My little Bitcoin experience – Asic mining

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This is equivalent to times the power of my Xeon server and it was really easy to install, running on a Raspberry Pi to simplify the usage. There are plenty bitcoin miner 2000 ghs Asic solutions on the market but basically all are sold on second hand market like ebay, leboncoin. Actually the price of these device is growing with the bitcoin value and the margin on auctions seems to be better than the fixed price.

Now the question is what can we found for what price. Basically small is not efficient, it depends if you want to make money or having fun. At this day and this is subject to change regarding the bitcoin value.

We found Asic in the following range:. This price per GHs is basically strange as bitcoin miner 2000 ghs more powefull solution are in bitcoin miner 2000 ghs more expensive. The reason is also the energy used. Now basically here is what you can expect as gain as this date per GHs from http: If bitcoin stays the same level bitcoin miner 2000 ghs need to pay back your Mining machine with the difference.

This will be false tomorrow: This is just to illustrate why the ASIC price is growing and obsolete hardware is actually searched by miners. You may understand bitcoin miner 2000 ghs mining is like stocks: Making personal assumptions and taking risk. So you have bitcoin miner 2000 ghs lot of chance to loose all your investments….

As you can understand from previous chapter there is no return on invest and this is only for curiosity, fun and understanding. It could make sense in a Miracle looking approach as described in my previous post eventually. So warning said, the question is how to get started with a such equipment. You can simply plug it on a windows bitcoin miner 2000 ghs and download bfgminer to process hash like we have seen with cpu on the previous post.

Personally I installed it on a raspberry Pi as it was more simple for me. Raspbian is having a bfgminer package included so you just need to. My choice was slush: Basically the pool mine bitcoin and share the bitcoin between all the miners. The payment is on regular basis when it wins a mine so you win some nano-Bitcoin per hour of work. The system is predicting me a possible first payment… in 6 months.

To be in the pool you just need to create an account, add a worker Asic unit and start mining with your asic. Basically the bfgminer command line is:. Once start your raspberry will start to mine the blockchain. I bitcoin miner 2000 ghs pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information. Looking to reading your next post. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This post details this experience and gives some advices for one wanted to experience mining.

Get your ASIC There are plenty of Asic solutions on the market but basically all are sold on second hand market like ebay, leboncoin. We found Asic in the following range: The calculation difficulty is growing and reducing the revenue: Basically the bfgminer command line is: Every time I started Sigfox Rf test first experience This morning, some colleagues helped me to test the rf performance of one of my sigfox tracker. This bitcoin miner 2000 ghs a regular discussion I have with prospect or with different business oriented people about producing electronics in developed This entry was posted in Technologies and tagged asicBitcoinblockchain.

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