Is Solar-Powered Cryptocurrency Mining the Next Big Thing?

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Unfortunately my under the deck project has been put on hold to work on a new mining room at my dad's house. Which will actually be a lot easier and faster for me to get up and running so I'm going to go ahead and do it first.

Here's my Addresses Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency Mining altcoin mining bitcoin mining cryptocurrency mining mining room bitcoin antminer s9 ethereum mining gpu mining build mining room eth mining rx mining mining farm ethereum ether mining bitcoin mining asic diy room. Video Share Download Add to. Have you ever thought about utilizing the heat for something like that? Of course this will be for bitcoin mining asic diy room next house lol. What I don't understand is why are sucking the air instead of pushing the air over the GPUs?

You need to create positive pressure for the heat to dissipate and blow out. Hi Matt K, no each room has to have a different static pressure in order for the system to work right. An engineer friend of mine has been helping me with the calculations. I think I covered this more my next video but bitcoin mining asic diy room not I'll make sure to cover it.

Hi Niggward loko, check this video out it should help: With it understood,but I think how to sell Bitcoin Gold after Fork 24 oct. Yesterday i test btgolds. Who knows as them to transfer to the exchange and to sell? I can't understand,and want to exchange for dollar. Hi Fat Sausage, thanks man I really appreciate it, I hope to have some exciting videos coming up soon. Very good video, I want to see the video when you finish that project. Hi War Killer, thank you and part 2 will be out in a couple of days.

I did not get any S9, I'm expecting a bitcoin mining asic diy room version to come out anytime now so I stuck with the PC version. Good luck with your build. I like your videos. Keen to see the finished product. Mining Farm Build - Part 1. Mining Rig Room - Cooling issues resolved. Building the next Bitcoin mining farm.

CryptoKube Bitcoin mining Data center tour. Solar-powered Bitcoin Mining farm.

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Its using the Blake2b just like the new Antminer a3 that was just released from bitmain. Well the most efficient way for bitmain to turn the antminer s7 into the antminer v9 4ths cost effectively would be to keep the original casing on the antminer s7 and change a few things and call it an antminer v9 4ths.

This is a quick Dot com bubble vs cryptocurrency documentary that will describe the differences of the dot com bubble and the alleged current bitcoin bubble. Lets look at the bitcoin bubble burst and the bitcoin bubble chart, Is bitcoin a bubble? Only time will tell. No one really knows the outcome of the future. There are some eerie similarities to the dot com bubble and the bitcoin bubble. Goto our Bitcoin Mining Hardware page to find out more!

Antminer s9 cooler DIY instructional video. Learn how to cool and silence your antminer with this antminer cooling setup. What are ant miners? What is the most efficient bitcoin mining hardware. This is my setup to cool a room of antminer S9s in sunny hot Florida! This setup is running 6 inch insulated ducting to exhaust the heat from the containment box and 4 inch insulated ducting to each antminer.

This is a cheap, easy and efficient setup guys I will do a full video explaining the process how to exhaust heat in detail as soon as I can! I wanted to get the idea out there as soon as possible for you guys to help you manifest your own bitcoin farm cooling ideas. What does an Antminer S9 sound like? I also had a few messages about dealing with the sound. For those who asked what these crazy bitcoin antminers sound like here is the video and keep up the great work guys!!

Bitcoin mining is doable in Florida with the heat check out the DIY bitcoin miner cooling video! The most accurate sound for bitcoin miners, these units sounds like a Train!!! Dot com bubble vs cryptocurrency documentary. How to cool your Antminer S9 bitcoin miners in Florida or wherever its hot! How loud are antminer s9 bitcoin miners?