most of your other options. Currently GPU mining for Ethereum or Monero are nowhere near the ROI rate that you can get with ASICs but my feeling is that Monero has the highest potential price increase in the near term and is probably a good coin to mine in general due to their very stable developer community and positioning as a high utility crypto i.

And you can build a reasonably priced XMR miner with a variety of different hardware. Todd September 10, 8: Great feedback Kelvin including your feedback on my posts as well.

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It works like this, You create a character, pick their body, their clothes, their hair and skin color. Once you have this all set up, you enter the arena, pick a person to fight and then WATCH your character fight for experience points, bonus weapons and award, and honor. You have NO control over the actions of your brute. It basically turns into a spectator sport where you cheer your character on and hope he kicks the crap out of the other guy. It also adds stress when you only can fight 5 times in a 24 hour period, very stressful.

I am completely hooked on this game. On top of trying to make my brute the best he can be, you can recruit people to join your dojo. To join my dojo, enter in the following secret code when you are asked: Yesterday spore was released. I have been waiting for this game for years, literally. Mostly because I wanted to see what the hype was about.

I am a casual gamer. If you dont know what spore is: Spore is a multi-genre massively single-player online game. It allows a player to control the evolution of a species from its beginnings as a unicellular organism, through development as an intelligent and social creature, to interstellar exploration as a spacefaring culture. It has a massive scope, and is very open-ended.

Basically no two people will ever have the same expience with this game, and its completely different frm any other game you have played before. Riding on the hype of the game, I secured a copy and installed it. Before I could start playing spore, it made me update my nvidia graphics card drivers.

After a quick reboot, I was up and playing. Instantly was blown away with the visual intensity of the game. It was very easy to figure out and learn to play right away with out any primers needed. I selected to be an herbivore I am a vegetarian you know! I started off as this little swimming creature, hanging out and sucking up plant particles in the water. After I ate a few, I grew, well… actually the world got bigger.

Everything that was around me in the water got smaller, and faded to the background. I was in a larger class of organisms now. This continued until I had acquired enough points to mate. This is where the game gets wild. I was able to design a new creature, selecting the body shape, orientation of the tale and mouth In my case I had 2 mouths and 3 tales!

I also grew horns so I could ram other creatures trying to eat my veggies! Once the design was done, I got to play as that creature. After being in the water stage for a while, you grow legs and come onto land. I could go on and on about this game, but to sum up the land stage of the game, I grew taller, got gnarly claws and spikes. I had a sissy mouth duck bill for biting things because I was an herbivore a decision i had made in the micro organism stage. I grew thick skin to protect me.

I started to hunt in a pack, and I killed everything that was in my path. I could have made friends and built up relationships with the other creatures, I actually did that once, then I ripped them to shreds with my gnarly claws and duckbill.

Now I have the ability to start using tools and forming tribes with my duckbilled herbivore velociraptor rhinos. From my understanding my tribe will become a society, and keep evolving and eventually be able to travel through space to other planets to set up trades and relationships with other cultures, or most likely in my case, freely handout beatdowns with my duckbill and raptor claws to anyone who wants some.

In I was really getting into computers. I had started to program, and I was graduating high school. Video Games were a huge part of my life. In , Blizzard released StarCraft. My life was forever changed. StarCraft is a real time strategy game with 3 alien races, terians, protos and zerg.

I myself was a protos specialist. In , it was the peak of PC gaming winning th game of the year. It is now , 11 full years after the release of StarCraft. We are in an age where my cell phone has enough power to run games like DOOM. Video games have reached limits that are astounding. I miss playing games sometimes though.

After nearly 6 hours and many successful campaigns, our wifes came home from shopping, so we had to stop playing, or I imagine we would have been there for another 6 hours. If you want to join in, let me know! I think this goes to show that good design can carry something well past its prime and still be very relevant, making it a classic.

I cant wait for StarCraft II though! I will write a blog post about that, and about how fun the Wii is to play, but for now, im going to bitch about it for a minute…. To play the old games you have to join their version of XBox Live, and buy them. The Wii is so futuristic, that it doesnt have an ethernet port on it, no no, wifi is the way nintendo wii rolls! I wanted to buy some of these old games and play them, but you have to connect to a wifi connection first.

Ok, so I go to the nintendo site, search forever and then find a place to enter my error code. It returns something stupid about trying changing the channel that the router broadcasts on. I searched up and down the web seeing people with similar problems to mine. I couldnt figure it out for the life of me. All my other wifi gear worked fine. I did a little research on what was actually inside the Wii as far as a wireless card.

Thats when I found this site, http: I found my answer there in the form of a simple statement "The I dont own any Why would nintendo do such a stupid thing?

B is 5 times slower then G! Who the hell rund My Damn cell phone has Im more pissed that they didnt print it anywhere in the manual. So if you are having problems connecting your Wii to some WiFi.

Nintendo, thank you for a great machine. Screw you for putting in a slow wifi card and not telling people more details about it. When I was younger I would spend days on end playing video games. When I was 7 got my first Nintendo, it was I played the hell out of it, I fell in love with Zelda. Years later Super Nintendo came out.

I like the character development and the epic story. I ate the game up instantly. The game play was turn based fighting, meaning that I tell my characters what to do, attack, use magic, use an item, or defend.

The enemy would do the same. We would trade attacks until the fight was over. Characters gained experience from the conflicts and grew over time. The story was epic, something out of a legend. The company that produced the game, Square, knew how to build a great RPG role playing game. Fast forward 12 years. I havent seriously played video games in about 7 years.

Sure I have dabbled, but what geek doesnt play a game here and there. I decided that I wanted to play a good role playing game, turned based preferably like the final fantasy games. The FF series is only available on play station though. I looked and looked and couldnt find a good game to play, every one i tired just sucked. Frustrated and out of luck, I turned to my good friend the Super Nintendo.

With the magic of computers its possible to turn you computer into a Nintendo, or a Super Nintendo by using an "emulator" and a "ROM", which is a back up of the game. Sure emulators and ROMS are technically illegal, but there is no other way to play most of these games anymore. The result was a game that felt like Final Fantasy, but had the charm and good feeling of Super Mario World.