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I am addicted to mining now! If there was a referal or affiliate program I would post a link! Singup under me here https: Super user friendly GUI Graphci User Interface which in plain english means it is a very easy to use app that lets you just click a Play button or a pause button to start or stop mining!

And Just start mining Bytecoi, Ethereum Ethereum clssic and Monero and those 4 can be exchanged for bitcoin on poloniex! I just found the holy grail!

Or the holy grail found me! Someone on the bitcoin. If everyone could make money mining crypto with these servers, why would they sell the mining power instead of just mining themselves? And yeah he WAS way off base!

They ARE "just mining themselves"!!! And so they can afford to make trhe contract miners happy with small profut while they end up keeping most of their btc profits! But its still a deal! As the price of BTC goes up, we make money with our contracts locked in at current prices and they make more off maintenance fees! They are leveraging their massive BTC mining farms potential to purchase even bitcoin mining contractors hardware so they can!

ALSO once we run out of bitcoins to mine, ASIC machines can be modified to be used to run problems like an ethereum bitcoin mining contractors center, sinc Bitcoin mining contractors is one big virtual machine a networked super computer, well, the bitcoin network is too, but the ASIC machines or Application Specific Integrated Circuits just do bitcoin mining contractors thing and thats mine bitcoin but they bitcoin mining contractors be used to solve other computational problems and mine Ethereum on them and there will ALWAYS be a need for big data centers!!!!

But what we arent seeing is that by building data centers for bitcoin mining and supporting the building of them with buying bitcoin mining contracts. These Asic machines are an evolution! How could anyone say they are worthless for anything other than bitcoin mining?? Think about how many PIXAR bitcoin mining contractors you could render for cheap over an ethereum or Golem style network utilizing all these leftover bitcoin farms!

This IS what ethereum is by the way Just imagine what we could do with all these bitcoin mining facilities once the last blockchain is processed and found Imagine running a massive simulation using the massive ethereum or golem super computer network! You could simulate the universe and create a massive online blockchain RPG videogame!

Or imagine if we used the leftover bitcoin mining facilities to allow people to rent supercomputer power to stream videogamesto the shittiest of tablets or smartphones! As long as a computer or smartphone has the ability to stream live video, and send out control movements, which bitcoin mining contractors be simple, you could "outsource" all the cpu and GPU and hard drive storage read write tasks all to an external render farm that can allow people to play videogames or edit videos or even create 3d animations or use adobe after effects or some other cpu or gpu intensive program Nintendo could create a Switch Server emulation that could allow anyone with the cheapest slowest android smartphone or tablet to download a hypothetical nintendo switch cloud play app that would allow someone to purchase time, teyll give people free trials, wth like a few hours or days or gameplay And if Nintendo created an official emulator app that allowed them to play any old nintendo game from NES to n64 and allowed people to purchase old games people would be buying that like crazy but then there would be no need for a separate nintendo switch console!

But people would still buy the switch! But if people could just pay ti play online using a cloud rendering and cloud gaming service, it would be huge and so many people who couldn't afford a new nintendo switch console would then be able to pay bitcoin mining contractors play over the cloud! Anyway imagine playing videogames or rendering bitcoin mining contractors 3d movies using ethereum or Golem supercomputer networks to distribute work between all the bitcoin mining contractors or golem miners!

Just imagine all the processing power there will be once all these ASIC miners run out of bitcoins to mine! Ethereum has no artificial cap and so can theoretically keep growing as the worlds global hash rate grows.

The global bitcoin network all the miners and nodes together is over 8 ExoHash milestone And with systems like Ethereum to take over when bitcoin mining becomes unprofitable as the last blocks are solved, we can keep expanding our total amount of computing power! I dont think the world would ave bitcoin mining contractors amount of global computing power this fast if there wasnt this direct bitcoin incentive to build more and more computers to crunch numbers!

Only bitcoin mining contractors will come of more and more super computing power! We may not realize it now, but like I already mentioned, things like video editing, after effects or 3d animations all take along time to render!

Videogame design takes forever even n the fastest computers! With the new ability to get super fast cpu or gpu power or dirt cheap, new talented film makers or video game designers will have access to the equivalent of Pixar render farms and will be able to do what normally costs millions!

Data will need to be crunched, also simulations and sentient AI can be birthed in such a system! Like primordial soup for cyberspace. These super computer networks created to mine crypto currency will end up being used to create AI and powerful data processing products that will end up paying for the entire mining farm hardware and maintenance and electricity cost and THEN some!

These server farms will be able to do all sorts of amazing. Thanks bitcoin mining contractors bringing this to my attention. Not sure if I believe in the current crypto investment climate but I do believe in the blockchain. We really need more insights in the market and previous investment results. Does anyone know about: They even score the coins stengths.

At the moment the price for bitcoin mining contractors contract with pool. Yes I am aware. But you cannot expect these deals to last! This is why I told people it would go up in price! Because it would not[ b cheap forever!

Also you should get more steempower while it is cheap! Bitcoin mining contractors should have a lot more now! Steem comments add up! I dont have enougha nd i am goin crazy bitcoin mining contractors about it! I've been curious about this. Once you sign up for a contract, do you just download the app to mine using their hardware? LOL bitcoin mining contractors for this mining pool at bitcoin. They are getting cash uop bitcoin mining contractors for biitcoins they havent mined yet but know they will!

I had to take a big chunk from my poloniex ripple and steller but ill buy mroe and my steem is making up for it! At the moment i think the best cloud mining is minergate which has lifetime contracts and not sold out. Payments are made with a very little withdrawal limit nearly zero.

If you'd like to invest in minergate cloud mining you can use my link: I've not dug deeper than this article though, so perhaps I'm way off base.

We are building the data centers like this just for profit right?? Bitcoin mining contractors what we arent seeing is that by building data centers for bitcoin mining and supporting the building of them with buying bitcoin mining contracts, These Asic machines are an evolution! Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.


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